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Nars Lipstick

I bought the Nars Lipstick in Tolede - great colour and luxurious packaging!

The reason I gave 4/5 stars is 1) because Nars is no longer cruelty free and 2) it is very pigmented so I find I breakout around my mouth after reapplying it/wearing it all day - just something to be aware of if you have sensitive skin!

No longer a cruelty free brand

I have been a fan of NARS for quite a long time, but unfortunately, as of last year they have started animal testing for their products so they can sell in China.

I can no longer morally buy their products for this reason,

NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Anita'

After spending an hour in Mecca to find a lipstick that i liked, my boyfriend got me this one for Christmas (my choice, as I was with him). This Lipstick is so pigmented! It glides on so smoothly and has a nice texture.
It lasts bette if I blot it with a tissue and setting Powder. I love the matte finish and it is not drying. I am only giving this product 4 stars, because it could last longer. It does wear off after eating and just going through the day.
So, its not very long lasting. It is more on the expensive side, with $49. The packaging is so pretty and magnetic.

Radiant Creamy Concealer: OK-ish product, I was expecting a bit more after spending 41$

I have been using this Concealer several times, but I am not 100% happy with it.
I like the fact that it is lightweight, has a nice texture on my skin and covers spots and spectacles marks on my nose.
I don't like this product because it should also conceal the lines under my eyes and any sign of fatigue. And it doesn't. Not only that, but sometimes it seems to accentuate them.
So, this product works for me, but not 100%.
I will try a different concealer next time.

Beautiful creamy texture

This has been my favourite concealer to date. I love how creamy it is and how you can easily rub it into your skin. I have very fair combination skin and it sits really well on it. Only downside is that you get lines under your eyes after a few hours.

NARS Pure Matt Lipstick

Having admired the gorgeous colour and staying power of the matt lipstick a colleague wore, I got the rundown on the NARS Pure Matt range. The colours are lovely - I got Tonkin (weekend cover), Amsterdam (everyday red) and Volga (for vavoom). Problem is they don't stay on past a cup of coffee. Very frustrating. They also dried out more as the wear lengthened, though initially felt ok. So for me, these are definitely a wear and reapply lippy, which means I need to take the lip brush too as they certainly apply more evenly with this (especially the darker colours). Looking at the reviews on Mecca, the average age of the wearer seemed to be mid-twenties. I wonder if being in my mid-forties, is why they don't wear so well. Shame.


I first purcharsed NARS matte foundation after borrowing some of my friends for a night out. I was so amazed by how flawless and perfect it made my skin look and had to buy it. I admit I was hesitant about whether id purchase it again as it is quite expensive (I purchased it from Mecca for around $70 from memory).. but after leaving it behind at my cousins one time and being without it for a month.. I realised how fantastic it was when I had to go back to using my foundations I had beforehand like Maybelline, L'oreal, etc. I can't even begin to describe how smooth and even the coverage is.. You barely need any of it on your face and it covers any imperfections. I only use a minimal amount for the day time but on the weekends when combined with some contouring and bronzing it can sometimes look like I've had my makeup professionally done.. Simply because it makes your complexion look so perfect.. without the oilyness, shine or patchiness you find with other cheaper brands. Definitely worth the price you pay. Quality over quantity!!!

Nars all day luminous weightless crap

I bought this foundation after reading good reviews about it. My skin is normal combination. I applied this foundation 8:00am and since the time I applied it , it was sliding around like a moisturising cream. Whenever I touched it it got rubbed off. I was so conscious at my work as it got rubbed off from my nostrils and front of my nose that everyone was asking is thee something wrong with my nose...lol.
Anyway after 4 hours it was oily mess. And 5 hours later it made my face look disgusting.... I was thinking to replace my Estee lauder stay in place but I am gonna stick with that .i regret buying this foundation.

Best foundation to date

I bought the Nars foundation and I absolutely love it! Great converge and not too heavy on my skin. Reasonable pricing as well - definitely worth it! I don't buy anything else but Nars foundation.

Such a creamy, light foundation, totally recommend it! Also have the Nars concealer which is also great.

Before you buy - Sheer Glow Foundation - Pressed Powder

NARS sheer glow foundation:
I have on 2 occasions brought the 'NARS sheer glow foundation' this product is great, it goes on easily, very blend able, its very yellow toned which is amazing the only PROBLEM ive had with this product is even after I set it down with powder it still manages to slide around on my face if touched this can sometimes leave patchiness if i eg. wipe my nose or even as little as touch a section of my face. This foundation isn't good for a all day wear as I find if you wear it too long areas around your nose and T zone begin to become extremely oily and creates creases where the foundation has built up. When you initially apply the foundation it does look really nice and blend with the skin amazingly and is also looks great in photographs.

NARS pressed powder:
I also just tried the 'NARS pressed powder in Beach' this product is highly raved about on youtube and is many youtubers holy grail item. I personally have normal-oily skin, and every time I set my foundation with this powder my face looks extremely dry, the product itself is a little chalky and makes my face look flaky and brings out any dry patches I may have on my face. The color is amazing as its not too dark and not too light but is a very nice yellow tones powder which is hard to find.

Love it!!

The Laguna Bronzing Powder is absolutely fantastic. I love it. It doesn't make you look orange of you happened to put too much in the same spot, blends evenly and looks fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone!! Best thing I have ever used. The only downside is it is slightly expensive but totally worth it


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