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All the staff at Henley Beach Road, Mile End location were so kind and helpful!
Especially Julie, who was extremely helpful and patient with me throughout the process of catering to the needs and my great grandparents. She took the time to contact their doctor directly to make sure all of my queries were met and all of the medication was headed to us with full confidence as Julie was extremely attention to detail.

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Customer Service
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Store LocationMile End

Awful, disgusting incompetent service!

Dear Customer Service

Your website is down. On the phone you were incompetent. So, there is nothing I can do but publish my letter to you here. How dare you charging me for the membership?!

After I made an order, I noticed that the delivery address was wrong even though I had to change it twice at the check-out. I rang to the Gawler Pl store and spoke to someone. They assured me that my address was updated. 15 minutes later they added one more item to my order and I paid over the phone for it.

This morning I received an email, where I found the old address again and the item I paid over the phone for was not added.

When I rang the store this afternoon, there was no one who could address my issue and they asked to go online, although 'we have some issues today online too', they said.

I am extremely frustrated with your disgusting service. Online shopping experience was a pain itself and I refuse to understand why I still have not received my parcel coming from Adelaide to Adelaide. My previous online order with you was a joke too. You simply forgot about it. Seriously??? Who is working there? National Pharmacies, you are simply a big clumsy terrible company. A nonsense! I want my parcel being sent to the right address with the correct items in it NOW!

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Customer Service
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Store LocationOnline store


Could not get my prescription filled at regular pharmacy, so of course I went across the road to National Pharmacies. The price of my prescription was nearly double what I pay at my regular pharmacy. I was quoted a price match however when I went to register the price had not been adjusted, and when I queried I was promptly asked if I was a member. No I won't pay your fee when you still charge way more than other pharmacies. Total rip off!

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationGawler Place Adelaide

Their business model is floored .

Had a scrip for 1 repeat of antibiotics of which first purchase was made at a different pharmacy for $15:00 ( no health card )
I used those antibiotics and needed the second repeat script so decided to try a new place being national pharmacy. On arrival the woman serving seemed Moore like a sales person pointing out the benefits of paying $40 and joining the pharmacy thus receiving discounts .
I paid the money and joined.
On returning to pick up my scrip it was $20 and was given no discount.
One big scam . Will never do business with Kon in mulgrave again.

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Not much help

Purchased antibiotics from them,I had some worrying symptoms, I rang them with my concerns on a Sat. I was given a poor response that antibiotic can cause upset stomach .really no useful advise. Waste of time and went away feeling they don’t care .
Won’t go again

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Bad service for medication

Went to fill a script. I waited over 2o .minutes for one medication. No other customers and was on top the most expensive I've paid for them. They were also very cold and didn't apologise for me waiting so long. Very dissatisfied.

Rip off

Hi just to let everyone know that National Pharmacy is well over 2X higher than other Pharmacies on Prescription tablets

No service

Didnt recieve helpful service when I attended the store. I asked for an item and the lady said they didnt sell it

The pharmacy staff dont know the difference from an S2 or S3

Nothing is worse than feeling unwell and going in to the pharmacy to then be treated like a dirty druggy. Nausetil is a S3, it is available over-the counter for people like me who rarely get migraines, for me the nausea is the worst, I went into your Morphett Vale pharmacy looking to purchase some. Firstly your pharmacy assistant looked completely confused, she asked the pharmacist who turned to me and said that is a script only medicine.....Have worked in pharmacy myself for over ten years and know that it is available Stemetil it's sister is script only...the pharmacist huffed at me, mind you it's after 7 and the lights are making my head ache worse, your pharmacist said wait whilst she put a script through....ten minutes later she bends over as if looking and says sorry we don't have any in a very rude manner, I left your shop embarrassed as if I asked for codeine.....nearly three months later I walk into your Aldinga branch and am told it's out of stock and it had been for some time....funny that Chem mart had no idea about this out of stock business and gladly handed over the tablets .....I will not renew my membership and think your staff need to be better trained in understanding what a S2 and S 3 are...terrible service

0 stars! Overpriced!

Paid under $6 for Amoxil @ Chemist warehouse Charged $27 at national pharmacies Findon!
Told pharmacist, his response well they are closed

How can my tablets cost 2.5 times more

I visited my local National Pharmacies for my regular blood pressure medication. Nearly had a heart attack when I went to pay. $28.11. I usually pay $12.99 from Chemist King. When I asked the cashier if she had charged me correctly she was very defensive. I am really struggling to understand how I can be charged 2.5 times more fur exactly the same brand of medication. Shame on National Pharmacies, you are ripping people off .

Gawler Place

I love the team at Gawler Place they are always helpful and love the membership prices on Jurlique, they lady that looks after Jurlique there is so amazing and helpful every time it is such a pleasant change from the usual non service from other discount pharmacies close by. Only issue I have had is with the Asian Jurlique woman there late one night as she completely ignored me as she had her friend there and she was chatting to her , I hung around for 10min but she just kept chatting and laughing with her friend , so there is a marked difference between the 2 people but the rest of the staff are amazing and always helpful .. thanks so much

This review is specifically for National Pharmacies in Gawler Place, Adelaide

I went to National Pharmacies in Gawler Place late last year to pick up a prescription in my lunch break. The person I gave my slip of paper to, rummaged around in a drawer and then wandered off very slowly. After 3-5 minutes someone else asked me if they could help and I told them I was waiting for someone to find my prescription. I then gave them my name and she found my prescription in that same drawer straight away. When the original person came back, she seemed very confused.

In February this year I dropped off my prescription in the morning and went to pick it up the next day because I didn't want to waste any more time during my lunch break in case I encountered the same person. I gave my slip of paper to the pharmacy assistant who then took out a filled prescription and asked me if it was mine. When I said no, she said "It's not?". I then replied with an annoyed "No!" and she wandered off to speak to the pharmacist. The pharmacist actually had my prescription near him for some reason and gave it to her after telling me that she was a little dyslexic and gets confused with the numbers.

I cannot remember if it was the same person I encountered in both situations but now I avoid that store entirely. When I complained on their website I was told that the staff member involved didn't follow the correct procedure and needed retraining. I felt that my complaint wasn't taken very seriously because I thought it would be highly dangerous to give someone the wrong prescription.


Do not order anything on line from this company.
Firstly they do not have the products they advertise on line, secondly they do advise you or communicate in any manner with you to tell you they do not have the goods after you have paid and ordered ( you just notice a credit on your credit card for the full amount) and finally they do not answer their 1300 number or return calls if you leave a voice message nor do they to emails about orders. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING ON LINE FROM THIS COMPANY.

Rip off and bad service

Very slow and bad service and on top of that their prices are over double on prescriptions. Rang to let them know and reply was ring head office and tell them!

A Greedy business ripping of customers.

Even the membership "discount" prices are wildly above RRP. Support a Small business or go to chemist warehouse for fairer prices. The only benefit is that some stores are open late; but be prepared to pay through the nose for the privilege.

Arrogant staff don't want to serve

Was feeling unwell and had a prescription from my Dr. The staff were unpacking many boxes. I waited about 10 minutes at the dispensary counter. I approached a staff member to ask how to get my script filled. She did not acknowledge me, but rather shouted to another staff member to help me. The other team member said she was busy. She was reading a computer screen. I waited another 5 minutes before I ask the pharmacist for help. He was in the dispensary drinking from a mug. He said it would about 30 minutes. There were no other customers in the store. The pharmacist continued to drink and talk with another team member using the computer. They were having a social conversation. After 35 minutes I asked if my prescription was ready. The pharmacist then hastily got my medicine ready and gave it to me. I went to the register I had to wait again. After about 10 minutes one of the ladies unpacking boxes was annoyed that she had to come and serve me. The pharmacy said I had to use a credit card as they did not have cash. I just took the repeat and left. I went to a different pharmacy and was served immediately and had my prescription done in less than 10 minutes even though the pharmacy had lots of customers. The staff at Priceline were friendly and attentive and the medication was more that 50% cheaper. National Pharmacies look professional and claim to care but in reality they treat sick people poorly and are expensive.

Ripping customers off

They are way too much overpriced ,antacid in chemist warehouse are around $6-$8 and at this place they are $22 ,like seriously

Terrible customer service!!

My family/friends and I will never return to Amcal pharmacy Boronia Junction Vic. One of the owners/pharmacists is the most obnoxious power-hungry egotistical person I have been unfortunate enough to have crosses paths with. They state they are friendly and professional yet my experience has been anything but professional. I was treated awfully and demeaned on many occasions. Taking my money elsewhere!

Refusing a script

Sent my daughter to get my medication, she was interrogated about how much of it I take. This medication was prescribed by my doctor and I was following his orders. The female pharmacist refused to give my daughter my medication because I had a few pills left before I could get some more. I have to send my daughter because some days I can't go. I suffer from panic attacks and agarophobia. This female pharmacist made my daughters wait for over 45 minutes while she tried to call my doctor. Then she wrote something on my script which I can't really decipher but what I could read was that she didn't want any pharmacy to give me my medication until I had completely finished what I had. That is detrimental to my health. She was basically implying that I abuse drugs. That made me feel so distressed because I am anti drugs but I have to take these to function plus they are a low dose. I will NEVER send my daughter or go into that pharmacy again. I know they have to do their job but this was unacceptable. It wasn't the first time that we have had problems with this particular pharmacy.

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