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Absolute nightmare!! AVOID AVOID AVOID

First of all, it's very important that you acknowledge that national removals don't actually move your goods. They sub contract other companies to do it for them so you don't actually know which company will rock up. In my case, it was 1800REMOVALS. Both companies were incompetent morons. National removals were so good at locking me in etc but when the cracks started to show, they threw me to the wolves. So rude and condescending.

1800REMOVALS did not arrive for two days after the scheduled move date and I was never advised. Both companies knew nothing and never called. Long story short, my goods arrived two weeks after the scheduled delivery date. Their communication was horrendous. Do yourself a favour. Use a reputable company and pay more. You'll thank me later.

Big move

Big load with a interstate move. The guys were very nice & friendly. Moved didn't start till late but got delivered on good time
Unfortunately the arm of my leather lounge got ripped

I was super impressed with my move

One bedroom house Melbourne to Sydney. Although they were a few hours late the guys were all super nice and friendly. They were really careful with my stuff and accommodating when they dropped it off. I would recommend a move with them as I will use them again.

The Removalists great but..

The guys that came to pick our stuff up were fantastic. The information I received over the phone when organising the size of the shipment was not so great and resulted in not fitting everything in the container. Whilst this was partially my fault, more information given over the phone when I mentioned we had more than we originally planned could have been handled better to avoid us having to leave stuff behind.

Damage goods and unreliable delivery times. You have been warned!

Damaged goods in transit, the company didn't care and no resolution offered. Was only a one bedroom move plus a 125cc motor scooter. From word go I was confused over the area I have rented and was under the impression I had rented or purchased more room than I had which became apparent to me of the changes after I have made a deposit. Tried to sell me an insurance policy not required to have, by law the company handling your goods needs to have an insurance policy against damage which they obviously don't have (hire them at your own risk you have been warned) I felt after the monies were paid the level of service dropped. I changed my inventory by a few items (all which would fit in 3 cubic square meters the area I have purchased) and the price increased significantly due to a calculation on their end despite my direct explanation of the changed items. This resulting in some of my items having to be left behind in Queensland. Now I have to have them posted down, that's right. It is cheaper to have the left behind boxes posted than to add to the load I had paid for! Figure that one out...
I am glad to have this experience over it has not been pleasant at all. Going to cost me hundreds to repair or replace goods. I sent a message saying the service was excellent until my goods didn't arrive on time resulting in me finding them damaged and having to either pay more to the storage unit they were delivered to for them to deliver them to me and had to make two 80km round trips to recover the goods myself.
Very disappointing I have to leave items behind (only boxes nothing furniture related) Very disappointed in this service and would not recommend this company to anyone needing all their items to arrive undamaged or in the same condition. At the very least a confident and frustration free experience.
I am glad this experience is over!
Please stay away and choose another entity.

Absolutely Useless

I was moving interstate a one bedroom apartment where we sold off most of our furniture before hand. This company are possibly the most useless people I have dealt with. At first it seemed easy, they were back-loading our things so it was quite cheap and you could edit your inventory online. Then closer to the move things went down hill quickly! Firstly they moved the pick up time forward a week and told us on the Thursday afternoon the new pick up date was Saturday which meant we had to finalise and pay the inventory by Friday morning! After frantically trying to finish packing and creating a correct inventory around our work (because this is all happening on weekdays) I managed to get the new inventory and pay off the new quote (which had only gone up by about 20% even though we had quite a few additions) and because of the change they let me pay by Friday late rather than morning. Then on Friday afternoon they change the pick up date to now be Monday, but don't tell the actual truckie doing the work so he calls on Saturday and asks whether instead of coming that day (because he didn't know of the changes) would we be ok with doing it Sunday, to which we gave the affirmative because we were ready at this point. Then when the truck arrives he still has the OLD inventory and so has to make note of the all the extra items (which I'd already informed and payed for). So I think this will be the last mess around and now that the truck has picked everything up I can get a scheduled day of arrival so I can prepare for the unloading. But no. I called twice to ask when the truck would arrive and got the "we'll give you a call back today after I speak to the logistics manager" and never got a call back! So the third day I stayed on hold while they checked only to be told by a nation wide company that they had no idea what day the truck was arriving (seriously?!) and that I should call back in another week because they'd have a better idea then. So I'm stuck with my furniture on the move and no way to book a storage container because I don't know when I'll see it! Then it gets even better because apparently they have tacked on ANOTHER 20% extra cost for "items that weren't on the inventory". When I queried this they admitted that yes the driver had the wrong inventory but they checked and this really was extras. So I then asked how the addition of a few more items (and the subtraction of others that weren't there, because they listed the pedestal fan in its box differently to me listing it as a box) somehow costs the same as when I added substantially more items then that (refer to previous inventory change above). To which there answer was that they estimated the floor space for my other inventory to be only 7m3 and when they packed it all it was 9m3 so the charge was for the extra 2m3... to which I can only think, "how was YOUR estimate so wrong on my original invoice!?" Because the extra items they listed sure don't take up 2m3 and I did my inventory based on the actual measured dimensions of my boxes and referenced it to the dimensions of the boxes they had available to choose from.
So all in all they have bad customer service, bad quoting service, unprofessional logistics management, and I will NEVER use them again. It seems they are cheap for a reason.

Avoid these scum bags

Nothing but scum missing items. Broken items $3000 + in damages. Email i sent the company.
The $ 2645 is only the broken and damaged items there are still items not delivered, I will attach the list again as I sent it to the insurer. The total claim is $ 3634.00 including the items missing.
Have tried contacting the delivery company to find out where the items are with on luck. They will not answer my phone calls or return phone calls or emails.
Good luck.

Stay away from National removals

Firstly these guys are brokers and don't physically handle your goods. You are better off dealing directly with a removalist in my opinion. The removalist that was contracted by National was actually very professional, on time and easy to deal with. Unfortunately some of the items were damaged in transit which I understand can happen quite easily and is why I paid for the insurance. The actual removalist made note of all damages etc and were more than helpful in documenting before and after but when it came to claiming, National removals don't want anything to do with it. I had one reply from them of "sorry, your goods are not covered for that damage" and that's it. I have tried contacting them on numerous occasions by phone and email only to get either ignored or messed around. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this pathetic excuse for a business. They may quote you cheaper but it will cost you far more in damages to your belongings.

Worst Removal Company Ever

Whatever you do, Do not choose national removals. I repeat do not choose national removals. I booked them for my move from Brisbane to Melbourne. They were supposed to come today between 9-11am. The driver was supposed to call be before arriving. I have paid in FULL plus Insurance. No one called or turned up. I kept calling from 9am onwards. They kept giving me a scripted textbook answer - the driver is busy. After repeated calls, at 1pm I asked what is the company contingency plan if the driver doesn't show up. The answer was I don't know. They refused to escalate the issue. The manager supposedly stepped out for lunch and did not reply to my emails or calls. I had to cancel my flight for the next day, cancel my Airbnb arrangements and cancel my bond cleaners. Close to 5pm she called to tell me the driver did not take the worksheet. What kind of a lame excuse is that? I asked for a refund and booked another company on a short notice for almost a thousand dollars more. This kind of service is inconceivable. The staff on the phone treated me like they were offering me a free service and that I owed them a favour. Forget companies that use third party contractors. Go for the big reliable, trustworthy companies. Remember the name - NATIONAL REMOVALS. Never, ever choose them. Save the headache and pain and cancellations and more money wasted on rebooking everything else.


Warning! This company will break your stuff and rip you off!!

This company contracted my move to someone who showed up at 3am instead of the agreed 7pm. The offside driver then wouldn't get out of the truck so I ended up loading my stuff into the truck which is one of the reasons I paid for a removalist. Once he finally woke up he splashed his face with mud from a tap with a broken pipe seperate from our main water system that I asked him not to use (i offered our bathroom fpr him tp freshen up) then he walked the mud through our freshly cleaned carpet while stamping his feet and slapping himself in the head trying to wake himself up while telling us multiple times that he "isnt even on drugs why am I so tired?!". When contacted by fair trading on my behalf they said it was the washing machine (that lives in a tile laundry) that what dropped mud through our house?..

They smashed one of the glass panels in on our sentimental china cabinet and told fair trading it was the "vibrations of the truck" but at the time of dropping it off they said they'd pay for it and ignored all follow up contact.

They also broke our front load washing machine, they broke my wife's HARD guitar case and half the boxes.

I can't take time off work to take this matter further to tribunal but if you are like me and many others who have had to contact fair trading about them be prepared for the lies as they've had a lot of practice! They were extremely rude and no one was interested in making things right.

I spent nearly 3 months trying to contact someone to help me with my concerns and they kept passing me between contractors for months until i got fed up and went to fair trading. They dont care about you, they don't care about your stuff, they want your money and will ignore you and palm you off when you try to contact them and then lie to fair trading.

This company ripped us off and broke a lot of our valuables, please do yourself a favour and use someone else.

Absolutely disgraceful

I was moving interstate from Qld to Vic (approximately small 2 bedroom home)... Firstly, at no stage was I advise that my furniture would be transported via train and nor was I ever advised of an ETA. I have moved interstate a number of times and it has always been via truck and it takes 4-5 days.
My items were collected on 21 January 2017 by this company and the young man who collected my things said that I should contact the company on Monday to get the ETA and it was only at that point that I discovered it was going by train.
When I arrived in Vic early the following week and contacted your company I was told that the ETA would be mid week the week starting 30 January 2017. This shocked me because I was only expecting a few days transport, however I accepted this and when it came to mid that week I was advised that it would be mid to late that week. I then called late that week to be advised that the new ETA was mid to late the week starting 06 February 2017! (Please note: During this call I was advised that the return phone number they had was incorrect, so I provided my correct number).

This upset me greatly as I was now living in a house with very little possessions and no furniture. I called the National office to see if there was any possible way to find out where my items were or get a more accurate time on when this would arrive as some urgent information was stored with my furniture. During this call I was very upset but I did not feel that there was any empathy from your staff whatsoever. Instead it was brushed off that the train service is what they deliver and there are sometimes delays. How is this good enough? (Please note: that during this call I was AGAIN advised that the return phone number they had was incorrect, so I provided my correct number). The lady told me to call on Monday 6th Feb and they would be able to give me a better idea on when the train will arrive.

I attempted to call this company on the Monday but got reception/call centre and was advised that she could not provide the ETA so she would get someone to give me a call back (Please note: I AGAIN had to provide my correct phone number as it was incorrect on your system). I didn't hear anything back. Which made me very upset that I was not being updated and being left aside! I sent an email expressing my frustration and the following day received an email saying that it should arrive on the Wednesday. I then got a call on the Tuesday afternoon (on the correct number) and the lady advised that my items would arrive between 10-1pm the following day. I was finally happy that it was here and was hoping that there was no other issues.... I was wrong!!

On the Wednesday, the removalist allegedly had been given the INCORRECT phone number for pick up. He arrived at my address in the morning and tried to call this number numerous times without luck. This caused him to get frustrated so he called my father's phone number (which was the pick-up number) and abused him on the phone. He was EXTREMELY rude and told my father that if someone didn't get there right away he would pack up and leave.

The removalist then called me and again was EXTREMELY rude on the phone saying that he had been waiting for 30mins and he had a very busy day. I left work (which was only 10 mins away) and went their straight away. When I arrived I heard swearing and banging in the van. The young guy had blood on his knee (unsure how he got this). The older guy was very rude saying that he had been waiting and that he was given the wrong number and this stuffed him around. I told him that I had advised him company many times about the phone number so if he had an issue to take it up with them. He then tried to be nice by engaging in some conversation but throughout the day he was very rude to the young guy (who I presume is newish to the job). He was talking rudely to him and at times yelled at him. I thought this was VERY unprofessional.

To top this off, when the items were brought in I noticed that some of my furniture was broken, for instance the leg on my buffet cabinet was broken and a support beam of my bookcase was missing causing it to fall over all the time.
A number of my items had dents and scratches on it too.

I will NEVER use this company again and would NEVER recommend anyone use their services. I tried writing to the company several times but they have refused to write back or apologise. I have advised other companies of my issues with them and they will be putting the feedback online for people to see.
I think it is soooo unprofessional how I was dealt with and I hope that no-one ever has to go through what I went through.

Do not use them!!!!

I strongly agree Don't believe what you read here, just all negatives

Just moved from Brisbane to Melbourne at first i was worried bcoz of the negative comments here but my experience with them is great, friendly people especially the one in Melbourne contractor, my experience is great no issues, professional staff members and the staff over the phone, go go Australia National removalist keep up the good work. I would definitely use them again...

Don't believe what you read

I read all the reviews and nearly didn't hire them but glad i did i moved from the gold coast to morwell vic the truck driver and his offsider from the uplift where excellent they took there time and handle the furniture with the up most care.
The truck driver and offsider on the drop off were also excellent and only took 55 min to unload my move was a 3 bedroom + study house and had a lot of good stuff after it was unloaded i inspected it and not a scratch or dent or nothing broken.
They were 60% cheaper than anyone else so don't believe what you read.
I would differentially use them again.

Do yourself a favour - avoid

It's unfortunate that you can't provide a rank lower than 1 star.

First, the removalists turned up 6 hours earlier than the scheduled time. Then, the drop off was scheduled, last minute, during a window specifically stated as being completely non-workable due to being on a flight. To finish it off, multiple items were completely lost in transit and after following up was told there was no record of them.

As a logistics company, they failed at literally every point of the process. I have no idea how they are still in business.

Have now failed to deliver on FOUR dates

Small move of approx 15 items from Mount Isa to Melbourne. My partner and I have now changed our plans/work commitments on four separate days to be home to accept delivery and we still do not have our items.

2 weeks late

Unresponsive office staff, the manager couldn't care less, added extra fees, not the "worry free" move they advertise at all.
Repeatedly lied to me about pickup / delivery times (even the day they might arrive).
Drivers tried to charge me extra, when I showed them the invoice, they said I over paid, they were just subcontractors and hadn't been told any of the details that I was quoted and I ended up packing half the truck myself!
Pay the extra buck and hire someone good - it'll be cheaper in the long run!

National Removals | Waste of Time and Money

National Removals is the worst company , They just get money from you . I paid for moving my furniture including 3 seater and 2 seater couches and when the driver "his name is [name removed] from Queensland" came, he began to ask me for more money to get the couches from my old home through the balcony , when i rang [name removed] from Operations Team in National Removals , she started telling me that they are not supposed to move staff from balconies , while national removals didn't tell me the that when I first booked and paid,

The Driver Started to behave rudely , and the 2 couches are still in my old home where I had to pay more money to get them down and moved.

I tried to get compensation from National Removal for that situation when I spoke to Rob " a manager in National Removals " who told me no compensation should be given to me .

All in all , Don't waste your time and money dealing with National Removals.


Warning: Do not use this company - They are con artist

These people promised to move my stuff in one consignment, by truck. Instead [name removed] told me after they collected my stuff that it would be split (so they can use the container I paid for, on another job) and be going by train.
Also, [name removed] only sent 1 person to move my stuff, so I had to help him, AND still pay them! Then, when my stuff fit into one container, they still charged me for using two, and threatened that my stuff won't be delivered if I don't pay!
They are liars, without any regard for business ethics and will tell you anything to con you into engaging you. Once you've paid, they don't give a toss about you as [name removed] their manager has demonstrated.
I don't even know if i'll get my stuff as the driver told me that once my belongings get to Brisbane, they will be rifled through by the drivers there and they will steal any items they like.
I am a war veteran on a pension, I can't afford to be ripped off like this. I'm heart broken.
Spare yourself the trouble and cost; use someone else.

Perfect Score for a Perfect Delivery

I had a complex move from Queensland to NSW with multiple pickups and multiple drop offs. National Removals carried out the work perfectly. Here is what their service delivery gave me:
> Best price compared to two other removalists at 66% and 50% of other quoted prices both of whom could NOT guarantee me a pick up date.
> Guaranteed and firm pick up date and time within a 3 hour window and prior phone call 1 hour before to confirm. All 3 guarantees were met.
> Guaranteed delivery date and time within a 3 hour window and prior phone call call before to confirm delivery. All 3 guarantees were met.
> Text confirmation of every step in the process confirming next event to occur.
> Complex delivery exactly in accordance with my requirements with zero damage
> Craig and Jason carried out the delivery diligently, put in long hours and as Craig would say in Kiwi 'nothing is a problem', Very re-assuring.
> There was zero damage to any item, zero items missing and worked till 8:30pm to finish the delivery.
The problem with these forums is that mostly wingers prevail, and if a positive review is given the assumption is written by the company. So if in doubt give the lovely Rachel a call who has worked for the company 17 years, handled our needs professionally and pleasantly; ask her to give you my number and I will tell you first hand I am not part of the company and had a perfect experience. David

Affordable & Reliable

Dont always believe what you read I took a chance on this company and can I just say they guys on the pick up and drop off were so friendly, going from Brisbane to Sydney with 1 bedroom unit load from start to finish I had amazing customer service they called to inform me they were running behind but they showed up on the time they gave me with any move broken items are expected and I did have a few glasses and bowls but all can be replaced, I am very happy and would use nationals again thanks guys for a job well done :)

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hi team , i m mani from melbourne. i have my own removal company and tonight i m going to coffs harbour with my 2 trucks . i just want to know if you have anything return to melbourne the we can pick that from coffs harbour or sydney? we have 65 cubic meters sapce ( 16 pallet) .we can pickup stuff tomorrow in afternoon please revert me back as soon as possible. thanks
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