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Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment

Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment

4.2 from 19 reviews

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Psyber S.

Psyber S.South Australia

High quality organic pawpaw 85mg


Purchased in December 2017 for $5.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
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UrbangirlSydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Not a fan!


I had high hopes for this Paw Paw Ointment as I heard it was free of petroleum jelly and contained all natural ingredients. I had to keep reapplying this product on my lips as it made my lips drier. It took a while for me to figure out that it was actually this particular product that dried out my lips. I ended up with drier lips more than ever before. I went back to my usual brand and soon got my lips back to normal. I waited a few months and did another trial using the Natralus Paw Paw, only to find that the same thing happened again. I don't like this product at all and binned it. I'm back to using my usual brand with no problem!

Purchased in October 2017.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes

Perfect Paw Paw balm


This balm feels great, better than other natural brands, and is free from nasties that Lucas and probably others have. So happy with it, and a little goes a long way.


JenPerth, WA

  • 5 reviews

I want to like this, but....


As others have commented, for some reason my lips have become super chapped since I stared using this.
I thought it was due to the change in weather so I’ve been applying like crazy to try to combat the dryness to no avail.


kazzabluesLaunceston, TAS

  • 18 reviews

Got rid of an ongoing dry skin problem!


I had used Paw Paw ointment before, and it didn't really do anything for me, but when I noticed this had much more of the Paw Paw ingredient in it, thought i'd give it a go. I had a dry scaly sore on my ear for a long time, which I believed could have been eczema as I suffer from it, and nothing - not moisturizer, eczema creams, other Paw Paw ointment, Vaseline, steroid creams - would get rid of it. I tried this ointment for about 4 days every night, and now my ear is so smooth and the dry scaliness gone! Great product! It might not work for everything, but I would recommend giving it a try for skin that needs healing.



  • 7 reviews

Amazing Product


I have been suffering from Chielitis since January this year (2017) and have driven myself crazy trying to find something to cure it. I went on "Dr Google" to find information to help me with this problem. I tried pretty much everything suggested. I finally gave this paw paw ointment a go. It was the best thing I ever did. My lips are so much better now. There is no more pain, swelling, cracking or peeling and my lips are a lot moister than they have been. It has not cured me but the relief I feel is immense. This product is the best ever. Thank you Natralus.

Galloping Inertia

Galloping InertiaBrisbane

  • 4 reviews

I just wanted a simple clean and safe product. And l found it !!!


I have an genetic auto immune disease. It is called Ankolosing Spondylitis. It has an aggressive arthritis and also dry skin, mucous membranes, eyes, mouth, and itchy flaking, raised patches of excema that never completely heal.
Add a handful of medications, an under active thyroid and insulin dependent diabetes that came along for the ride

My Lips Are So Dry!!!!


So i needed a new lip balm/cream and had heard good things about Paw Paw, so i got some. after a couple uses, my lips began getting dryer and dryer. my lips were cracking (something they never usually do) and i would just keep applying in the hopes it would go away. within a week my lips have become dryer than ever and would recommend not buying this product.



  • 3 reviews

Naturalus Essential Paw Paw healed my lips of dermatitis in 1 day


This tube is miraculous! I had been to the doctor and he prescribed me a dermatitis cream for my lips but I never had it filled. Naturally the dermatitis became worse and I was in great discomfort and out of desperation whilst shopping I saw this new Paw Paw ointment and I kept applying it that night repeatedly and was amazed at the relief it gave. The dermatitis is GONE! Thank God a company created this chemical free version of Paw Paw ointment. Even my daughter who suffers from dermatitis under her eyes etc etc said the traditional version made it worse. I can't wait to see the results when she uses Naturalus Paw Paw treatment!



  • 3 reviews
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Super Impressed with this Aussie Paw Paw


Was at the shops the other day and decided to give this a go instead of my usual Lucas brand. So far so impressed with this more natural alternative, it has definitely improved my lip condition. Will definitely buy this one again.

Be careful of allergies


I have used paw paw on my lips for years and I grabbed this brand because it was on special. I don't know why but it has caused my lips to burn and peel every time I apply it!! I didn't think it was the paw paw because I've never had an issue with it before. I finally realised when I applied the old brand and it started healing.
I checked the ingredients and this product has a tonne of ingredients compared to others so perhaps there is a chemical in it that may be an allergin. I've never had an allergic reaction so this is unusual.

If anyone gets blistering or peeling stop using it straight away!!


graceGSydney, NSW

  • 11 reviews

Better than Lucas.


After using Natralus paw paw ointment, I will continue to use it.I use it on my lips. After having my lips tattooed
I don't use lipstick and this brand tastes nice and gives me a nice dewy look. Thank-you for making a good
and natural product.



  • 2 reviews

Awesome Paw Paw Ointment


This paw paw ointment is comparable to the famous and over used Lucas paw paw. Outstanding moisturising properties at the right price point. I will continue to use this product. Anyone who uses paw paw ointment should consider trying Natralus Natural Paw Paw Ointment. Great South Ausralian product in the market place.



  • 2 reviews

Not Bad!


Positives +
Does as it says, long lasting, not tested on animals, texture, little bit goes a long way.

Negatives -
Bad smell, little bumps, No lip applicator,



This is what I've been waiting for!


All natural, Australian owned and really works! My skin felt beautiful after using this product. Makes me wonder how I ever went camping without it. It does a wonderful job with mozzie bites and sunburn. I applied it right after my shower, and you dont have to use alot. Well done Natralus. The perfect product!
Does what it says it should.

Natralus Natural Paw Paw Ointment


This is the paw paw ointment I have been waiting for!!! For years I used another paw paw ointment. Recently I found out it was full of petrochemicals - I threw it in the bin right away!!! The Natralus natural Paw Paw Ointment is incredible - it keeps my lips healthy and has a lovely gloss. It's also great for minor rashes and dry skin. It comes in a range of sizes - the 7g tube is so cute :). I never leave home without my new best friend!
Beautiful texture and light tropical scent

Pure, natural and 100% Australian


Beautiful product that doesn't contain any nasty petrochemicals or parabens. Applies smoothly and gives the skin a wonderful nourished feeling and your lips a lovely natural shine whilst keep them moist.
Dry elbows and heels, cracked lips, eye cream/ointment, mosquito and insect bites - Natralus had these all sorted. This product is a must in your beauty/make up case and first aid cabinet!

It's really good product.


My baby had got 3 bug bites, and those had redness. Before using this product, I didn't believe paw paw product, because lucas paw paw product didn't work on my baby. But, after applying this product,
those bite sites cured. It's really better than Lucas paw paw balm. So, I am recommending this product to my friends and relatives. Thank you Naturalus.
Good effectiveness. no artificial smell. Organic ingridents.



Quality Products! Aussie Made & Natural!!

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I so love their lip balm, cute little applicator.

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