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Naty Eco Nappies Size 1 Newborn

Naty Eco Nappies Size 1 Newborn

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Diapers leak


Whilst I'm delighted about the idea of environmentally friendly nappies, I'm not convinced about the quality. Ever since I started using them I've had to change my 2 week old son's all clothes as they are soaked with pee. As I also have to wash the bedsheets more frequently than when using other brands, I doubt that using these diapers is very ecological in the end.



The worst nappies ever


I'm writing this review in the middle of the night after I've changed my 5week old soaking in wee and poo.And i changed her only 3 hours ago.I've tried 3 different brands but these ones are definitely the worst ones. This is not the first time it's happened.They are not ecological at all if you take into consideration you have to do the laundry twice as often as usually..

Donna H

Donna HChiltern

  • 7 reviews

Many leaks, many clothing changes


I bought these as they were more eco friendly than others on the market until my bub was old enough to fit into the cloth nappies I had. Wow did they leak. Wee and poop every time I changed her. Such a shame. Wee seemed to come out the top and poop out the sides. Many loads of washing later I had to try something else!



Wonderful diapers




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Worst Nappy I Have Tried So Far


I have tried a few eco options on the market, and have found that the Eco by Naty are the worst in terms of leaks. 4/4 of the nappies I used leaked. The tabs don't stick properly either. It's especially frustrating having to completely change a newborn and wash all of the clothes - kind of negates the eco aspect of the nappies.

Horrible nappies


Was given these nappies as a baby shower present and I really liked the fact that they are Eco friendly. They have quite a papery feel to them are quite rough. When our daughter was only 2 weeks old she would not settle when wearing these nappies. Tried again at 6 weeks and she didnt seem to mind them. I find they are alright at containing explosive poos around the leg area whereas most other disposables we've used are not. Unfortunately, they do not have any elastic or similar across the back like they do around the leg section and almost every poo or wee leaked out the back that required changing whole outfits and sheets at 1am which isn't all that fun!


DAVENew South Wales, 2564

  • 11 reviews

Best nappy on the market


When every baby goes through thousands of nappies a year, we wanted environmentally friendly nappies that break down naturally in the earth. They're a little more expensive but they really hold so much without leaking. Our baby is almost a year old so we've used every size Naty make and they're all good. For convenience we bought a cheap brand one week and the baby got the most terrible rash. Never again. We'll stay with this brand.



Really really poor quality! KEEP CLEAR


We bought loads of nappies and maternity pads and various Naty products because we wanted to be eco friendly - DON'T MAKE OUR MISTAKE.
They are terrible, flimsy, and very easily soaked through. You will undo any good you do the environment with extra wash cycles, more tissues used mopping up mess, and various other ways! The "chemical free" boast on their packaging actually means that, unlike pampers, they don't have a stripe that changes colour when they need changing. This leads to more nappies being used.

Princess. N

Princess. NBrisbane

Wouldn't use them again


These nappies are pretty good but I don't know about the other sizes but the newborn is really hard on the baby and it is really bulky and they are very expensive where I live and when I bought them it was a complete waste of $19 for a packet of 14 so yeah plus these are very absorbent but that's because it's very hard


NikkiGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 7 reviews

Flimsy and leak


These are more expensive than Huggies and baby Love but o thought I'd try for the environmentally friendly.

They were thin and a not only leak from the edges, a runny poo actually leaked through the main compartment.

I've started using pea pod reusable nappies which can be machine washed and dried. Then stick with Huggies overnight and when going out..

Lil bean

Lil bean

  • 3 reviews



I really hoped that these nappies would be good but they didn't work for my son. Unfortunately they leaked both wee and poo everytime I used them - even during daytime naps. I like the idea of using an eco nappy but unfortunately these nappies are overpriced as they leak and the tags are not very easy to use.



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Love these nappies


Great nappies, great for the environment. It's one of the few nappies that my child can wear without getting terrible nappy rash. They do feel a bit more wet than some other brands of nappies, but my child has never been wet and these nappies work really well and keep my child dry both during the night and during the day.

Could be better


Well I dont like them because there to hard on the front part of the nappy my little girl starts crying with these nappies on and she's on 2 weeks I feel like there pushing her private part down even if you just feel the front of the nappy it feels hard on your finger


DtotheaisyHervey Bay, Queensland

  • 7 reviews

Stands up against Huggies


I am really happy with these nappies. They stand up perfectly against huggies which we have had a lot of success with. I have had a couple of poos up the back but same with huggies. And am happy to keep buying them as its only been twice and the Nappy was full of poop so was understandable!! They hold up over night and being Eco friendly is the most important thing!!
I don't plan on adding more crap to the earth for my sons generation to try and clean up!!!



  • 20 reviews

Only ones I use


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