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Naty Eco Nappies Size 4 Maxi

Naty Eco Nappies Size 4 Maxi

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Alternative to plastic disposable when I can't do cloth nappies!


I used these when baby was newborn and I have tried them again now that he is 11 months. I couldn't use them "as is" because the outside of the nappy gets wet but with a wool cover over the top they are pretty good. I guess that is the trade-off for not having plastic. Night cloth nappies were getting bulky & I had trouble getting a good fit on my wriggly baby that had enough absorbancy and didn't take forever to dry. I can use these without too much guilt as they are compostable.



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I love these nappies, other nappies give my twins rashes and they smell like chemicals. These are natural and breathable, no chlorine and made from renewable materials. Plus I can put them in my house waste worm farm and they get eaten up, so my babies bottoms like them and my worm farm likes them!



Left painful blisters on my toddler


I really wanted to fall in love with these nappies as I know how destructive for the environment disposable nappies are. Unfortunately these were terrible. They definitely don’t contain the amount of urine a healthy child produces overnight but worse yet, my daughter has been left with painful blisters on her hip from the nappies. It’s too painful for her to wear any clothes on her bottom half now. If this is what they can do to a two year old, I hate to think what might happen to a newborn baby. Definitely do not recommend.



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Fantastic Eco nappies


Our Son would break out in rashes as a newborn (in the nappy area and face) when we used Huggies so we switched to non chemical nappies. We found Natys to be reasonably priced when purchased on special at Coles and Woolworths and the sizing to be generous. We've had minimal leaks and his skin is beautiful and clear since changing to this brand. I would recommend Natys for children's skin and environmental reasons - they're worth the extra money!!

K Li

K Li

  • 2 reviews

These used to be so good, what happened?


I've used naty disposables on my older two children alternating with cloth and found them to be perfectly adequate and affordable eco disposables. Onto 3rd baby, and the quality has changed dramatically. We're using Size 4 for our almost 8 month old who is bigger and taller than average. The nappies don't last the night, becoming so overfull the outer layer leaks onto clothes, bedding etc. They won't hold a decent poo, it comes straight out the back of even a firmly wrapped nappy. Lots of poo on clothes dramas. Disappointing product.

Great for toddlers


We are currently using these on our walking 11 month old (have been using for past 2 months). Found them to be a great fit and have good absorbency and catch all poos. I haven't tried the smaller sizes so can't comment on the fit of those. They are more expensive than your run of the mill plastic option but that is sort of to be expected with an eco option. I have had a couple of tabs rip off so you do need to be a little gentle with them or tug from the back not on the tab. I just put the damaged inner into a modern cloth outer nappy and was able to use them too.
Overall I'm very happy with these nappies.


MoonNew south wales

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Good quality but expensive


Good quality but its expensive. Absorbability is good, suitable for all night use, leakage rarely happen.
My bubs is sensitive skin type, the surface of nappy liner are soft and gentle, he never face any allergic so far.
Unfortunately, we never see any promotion of it. Limited availability on selective coles/woolsworth stores. i would be more happy if its comes with indicator like huggies.



  • 2 reviews

The fit, the performance - so good I was shocked


When you think eco nappy you imagine expensive and inferior performance. So I was shocked when I saw the naty nappies for about 40c each and even more shocked when they not only kept her dry for the overnight 12 hour wear but also contained explosive poos during the day. I love them so much I try to stock up - LO now wears size 4 which are a huge size range and not as good a fit but still great compared to the others. I need to stop telling people how good they are though - the supermarket shelves are often empty when I go shopping.


MelGold Coast QLD

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Horrible. What a waste of money.


Had read reviews that these were great nappies so thought I'd give them a try as I wanted an Eco alternative. They were terrible. I used about 5 nappies and all leaked - thank god it was during the day and not overnight as they would have left me with a soaked mattress. What a waste.


mad_katBracken Ridge

  • 15 reviews

New model not as good!


We were really happy with the Naty 4 till one day we bought a packet where the nappies were totally different: Bigger nappies around the waist and longer. Unfortunatly now they leak before the end of the night and tend to sag so are giving my baby nappy rash at the front as it is closer to the skin. The waist is better as she has a bit of a tummy though. The customer support is great but it's really a shame they changed the nappies, we are looking for other ones now.

I am using Naty again


I start to use Naty again, which is great! When they just changed their packaging, naty were not good, but now It is good as before. My two children are using Naty now. The nappies are thin and can absorb a lot without leaking. No rashes if I use Naty for my children.

Bad do not buy


Trash every wee leaked absolute crap!!! Waste of money!!!!! Will never buy again!!!! Do not buy they do not work at all!!! They should not be selling them!!! Joke of a product not one has not leaked and they are her size!!! I stress do not waste your money of these!!!


sarahjbeeMelbourne, Victoria

  • 19 reviews

What happened Naty?


The nappies are different. My husband compared an older style size 4 that we had and the new pack. They are smaller overall - the tabs are not as wide so don't stick as well, the absorbent part in the middle is narrower, and it no longer fits snugly against my daughter's legs - they have all leaked! So, back to Huggies until we can find another eco-friendly alternative! Change it back!



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Were fantastic; now terrible


I've used these nappies for my children, for several years. They were absorbent, fit well, and I loved the eco-materials used. Even found them to be a reasonable price.

However, the latest pack we purchased seem to be made differently, even thought there is no indication of a change on the packet. We immediately noticed a different look to the nappies, and the fit was not as good. Then we discovered that they are no longer as absorbent, as they now do not last overnight. Very disappointed... I'll be going back to ordering Moltex nappies online.



Great Product. Supply for Qld


Love these nappies. Better than Huggies and better for the environment. Not one leak yet! The only problem is that Coles and Woolworths don't supply much of the product.

There are online stores you can purchase them from to if Coles or Woolworths don't have your size in stock.

Another great Eco friendly nappy brand is Ecoriginals



The only ones I've used for my 2nd baby.


The only one I used for my 2nd baby. With the first baby was hit and miss but for this one we had no nappy rush, no leaking problems, no sweating...the quality is so obvious just by feeling it...it's like a very resistant paper compacted with Huggies that are obviously plastic. I could immediately see on the amount of sweat in the nappy area. When I run out like now (because both Coles and Wollies discontinued them), we go back to the old problems. Will order on line, no worries. Coles and Wollies, you're doing a BIG mistake if you don't bring them back! Also I have to admit I'm a lazy mum I could never do with reusable nappies, but at least these keep me guilty free:) since they are 100% biodegradable.



  • 2 reviews

Love these nappies. Best product on the market. Beats huggies hands down.


We used modern cloth, huggies, homebrand and another Eco disposable. We think Naty are the outperformers. Perfect for overnights even if you are a cloth nappy user. We really loved the idea of cloth nappy but had to change Bub every 1.5 hours in the day and it was a big commitment with all the laundry (made it hard to go out and had to be prepared for leaks). I feel very confident going out in Naty nappies....I know they can take whatever our Bub serves up and we are being kind to the environment too.

Very digusted!

Very digusted!Darwin

  • 2 reviews

Fantastic and great absorbancy


We use naty regularly. My daughter suffers from nappy rash and these have really helped. They are great at night too. Highly recommend them. very absorbent and no odour. The only thing that faults them is that they are quite pricey and the tabs don't stick when you fold the dirty nappy up to throw in the trash.


NadiaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 6 reviews

Leaks everytime


Have used quite a few brands of eco friendly nappies and found this to be the least favourable. My baby girl is on the small side of the weight range of a size 4 and found the nappies leak even during the day. Overpriced for the quality of these nappies. If going eco friendly try Bambo nature found them to absorb much better with minimal leakage


CristieMELBOURNE, Victoria

  • 20 reviews

Don't bother


I was sooooo hoping that these nappies would be good, as they are a more natural product than many others on the market. I was very disappointed. They fall apart when wet, the tabs often break as you are putting them on, they last about an hour, and they are not even cheap! Don't bother.

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