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Naty Eco Nappies
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DAVENew South Wales, 2564

  • 11 reviews

Best nappy on the market


When every baby goes through thousands of nappies a year, we wanted environmentally friendly nappies that break down naturally in the earth. They're a little more expensive but they really hold so much without leaking. Our baby is almost a year old so we've used every size Naty make and they're all good. For convenience we bought a cheap brand one week and the baby got the most terrible rash. Never again. We'll stay with this brand.

Love these nappies.


Very absorbent, high quality nappies that don't cost the earth. I'm sad tesco don't sell them anymore as they are my go to nappies. I love that they are not filled with chemicals and don't harm my babies skin and they don't smell like perfume and feel more natural. Just great

Wow! Just Wow!


First time trying these nappies and boy are they good, so good in fact i had to write a review. Fits my baby good and keeps everything in, haven't had an explosive number two to see what happens there but which nappy keeps that in, really? Would definitely recommend these nappies to anyone and everyone. Love them especially because they are eco nappies. Gotta love doing my bit



They feel papery and thin - and they do not work. Has so many leaks and only starting using them a few days ago. If you want to go eco try tooshies they are so much better... I was really disappointed. I won't be buying these again. Shame as I love to support an eco brand.

Great for toddlers


We are currently using these on our walking 11 month old (have been using for past 2 months). Found them to be a great fit and have good absorbency and catch all poos. I haven't tried the smaller sizes so can't comment on the fit of those. They are more expensive than your run of the mill plastic option but that is sort of to be expected with an eco option. I have had a couple of tabs rip off so you do need to be a little gentle with them or tug from the back not on the tab. I just put the damaged inner into a modern cloth outer nappy and was able to use them too.
Overall I'm very happy with these nappies.


MoonNew south wales

  • 14 reviews
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Good quality but expensive


Good quality but its expensive. Absorbability is good, suitable for all night use, leakage rarely happen.
My bubs is sensitive skin type, the surface of nappy liner are soft and gentle, he never face any allergic so far.
Unfortunately, we never see any promotion of it. Limited availability on selective coles/woolsworth stores. i would be more happy if its comes with indicator like huggies.



  • 2 reviews

The fit, the performance - so good I was shocked


When you think eco nappy you imagine expensive and inferior performance. So I was shocked when I saw the naty nappies for about 40c each and even more shocked when they not only kept her dry for the overnight 12 hour wear but also contained explosive poos during the day. I love them so much I try to stock up - LO now wears size 4 which are a huge size range and not as good a fit but still great compared to the others. I need to stop telling people how good they are though - the supermarket shelves are often empty when I go shopping.



Really really poor quality! KEEP CLEAR


We bought loads of nappies and maternity pads and various Naty products because we wanted to be eco friendly - DON'T MAKE OUR MISTAKE.
They are terrible, flimsy, and very easily soaked through. You will undo any good you do the environment with extra wash cycles, more tissues used mopping up mess, and various other ways! The "chemical free" boast on their packaging actually means that, unlike pampers, they don't have a stripe that changes colour when they need changing. This leads to more nappies being used.

Poo and wee....all over me!


Switched to this product to try them on our baby. Used them for 48 hours, and tried several different ways to make them fit better. Took the Bub to the supermarket and he leaked poo all over my hand and t-shirt. Once we cleaned him up we treated ourselves to a coffee......then it leaked wee all down my trousers. The fit around the leg is just terrible. I know that love is blind, but I do believe I have a normal shaped baby; I particularly think his legs seem as though they lie within the standard deviation curve.



  • 2 reviews

one of the best




  • 2 reviews

Terrible so terrible


The nappies were very poor quality.
4 of them broke as I was trying to put them on my son. Broke at the tabs area where it attaches to the nappy.
Tabs do not stick very well and would slowly pull off in the night as my son moved.
They filled up very quickly and i was changing every 2 hours which for an 18 month old is annoying.

Absorbed well but filled up very quickly and I would not recconmended them for over night use and my son is not a big wee over night child.

Princess. N

Princess. NBrisbane

Wouldn't use them again


These nappies are pretty good but I don't know about the other sizes but the newborn is really hard on the baby and it is really bulky and they are very expensive where I live and when I bought them it was a complete waste of $19 for a packet of 14 so yeah plus these are very absorbent but that's because it's very hard


MelGold Coast QLD

  • 2 reviews

Horrible. What a waste of money.


Had read reviews that these were great nappies so thought I'd give them a try as I wanted an Eco alternative. They were terrible. I used about 5 nappies and all leaked - thank god it was during the day and not overnight as they would have left me with a soaked mattress. What a waste.

So dissappointed in naty


mad_katBracken Ridge

  • 15 reviews

New model not as good!


We were really happy with the Naty 4 till one day we bought a packet where the nappies were totally different: Bigger nappies around the waist and longer. Unfortunatly now they leak before the end of the night and tend to sag so are giving my baby nappy rash at the front as it is closer to the skin. The waist is better as she has a bit of a tummy though. The customer support is great but it's really a shame they changed the nappies, we are looking for other ones now.

I am using Naty again


I start to use Naty again, which is great! When they just changed their packaging, naty were not good, but now It is good as before. My two children are using Naty now. The nappies are thin and can absorb a lot without leaking. No rashes if I use Naty for my children.

Cut costs :(


The nappies are different, They are smaller overall - the tabs are not as wide so don't stick as well, the absorbent part in the middle is narrower, and it no longer fits snugly against my daughter's legs - they have all leaked.
Are the nappies keep going to be the same as they are right now to look for a new brand?(I REALY SAD FOR THIS, I LIKE SOO MACH THIS DIAPERS)

Never again after 2.5 years!


We've used this brand since our boy was born. Never had a problem until a few months ago when we noticed the material had changed. Now the nappy doesn't stay on properly and leaks. Awful experience. Just returned an entire bulk purchase. Cannot believe they ever passed a simple usability test.

Patient Customer

Patient CustomerMelbourne

  • 12 reviews

Every size is rubbish now including the pull ups! Shame on you Naty!


New design- terrible!


I've only used Naty for both my children. Lad test packet I bought is different. Thinner tabs, flimsy sides that stretch too much & wont keep the nappy up. Why have they changed the previously awesome design?!?! I'm so disappointed. I don't even think I can use the ones I've got left. They're hopeless.

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Trying to contact the company regarding a new subscription and no one is contacting me back. I have cancelled my subscription because I didn’t receive my order but they have taken my money. I have emailed, messaged via FB, Twitter and instagram. Help?

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Where are these nappies made?

3 answers

They are from Sweden but I can't find on the bag the exact location of manufacture, just 'manufactured on behalf of etc...'. The naty website might tell you more precisely.


The Nature Babycare nappies are manufactured in Israel and Finland.
I found this information on the Internet, but had to search online for a while to find it. :)
It was the company's official response on a customer information page.


Our pack of size 3 Naty Nappies has "made in Turkey" on the wrapper.

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