6Bubs Easy-digest Goat Milk Formula

Bubs Easy-digest Goat Milk Formula

6Bubs Easy-digest Goat Milk Formula

95 reviews



95 reviews
campingwithcubsSydney Surrounds, NSW4 posts
  Follow-on Formula

Great formula ~ daughter loved it

When my milk dried up unexpectantly at 11months we weren't really knowledgeable on formulas. We tried milk but she had a few issues so a friend suggested Bubs Goat Formula so it wasn't so heavy on her tummy. We were super happy, our daughter switched so easily and she enjoyed it. Show details
NanHunter Region, NSW2 posts
  Easy-digest Goat Milk Formula

Gentle on tummies and satisfying

Having an allergy to dairy formulas I found Bubs Goat formula an excellent replacement. Easy to prepare, pleasant to drink and the rashes on my granddaughters face and her reflux are now non existent.

I wish we started her on this formula from the beginning. Goats milk is closest to mother breast milk and very nutritious.

My granddaughter has never been healthier and happier since using Bubs Goat. Being able to purchase it at the supermarket is also a great advantage. Show details

Danielle B
Danielle BGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC
  Verified Toddler Drink

Great milk formula drink product for toddlers

Had some trouble getting my toddler off breast milk and gave this product a go. My daughter really enjoy's the taste and no tummy issues and a very good formula for growing toddlers with all the nutrition. No side effects or issues from drinking the formula. Very easy to prepare and you can mix the formula with fruits/vegetables to make delicious purees.

Leo Rocks
Leo RocksSydney, NSW11 posts
  Verified Follow-on Formula

The only good baby formula for my daughter!

I really tried all the baby formulas on the market from NAN, A2, Blackmores and Bellamy but my daughter was not always happy and sometimes some issues. At the end I decided to switch to goat formula with Bubs and it has been one of the best ideas as my daughter never had any issue anymore.

I understand Bubs is not cheap around $35 but it is a very good investment and I would prefer to save on a coffee a day to provide a premium formula for my daughter.

Jessie C
Jessie CGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC
  Infant Formula
  Infant Formula

After trying so many formulas this was a blessing

After having so many issues between 5 different formulas we tried bubs and have never looked back.

It is more exspensive but worth every cent with such a content bub.

We were told that bub had reflux or colic but Mumma instinct told me something else was going on. As soon as we tried bubs goat milk we had a happy baby. Mild reflux still but no pains or screams.

VVVSydney7 posts
  Infant Formula

I wish it had worked

Gave my bubs horrible constipation to the point where she bled and got a fissure from the straining. It seemed to upset her tummy and something didn’t match which is a shame as I’ve seen great reviews and love the Bubs brand and food pouches.

Certain babies react to certain things and this just didn’t match my bubs - might work for you though!

  Infant Formula

Wish I'd found it earlier

I purchased this when I couldn't find my usual goats milk formula anywhere. Love it! It's gentle and super easy to prepare.

My 6month old has never been very interested in milk but she seems to really like this one. I wish I had found this earlier and even used it for my first child.

VerGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC8 posts
  Infant Formula

Good enough

I switched to this formula after my baby had colic. I must admit it does cause constipation sometimes, but I wanted to avoid cows milk. It had fish oil in it which is very good. People told me it smelt bad but it doesn’t! I will keep on buying it.

  Infant Formula

Love this stuff

My Little boy loves this formula , he smiles and giggles when he has it , my mum thinks goats milk can be better than cow's milk , he holds the milk down very well. Love it , great price , thanks Bubs you deserve some good words , you've helped me and my family alot.

StidifordAdelaide21 posts
  Infant Formula
SammySydney, NSW2 posts
  Infant Formula

Excellent product

This formula was very easy to prepare and the baby loved it with no side effects, i have done a lot of research and it seems that this type of milk is better for babys stomach and is not to strong which i have heard a2m and bellamies seems to be.

Bec5 posts
  Infant Formula

Not a reliable formula

If you want a reliable formula don't choose this one! The company has changed the formula AGAIN for the second time in around 1.5 years. This has resulted in my sons poos going from a lovely mustard colour to thick green smelly and hard to push out and he is very unsettled. The company first changed the formula in 2016 when my first son was on it and the only reason we tried the formula again is because we were having trouble finding one that agreed with son #2. Do yourself and your baby's stomach a favour and just buy Karicare Goats Milk!

happymum2Sydney, NSW7 posts
  Infant Formula

best formula for my baby

The formula is easy to make. It tastes nice. My baby digests it well no colic pain, no diarrhoea and no vomitting and Goats milk is very low lactose. Me and my family are lactose intolerant we can't drink A2 as it's too hard to digest.

I will stick with this as I'm very happy.

May 29th 2018 Update: Best Bubs Formula For My Newborn Baby

Bubs is the first formula I went to as my other 2 couldn't stomach any cows milk formula. This Bubs tastes great, my baby digests it well, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no colic. Easy to mix as well. I purchased this from Chemist Warehouse but have seen it's also selling at Woolworths too now so I'm very happy. I will stick with BUBS because it's the best I've found.

VirginiaPerth, WA11 posts
  Infant Formula

The best formula out of 5 we have tried! Godsend!

Easy to prepare: mixes great, smart scoop and ledge to scrape of excess, never clumps. Filled my baby for longer than soy - up to 4-5 hours. No constipation when we added just 20ml water to each feed. She loved the taste. Happy fat baby as a result of this formula. Have tried dairy, lactose free, soy, from multiple brands and this one is the best. Unfortunately it's very expensive compared to dairy or soy formulas - which is the only draw back. There was also a change to the formula - we found the one that used measurements in 60ml/per scoop was the best for our baby.

Lee4 posts
  Infant Formula

Goats milk easier to digest

Definitely try goat milk formula if your baby is vomiting a lot after cows milk formula. It does smell really strong compared to cow milk but baby is happy to drink it. I prefer to give baby the Holle goats formula brand because it's organic so I guess healthier, but Holle is more expensive.

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NguyetSydney4 posts
  Infant Formula

Great alternative to dairy allergy baby formula

My son had a dairy allergy from 8 weeks and it was difficult finding tasty options when I weaned him at 12months. We tried various different formulas but this was the one that he liked and didn't give him an upset tummy. Would recommend for anyone else that has kids with dairy allergy.

my chau
my chauMelbourne4 posts
  Infant Formula

perfect formula for your kid

I use this formula for both children. They do not like it in first trying, but later on when I tried convince them they are happy to drink them. One thing is the smell is not really attractive like other formula. But I believe goat milk is much better than cow milk

ShereenaCastle Hill
  Infant Formula

Perfect alternative - good for tummy

Easy to prepare and our baby did not reject it from day one. Till now we have not noticed any side effects. We were initially reluctant to try being Goats milk formula. However, we were proved wrong. Our tiny bub loves it and has adjusted to it without any issues.

JaxSydney, NSW3 posts
  Infant Formula

New formulation changed our opinion of this formula

We loved this formula until we bought the new formulation a few days ago. Our baby could not keep it down and projectile vomited after every bottle. On top of that he would cry out in pain after the feed. We reluctantly changed to another formula after a successful month of the original NZ formula. Not prepared to watch our baby (who until this point never vomited) not keep down formula for more than a day. Very disappointing.

MattPerth2 posts
  Infant Formula

The best I've tried. Perfect!

Easy to prepare and my baby loved it. My baby can't drink cow milk so this is a great alternative for him. No side effects and my baby loved it. By far one of the best products out there. I would highly recommend this product to everyone and anyone!

PrimroseSouth East Queensland, QLD8 posts
  Infant Formula

Great Healthy Alternative

My baby is breastfed but we do use the occasional formula and i have found this to be the best by far. Easy to digest and gentle on her tummy. Also it smells nicer than other formulas. Highly recommended!!! This is by far the best formula and i was able to use since birth!

BrianAbbotsford4 posts
  Infant Formula

Perfect goat milk

My baby can't drink cow milk, so I bought Goat milk bub for him. He is really love it. Lovely package as well. Moreover, goat milk is closed to mum's milk, it helps my baby easy to absorbs nutritions. I recommend bubs milk to you. Try and you will love it as I do.

  Infant Formula

Excellent alternative to cows milk

Lovely packaging with great range of products from Bubs. My little girl can't get enough of this formula. She has always had issues with cow milk. But after she tried bubs goat milk she is the happiest little girl with no awful side effects from cows milk. I would definitely recommend this to all mothers out there. give it a go you wont regret it! :)

  Infant Formula

Worked wonders for my baby

I've been using this for the past two months and my baby has been vomiting less and became a much happier since using it. I also have a friend that started using the same product and told me that the eczema on her babies skin cleared up after switching to goat milk infant formula.

  Infant Formula

Fantastic product!

After doing some research on which formula will be best and healthiest for my baby we decided to go with buns goat formula.

Very easy to prepare and nothing but the best formula for my little one.

He absolutely loves it which is the main thing.

Highly recommend this product!

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  Infant Formula

Very happy

My baby girl, 6 mo,, she refused to drink any other brand, we were very worried! until someone at the chemist introduced Bubs to us... Now she really loves Bubs Goat formula, please we need the product at Coles/ Woolworth, they normally ran out or unavailable, other than that... we're happy

Thanks Bubs - Melbourne

G Wok
G WokMelbourne4 posts
  Infant Formula

Fantastic milk formula!

We switched to Bubs and haven't turned back. My 12 week old daughter wasn't able to tolerate several other formulations, but Bubs goat milk has worked a treat. Slightly more expensive than the average formula but worth it in my opinion. Only issue is sometimes Coles doesn't have much stock of it.

Sandra2 posts
  Infant Formula

New formula not as good as the old one

My baby boy has a lot of tummy issues and one big one is reflux. Cow's milk gives him diarrhoea so had to put him on goats milk formula. Bubs was so great for him. He stopped vomiting and was putting wight back on. That was the old formula that was apparently made in New Zealand, my baby loved it so much. The new formula is making him sick and he is vomiting a lot and has lots of heartburn and mucus. Not happy that I have to look for an alternative

  Infant Formula

hope can be cheaper

This one I bought for my friend child once as gift. And she thinks it is good and baby enjoys it. I didn't heard any bad effects from her baby, and it's also quite easy to prepare for infant. I would recommend this product ,and hope price can be cheaper

  Infant Formula
jumpingbeanAdelaide5 posts
  Infant Formula

be careful with this product

Bought this formula for my father who has lactose intolerance. He also shares with our family dog. It was a shotage on Karicare goat formula so I bought Bubs instead. It seems to be fine for my father but our poor dog vomits every time after consume this Bubs formula which never happens with Karicare Goat formula. Will never buy Bubs again.

  Infant Formula

WOW! amazing results

My baby girl has been struggling with every other formula on the market, until I decided to try Bub's Goats milk - she's been fussy ever since she has been off the boob and takes this formula without an issue, even her reflux has subsided. Happy to pay the extra for the results! I would recommend to anyone.

Adam2 posts
  Infant Formula

Old formulation was much.better

Been using for 8 months. Formulation changed to Australian production, energy (kj) content decreased a lot and feed volume increased, not great for a fussy feeder. Added fish oil was causing reflux since it was started at 3 months. Changed to another goat formula with no fish oil, and reflux has gone, less fussiness, no reflux and no more zantac. Real shame.

Mrs McGee
Mrs McGeeSydney
  Infant Formula

New formulation made in Australia made baby sick

My baby did well with the old formulation made on New Zealand but since they changed their formulation being manufactured in Australia my baby has been very unsettled, constipated, gassy & spits up after most bottles. Their website says there may be a transition phase but if there are no new ingredients as they claim, then why would so many babies being getting sick. Steer clear of the new formula not worth the risk of getting baby sick. There is definitely something they're doing wrong.

Kat Gold
Kat GoldSydney, NSW8 posts
  Infant Formula

Not buying it anymore

Bubs's been amazing to my baby. He loveed it and he was very healthy! until they changed to the new one that made in AU!! We tried and it made my baby feel sick! Seriously I won't be a loyal customer anymore. Nobody wants their baby to feel sick! So disappointed!

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MloveSydney3 posts
  Infant Formula

Great but not consistent

This is one of the best options for goat's milk. My son (4 months now) loves it - smells good, easy to dissolve and burps nicely. But somehow they changed the formula blend and it didn't sit so well with him last time. There might be other factors involved which might be causing him to fuss with the milk. But I'll give it a go once again and see.

LeahSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts
  Infant Formula
niko87Metropolitan Adelaide, SA224 posts
  Infant Formula

Best formula and much easier on the stomach than cow's milk

Despite this formula being on the expensive side it is the only one that it is made from Goat's milk. Research has shown goat's milk isn't only healthier and more nutritious than cow's milk it is also easier on the stomach and causes less burping and gas, it is also digested quicker. It is the only choice for lactose intolerant babies too as most lactose intolerant people can handle goat's milk. I would still prefer an organic and GMO free option but I contacted the company and they guaranteed that their formula contains no GMO corn/soy etc....

  Infant Formula

Loved the old blend

I am very disappointed this formula has changed. The nutrient amount has reduced by significant amounts of the DHA and prebiotics and the total energy content reduced. There are no longer any nucleotides added either! I loved the old blend and my baby loved it too. I dont know why the formula changed. Please bring back the old blend or at least ensure there are suffiecient levels of nutrients!

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