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Nature's Gift Wet Dog Food

Nature's Gift Wet Dog Food

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Smells like spam, tastes like nothing...

I find the dog loves this stuff and it smeels really good.
As a professional Chef, I'm used to tasting raw meat for seasoning, so I thought, let's check this spam smelling stuff out.
I had 1/4 of a teaspoon and it has NO flavour.
Just a ground up bones texture.
How can it be all natuaral, with no added flavours, but the flavour does not match the aroma? Must be an artificial aroma added to the food.
I won't be feeding it to my best mate again.

Purchased in April 2019 for $2.50.

Pet's Life StageSenior
Side Effects No

Natures Gift Gourmet 100gm Trays

Green diarreah! Yep that's exactly what my dogs got after eating the kangaroo variety of these trays! Green diarreah all through the house! My poor dogs! These trays are the worst I've ever fed them! Since Natures Gift has changed hands the quality has gone downhill. For example the beef in gravy tray has very little product in the tray and is surrounded by a huge moat of gravy (the tray truly is mostly gravy) I used to be a huge Natures Gift fan for years and years (and fed my precious dogs the original products) but a fan I am not anymore. I also don't like the large cans quality and ingredients change, my dogs used to like the meal time cans - now they hate them especially the new casserole variety. What's with the ingredients listening? Lots of meat and/ors (the original cans used to be way more transparent)

no good

i thought this would be a great change from home cooked food but the tin i bought was full of pieces of blue plastic
i dont think that is all natural??? i have tried to contact the company but have had no reply from them

New to product

My dog seems to really like this product and the variety, she can be really fussy with the food but I find her loving the dry food and eating it all in one go, so I really like that. I love the variety, one did make her get diarrhea but the others seem fine, she has been constipated but so not sure if that is me changing the food or not but I think this my new product for her.

No, it's not for us. All canned cats foods in this brand

It's got Carrageenan as Natural gelling agent, I can't feed my cat, it's not safe to feed in a long term, it's causes bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, gastro problems. The solvent used to bleach the Carrageenan when processing could be concerned. Carrageenan has been using in Pet foods companies these days, they should change the way to make Pet foods better, and healthy, safety.

My dog loves this pet food

It's like the only actual 'Australian owned and made' pet food in Australian supermarkets apart from VIP, And I'm really happy to support growing Australian companies. My dog likes natures gift dog food, some dog food she doesn't like and will leave it, oh and not to mention there no gas (farting) haha thank god. I love buying Australian owned brands and this is a great pet food brand.
Australian owned and made

Maltease puppy loves it

My maltease is 11 months old. I had a lot of trouble finding something she would eat. I have bought premium foods that cost $30 for a 1 1/2 kilo dry food bag 200g cans at $3 and she didn't like it. my dog she would eat but would always be sick after.
So I took a chance on natures gift I buy the 380g tins and I'm so glad I did. She has been on it about 2 months now. She doesn't itch as much. He eats it and is not sick. She's full of energy and has never been happier.
Great value, puppy loves the taste, the smell and look is great.

Loved it!

My shitzu x Maltese terrier is so picky with food and would leave it all day and not touch it. I've been swapping from her normal Pedigree loaf and dApplause brand 'it's all good' dried food even mixing it, but to no avail. I loved the packaging of this brand so bought it and I've only opened the can and she's already there sniffing. As soon as I put her bowl down she scoffed it straight away! I was so surprised. I gave her the other half at night and once again she was looking forward to the meal. So relieved and happy.
the packaging and smell, doesn't smell like other dog food, value for money

My dog loves it

I used to buy the standard My Dog etc brands of dog food and my little Chinese Crested hated them all. She would have to be forced to eat it and would only ever eat it if she was starving. When I switched to Natures Gift (Chicken with Chia) she couldn't get enough of it. No forcing or encouraging needed. I like that it's free from meat by-product as well.
My dog loves it - she knows what's best, no animal by product.
Difficult to find the Chia varieties but I tend to find them in independent supermarkets like LaManna direct in Essendon, Vic.

Happy hound!

My 4.5kg JRT is a fussy eater, she won't touch her kibble if it's not mixed with wet food. I mix half a tray into her kibble twice daily, & she just loves it! I alternate between the chicken, lamb & beef. No tummy upsets or allergic reactions (she's had both before with other brands!). She likes them all, & it shows!
Great price & range. Portion size is perfect for little dogs!


Great product. My two dogs (chihuahua x pomeranians) have eaten many varieties of dog foods. I used to buy them My Dog but that made my dogs fart alot! Eventually I changed to Chum but they got sick of that after awhile and then I found Nature's Gift. I love that it's all natural and when you read the ingredients on the can there aren't a whole lot of weird ingredients shoved in there. At first I didn't like that there wasn't a lot of variety in the range but as I shopped around at different supermarkets I discovered they seemed to carry different flavours. For example I found IGA had the most variety where I live and also Coles. I have small dogs so one can lasts me about 3 days but my brother has a larger dog and she eats a can a day. I think they could benefit from making 1kg cans. Also it's slightly more expensive considering you get a lot less but I'm willing to pay for it as my dogs enjoy it. Personally I think it smells terrible! But I put it down to it being all natural.
Lots of variety and all natural
Smells terrible

Lack of flavours

Great product, so far both my dogs have loved the food given. No itching, no need for excessive drinking and their gas is pretty low (but still stinky). They will eat all flavours but will refuse to touch the Chicken and Oats with vegetables. My dogs have not gotten bored any as of yet (and they have been eating it since last year). The only downer is there isnt much variety available.
Dogs love it, easily accessable if you have a Woolworths around and easy on the wallet.
Not enough variety offered in the supermarkets.


The food sounds good BUT my dog wanted to drink non stop after it. This did not happen with other foods. I tested it a number of times on and off with other foods and after NG he definitely drank a lot more and it was annoying because i had to let him out constantly. I draded every time he wanted to go and drink again. Otherwise product smells nice. Price reasonable, choice reasonable. Good looking package.
High protein content, smells like real food, variety available
I think it has lots of salt or too much carbs as dog wanted to drink non stop afterwards


My dog loves this range of canned dog food and despite the smelly effect it can have on him, we still continue to buy it because he does enjoy it. The food is moist and there are several different flavours to choose from so he never gets bored since we don't feed him the same one all the time.
This is an affordable range of good quality dog food and my dog absolutely loves it. Comes in several different flavours.
Sometimes I would like it if it came in a larger sized can. It can cause my dog to produce some really smelly farts after eating it.


I try to only feed my dogs bones and dry biscuits as that's best for their teeth and really all they need, but I keep a couple of cans of this in the cupboard for a rainy day (if I run out of bones). My dogs love it, and I like that you can actually see the pieces of meat in the food (even though they're kinda compounded meat) and the bits of rice or pasta. It's not half jelly like some of the other brands you can buy from the supermarket. Definitely one I'd recommend if you need to buy canned food!
Much better quality than some of the other supermarket brands. Smells good and my dogs love it.
A little more expensive than some of the other brands, but you know what they say, you get what you pay for.


great product We have 2 very small dogs who love it, and are fit and healthy.
On our property we have breeding kookaburra who love to feed it to their young.
It smells just like a casserole you would feed to your family,so fresh and wholesome.
australian owned and produced

Fantastic Products!

One of the only Aussie Made and Owned pet food labels available! Most pet food sold here is produced and owned overseas. Does NOT contain animal by-products, just real meat and natural ingredients. Easily sourced being available at many store chains.
My dog loves most food so her opinion is slightly void in respects to her food preferences (its all good to her), but I feel MUCH better buying it knowing it's an AUSSIE product (ie, the meat wasn't sourced from Thailand or Indonesia, or the products weren't shipped all the way from the USA or UK, etc).
Working with shelter animals has shown me what can happen if pets are fed poor diets or suffer from food allergies. All of Natures Gift products aren't bulked up with 'junk food', so it is much better for your pets health in the long run.
Real meat & natural ingredients. Sourced, Made and Owned in Aus!! Easy to find at your local store.

need larger tins

Great product mydog loves it and having a great dane well one tin is not enough. A 1kg tin would be great. My dog is usually fussy eater and will only eat certain flavors but with natures gift she will eat all flavours
My dog will eat it all and leave nothing for the flys
More expensive than most but my dog is worth it


These small portions are perfect for serving with some cooked rice or mixed together with some dry biscuits. My dog loves them and I usually buy these if the "My Dog" range are not on sale because they are cheaper. They also come in cans and are great value. I highly recommend these for smaller breeds of dogs but perhaps not for the larger ones because it would end up costing quite a lot to feed a large dog one can of these each night.
This brand is a more affordable alternative to the "My Dog" range. It boasts a variety of different flavours and my dog loves to eat them.
The ingredients perhaps do not look as appetising at the "My Dog" range but they still look good quality.


I usually steer away from canned dog food, but Natures Gift in particular their puppy food is great. Dogs love it, and it seems like a quality and mostly natural product. When you look at other puppy foods ie: Pal, this is definatley the stand out. It looks good, is easy for them to eat and they like it. Not to mention that it maintains their condition and helps them grow. A really great product.
Great puppy food.

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Questions & Answers

Can I mix a small amount of tray size with dry kibble for 1 year old toy poodle
1 answer
My two (roughly 6kg small breeds) get tin mixed with kibble. Makes them so much more inclined to eat the dry food.

Why is there no information on the net about Nature's Gift All Natural dog food? I have tried to find out the ingredients and the price but nothing relevant comes up except for its testimonials in Product Review.
1 answer
You may need to just go in store and check the labelling or try calling the manufacturer and get them to tell you or send you the label.

Is a 100g tray sufficient for a 5.8 kg, 11 year old dog?
1 answer
NG provide a recommended intake per day on the tray. I give my 4.5kg jrt a 1/2 tray with her kibble morning & night. She loves it!


Nature's Gift All Natural Trays
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