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Nature's Way Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action with Green Tea

Nature's Way Metabolift Fat Burner Triple Action with Green Tea

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Pretty average


The tablets are huge and they burn your throat. Learned that the closer you take them to your mean I don’t feel sick. So instead of 30 minutes they say I take them 5 minutes. Haven’t noticed a difference yet.

Alan Bron

Alan BronSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Keeps appetite down and energy level up


Certainly keeps kept my appetite down and energy level up - but I suspect that was just the caffeine. I supect the other ingredients don't do all that much, and the research I did after buying the product certainly indicated that.

Doesn't work


Did not work at all, made me sleepless and look bulkier after 2 weeks . I think this is not suitable for weight loss. It's a placebo. I spent a good amount on this product and got highly disappointed.

Very Disappointed


Do not take these if you are suffering any type of IBS. Will cause a great deal of stomach discomfort with urgent and very frequent visits to a toilet. Suffered all time with cramps and extreme wind pain.

Metabolift fat burner


It's great product I take this tablets 1half month now the result is really amazing. I lost 10 kls , I don't take this tablet at dinner because I can't sleep at night only in the day time to boost the energy level to make may body moving. Healthy food, right diet and make plan for workout can lose weight fast. Tablets just help you to boost your energy so your body moves make your excersice or workout.

Not recommended


My heart won't stop racing, I feel out of breath and nauseous. I would not recommend this product if you are sensitive to caffeine. Also to only take one tablet in the morning to boost energy levels as it make me feel anxious and not 2 before each meal like prescribed in the instructions.

Ive been loosing 3 kg a week / i only take two tablets a day and i space then out


Discontinue drinking/taking all other caffeine coffee tea

And use common sense

The bottle should be relabbeled to 1 pill two or three times a day as 5 is crazy !



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My Experience


i had a look at all these reviews before i purchased the item they are mostly negative but I was so desperate for weight loss that I thought maybe it would work for me. But I have seen no results at all in weight loss. I have had terrible stomach aches, heartburn, headaches and I ended up vomiting a fair bit. I want to lose weight badly and thought this would of helped but it didn't. It also costs a fair bit and the pills are massive! Buy at your own risk and also if it doesn't work for you then bad luck because no refunds!

Good Product


I have been using this product and notice both pros and cons of the product. Pros would be they do work in dropping weight fast, though I have been eating healthier and exercising, you can feel them working and my results are coming along. The cons to this product would be the side effects to the caffeine, I try not to take these late in the day (before dinner) as I have had bad cases of not being able to sleep all night due to them. Other than that they seem to boost my energy levels and I would still recommend this product. It's more so about using them to how your body reacts in order to make them work, so it works as a healthy balance and you dont find yourself fatigued from the night before. Hopefully my review helps :)

Works well


works well. been using for a week have lost close to 2 kgs, although now its getting to the point where i feel like vomiting after taking one tablet .

Just bought today!


After hearing so much fuss on garnia Cambodia and green tea and caffeine pills and I decided to buy a bottle in my work break, and had 2 then waited half an hour and had a protein shake.
Been several hours now feel SO ENERGIZED its crazy cant wait to finish and smash a gym seshion out!
Don't feel any nausea or side affects, expect maybe a little anxious, but good anxious almost like exited :)

Lost 23kg over 7 months of taking these pills


I used to weigh 87 and now im down to 64kg!! so happy with these pills, and the results after 7 months, didn't change my diet plan just took these pills before every meal and didnt put anything back on just lost the weight, would highly reccommend them to anyone looking to loose weight within 7-8 months.

Horrible in my opinion


I have been on these for 4 days taken 3 a day and have been horribly I'll for the past 2, I can tell you now you are lucky to have no bad reactions. I've stayed home and struggling to walk alround. My legs feel like jelly and make it hard for me to walk, I have horrible head aches, blurred vision, sleeping no earlier than 1-3am, get extremely dizzy and it hurts to do anything but lay down. I do not have any conditions that would extreme or add on to the pain so I do blame the tablets and am seeing a doctor. Very unimpressed.

Awesome Product


SarahMooroolbark, Victoria



I began taking these half an hour before breakfast with few other supplements- fish oil, multi vits and probiotics.
3 days in a row now I've thrown it all straight back up. I removed the other pills from my morning routine and today just took these to be sure it's them.
Weight loss? Yep! From throwing up the contents of my stomach each time I take the pills.
Apparently it eases after a few days and it's normal, but it doesn't mention this on the label!

Made me sick. Expensive. No warning label stating side effects.

Metabolift with green tea


Have been on these for three days. I'm not sure if it is in my head or these pills actually work. But I have noticed I'm not eating anywhere near as much. I'm less hungry and have a lot of energy despite eating not much. The green tea is great because I have been detoxing! Will let you know further if I see results! The only negative comment I have is, pills are humongous! I have to cut them in three to get them down! And they have a foul taste if it goes down the wrong way!!!
Alright price if it works... 40$
Massive pills!!!



Waste of money


I tried this product for 3 months with NO results at all. It does not do any of the things it proclaims in its advertising or what's on the box. Do yourself a favor and save your money. I was really disappointed as I was looking for a healthy alternative.

No results.



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Be careful with these!!!

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Did you have an existing heart problem or are you caffeine sensitive? What you describe seems like pretty extreme reaction to what is essentially just a caffeine tab with some natural ingredients.



Last time I tried this only lasted one day as I took the recommended dosage, and got the shakes and severe heartburn. This time round, I am going to take one tablet instead and see how I go...I am currently 106.4kgs and am 27 years old, 5ft 6 so really am obese. I am also reducing my calorie intake and am recording everything I eat on Calorieking.com.au I have also decided to start blogging and recording my thoughts....I will post my blogs link on here shortly.
Easy to take, only need to take two tablets at a time
They stink

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Will taking metabolic lift affect my thyroid medication?

No answers



I have found when I take these tablets I’m getting thrush and is extremely uncomfortable. I have done this twice and changed my way of eating both times but I still get it. I really want to give it ago can anyone help?

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How do we use this pill?

2 answers

You usually have between one to two half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or half an hour before exercising so it can get your metaboliser working. I think the limit per day is 5 tablets. Hope that helps! :)



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