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Earth Choice 2x Ultra Concentrate Laundry Powder

Earth Choice 2x Ultra Concentrate Laundry Powder

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will continue to use.

I use Earth Choice powder & liquid in a front load machine, the results are always excellent on light cotton clothes to heavy work clothes. When I buy the powder, I transfer it to a snap lock lid container. I don't have issues with damp powder in a cardboard box, or with any fine smokey residue as I scoop it out but I do it gently. The powder mixes well, I don't dissolve it first in colder months & there has been no powder left in the machine or clothes, unlike a well known brand of powder I previously used, as it was a freebie with the machine. 6kg of it went in the bin. The only issue I have with Earth Choice is that it's difficult to get a 4kg bucket of powder where I live.

Will never buy again

Quite like their liquid so thought I would try their powder. Will never get it again. My first warning should have been the fact that much of the powder escaped the box and was left on the shop checkout conveyor - it is just so finely ground.
The plume of "smoke" that errupts whenever you disturb the storage container or pour the powder into the machine is massive and gets into your eyes, nose and mouth. And no matter how earth friendly it is, I don't believe it's human friendly.
Also for such finely ground powder it sure does leave a lot of residue on clothes - it doesn't seem to dissolve very well.


I use all cruelty free and grey water products, I recently switched to this product and have regretted it since. It makes colour run, doesn’t dissolve properly and when scooping it creates a dust cloud that takes my breath away. Will use it up and try another product. Sorry earth choice but you need to work on this product.


I love using this product it cleans clothes well and it is great for those whom have allergies and skin conditions as it doesnt irritate the skin. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Love this product, No issues like previous reviews.

My family have been using this product for a long time. I have not had any issues such as as previous reviewers describe. Before this detergent I was using one from the "big brands". Since the switch, we have noticed no difference, if anything our clothes are lasting longer too. You only need a small amount per wash load so 1kg usually last us a couple of months.

Ruined dark clothes

I usually wash with a liquid, but decided to buy this product based on price and its environmental branding I guess. (I mean, there's a picture of planet Earth in the logo—that has to be a good thing right?!)

Anyway, the end result is that I ruined a load of dark coloured clothes. Black t-shirts now have splotchy discolouration (as though bleached unevenly) which, after several subsequent washes (using a different product) does not come out.

After I saw the damage I read a little warning on the side of the box which says:

'IN COLD WEATHER dissolve powder in warm water first or use luke warm wash'

I did not dissolve the powder. I didn't think you needed to. It was not particularly cold in my home when I washed, but I don't remember what temperature I washed at (most likely 30 degrees celsius, but possibly hotter).

So let that be a warning to others. I'm now slowly getting through the rest of this powder on light coloured washes only, and I'm dissolving the stuff before every wash. With everything else, it's back to liquid for me.

Toxic! Avoid!

Incredibly chemical laden, literally takes your breath away because one sniff will burn your lungs out. Nasty, nasty, nasty stuff - I'm not overreacting, I don't have a sensitive nose, this stuff is seriously horrid. Even my big burly husband had to cover his face and pour the scoop furtively at arms length. Nicer eco wash powder options include Planet ark or Kinda2 or Bosisto's
Horrid stuff! AVOID!
Totally unusable! Cannot possibly be good for ones health. If you insist, prepare for coughing fits and watering eyes.

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I totally agree! the powder is extemely fine, and when you put into the washing machine fine mist flies up of the powder. so not only are you getting washing powder in your lungs, the stuff doesn't even clean your clothes!! i have persisted for 5 washes and the stuff is absolute rubish! would never purchase again.

Give it a miss

I recall buying this product a couple of years ago but only used it once and couldn't remember why I never bought it again. After seeing those wonderfully effective guilt-inducing tv commercials (featuring people torturing ocean creatures with cleaning products), I decided to buy it again. And now I remember why I only used it once. As a washing powder it works fine, but I just can't use it because every time I scoop it the dust flies in the air, causing me to cough like mad. I'm all for saving the planet, but I won't buy this product again (and I won't forget why this time!).
Works ok...
...but it'll make you cough


I cannot use this product because the powder is just way too fine. The grain is just way too fine and causes a burning sensation in the nose. I could not wait to finish the product and will never buy it again. I do however use this brand's liquid version and find it to be effective.
Effective washing detergent, claims to be more gentle on the environment than other detergents, concentrated so you don't need to use as much.
I cannot use this product as the powder is so fine it gets up my nose and causes a burning sensation


I just switched from top load to front load so I had to shop for a new washing powder. I used some Earth Choice cleaning agents before especially the shower and toilet cleaner and totally love it. I also use Earth Choice fabric softener and it bares no difference to other more expensive brands to me so I thought i'd give this a try. It cleans my clothes just as well as when I used Cold Power top load, but I have to spare some credit to my front load too. The only downside to it is the smell of the powder could really burn, it's almost like I breathed in very strong chemical. I have to hold my breath every time I use it. But it's worth the money spent. I'm happy with this brand, the result and the price.
Not as expensive as other brands
Strong powderey smell that could burn your nose

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