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This laundry liquid is very cost effective, often selling for under $2 a bottle. It lasts for ages and the washing always seems to come out really clean when you do not have to use a lot of liquid in the wash. Good for the environment.
When you are using this in the washing machine you do feel like you are doing something good for the environment. The product is super cheap and I have found that everytime I buy a bottle it lasts so much longer than commercial powders or other detergents.
The small lid can sometimes be a pain in that the liquid seeps out when you are trying to pour it but other than that no complaints.


Its cheap and will do the job. But I'm not sure if I agree when they say it's environmentally friendly. How is a product containing Hydrogen Peroxide a good thing for the environment? Please explain! I'd prefer to spend the extra money and get something that does what it says it will!
Bottle isn't great. Easy for it to go everywhere. Is it really good for the environment? I thought Hydrogen Peroxide was bad?


I purchased this product as I absolutely support environmentally friendly products and buy them whenever I can. However, I could never figure out why I was getting pink bleach stains on all my clothing and towels. When I recently washed a brand new, expensive set of sheets and found more pink stains on the pillowcase, I googled all of the ingredients. One is hydrogen peroxide. This 'environmentally friendly' product has actually been bleaching my washing. I've emailed the company to voice my disappointment, and from now on will be steering clear of all the products made by this company. I am not prepared to purchase a product that continues to do serious damage to my washing.
Contains hydrogen peroxide


I don't think I would buy this detergent anymore. I prefer it over other non-environmentally friendly products, but I think very environmentally friendly people would go an extra step and buy other products that are more natural. Price wise, not many "eco" detergents can match this product... But sometimes price says something about the quality of the ingredients in the product.
Price. Availability. Environmental design/packaging. Cleans sufficiently.
Clothes come out really hard. Towels become especially hard. Although it claims to be environmentally friendly, it is very far from being natural. It contains many synthetic chemicals. I have not finished my first bottle but have changed to other detergents that are organic/natural so that I don't have to worry about residue left on the clothes.


I'd use this for loads that just need a rinse, really. You know how some of your loads- like baby clothes loads (not nappies!) or office clothes you wear sitting in an aircon office all day, or sleepwear, or lounge around the house clothes, how they're not soiled or smelly, but they do need a wash? This is good for those loads. But soiled or smelly clothes.... need something more powerful.
Good for the enviroment... or is it? Good price. Cleans clothes, but can't handle heavy soiling, I think.
Not powerful. I'd like more of a scent.

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Why do the instructions recommend only 30mls for a front loader, when it says 50 mls for just a handwash? In an 8kg washer this doesn’t sound like it could be enough....
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Do i have to rinse after washing?
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I assume you mean is it like woolmix liquids that say you don't have to rinse? To tell the truth, I never tried it without the rinse cycle in the machine. Even in handwash, I have rinsed. I can't really answer the question. Obviously, you can skip the rinsing if you want, but the question would be whether the washed item would be OK or not. The stuff has such a nice scent that it would be worth trying, I guess. It isn't terribly sudsy, after all.

Why are my whites turning pink with this product? I do not use hot water, fabric softener, or any other laundry product with this product. I separate my colours from whites. I am extremely vigilant of preventing colours being washed with whites. I check pockets for coloured things; red stuff. I shouldn't have to keep complaining about this! I've complained to other laundry detergent manufacturers before & to be honest, have found them noncommittal in giving a straight answer! One even said they'd tried to get the same effect from washing with their product but they couldn't achieve it! ( I must be clever hey?) I'm getting quite fed up because all companies seem to manufacture the same stuff! I have very rare, expensive, vintage clothing, & I'm fed up with them getting destroyed! Can you tell me what is going on please? Regards Julie Power
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Could be the clorine in the water. I don't use earth any more it costs too much to replace washing machines every 18 months. I am sorry but I do not know the answer. Earth does have some harsh ingredients in it.Hydrogen peroxide is in earth laundy deturgent this is probably the reason for your pink spotsNonsense. It doesn't contain Hydrogen peroxide at all. Please read the MSDS data sheet that they have to provide by law and there in no Hydrogen peroxide in it.

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