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Nature's Way Adult Vita Gummies Multivitamin

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No ingredients list? Come on!


I was given some of these as I couldn't stomach my pregnancy vitamins, and figured any supplements were better than none! WRONG! I have food allergies, including an allergy to gelatine. Do you think I could find an ingredients list for this product anywhere? The only ingredients listed are the assorted vitamins each lolly contains, plus the extra information that it 'contains sugars, contains gluten'. Yes Nature's Way, but what about the rest of it? No way am I putting these in my body!


SweetangelbubbyCanberra Australia



Cant swallow normal vitamins these are great yes they taste like lollies but as it says on label 2-3 per day. It's that little sugar hit without going overboard.

Too Much Sugar


For me I will never buy again, they are too much like lollies which makes me eat more.
They are packed with sugar which gave me a toothache, they are too chewy so you really have to chew and that sugar gets into all deep creases of back teeth. I'm 55 and have always looked after my appearance and weight, etc. this product is not for me. As in I could eat a large bottle in a week like lollies and the sugar is the problem. Thank you.



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Good and convenient but dunno how much sugars in them!


I have problems swallowing caps so this is awesome for me! They do have a small taste of multivitamin caps but thats no problem at all for me coz they are so sweet! :) Would be better if it tells how much sugars in it :(

Taste good because of sugar and flavour


Bought $20 Vitamin C Vita Gummies from Woolworth, taste good,
but it also taste ton of sugar inside, in this case, they really should put mg of sugar on label to remind buyer,
these amounts of sugars and flavor actually have offset the benefits from Vitamin supplement, from healthy point of view.

Andrea T

Andrea TAdelaide

  • 5 reviews

Worst Tasting Vita Gummies


This brand stinks and tastes awful. It leaves a revolting taste in your mouth all day. I'd rather take a tablet than chew something this bad. There are far better brands available that taste far better.

What I've been looking for


I just love these gummies, I have a lot of trouble swallowing tablets so these are perfect for me and tasty,. i have gone and brought more natures way. They are so great



Vomit flavour


Tastes like vomit.. Nothing good to say about these vitamins.. The kids didn't like them and neither do anyone else in the family. I won't be buying this brand ever again and I'll let all my friends know what we think of this rubbish. I won't recommend them that's for sure!!

Tastes like vomit





These are great! I don't know what te person who said they taste like vomit was on about cause these are so good, just like normal gummy lollies! I can't swallow large tablets well and having lost my appetite with glandular these are perfect for me to get all the essential vitamins. Got them on special so can't complain about the price, but kinda hard to just stick to the 2-3 a day ;)
Great taste, easy to consume
They're so good it's hard to stick to recommended 2-3 a day!

Natures way vita gummies for adults


My prayers have been answered! Always struggled swallowing pills and always gave up half way through a pack. Waste of time and money. But the gummies are fantastic! I'll always take them from now on. More expensive then regular pills but it's either these or nothing for me. Very happy! :-)

More expensive and less gummies then regular pill packs



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like a treat each day


Great taste, just like normal jube lollies. It's very tempting to eat more than the three per day. Perfect for my partner and I as we are not fans of tablets but would like to know we're getting a basic multi vitamin. I will continue to buy this product and would like to see more varieties... maybe an iron one?

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Gulrez H.

Gulrez H.asked

From where the Gelatine is derived in multivitamins gummies for adults.

No answers



Is this Halal?

2 answers

I have already answered this question! Call Natures Way and ask them.

L . B.
L . B.

All the natures way gummies are halal expect
Daily Probiotics Vita Gummies for Adults (NOT HALAL)
Kids Smart Omega 3 Gummies (NOT HALAL)



It's halal or not?

2 answers

Sorry...no idea. Ring up Chemist Warehouse or Nature's Way.

L . B.
L . B.

All the natures way gummies are halal expect
Daily Probiotics Vita Gummies for Adults (NOT HALAL)
Kids Smart Omega 3 Gummies (NOT HALAL)

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