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Chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry, Double Choc Mocha
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The only diet shakes i actually like.


I have always hated diet shakes, fat blaster is the only one I dont mind. Have been doing the rapid weight loss for 4 weeks now and even eating less than what they say which I can easily do as I dont eat a lot anyway although continue to pile on weight regardless. I have not lost 1 gram in 4 weeks so am pretty disappointed. My thyroid has been checked & apparently fine.....quite disheartening.



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On this stuff for 3 weeks and didn't lose not even 1 kilo I spent heaps on this product when I could of been spending my money on Herbalife the product that actually works been on Herbalife for on week and have lost 2 kilos and 22 cm so just goes to show you cheap is not always better

So good


Just started the Vanilla flavoured shakes on Monday and have already lost 3kg. Definitely recommend! I have one at breakfast, lunch and then a light dinner. Can't wait to see more great results!

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trompfyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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The best thing for weight loss


I bought the FatBlaster MAX Ultimate Diet Shake Vanilla Ice cream so I can have one shake every second day for breakfast so I can lose weight by burning fat so it will be much easier on my leg as well.


nayy91Sydney, NSW

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I feel good


Been on it for 3 days now and i already feel lighter! Keeps me full and satisfied. I have one for brekky and lunch and a snack in between. Dinner is low carb high protein. I cant wait for the results :)

More information needed


The only way anyone can read these reviews and believe the content written is if they supply their starting weight, age, occupation and lifestyle with it.
Someone who is 140kgs will easily lose 1.5 to 3 kgs a week, at ages up to 40, over 40 its a different deal, similarly anyone over 50 will produce different results, but if your under 30 and 100kgs .... and losing that amount of weight per week it is to be expected as your metabolism will be higher to begin with.
The sugar and carb count doesnt matter if your exercising and eat moderately at about 600 cals for evening meal
or lunch. One meal a day plus the Fat Blaster or Optislim will produce results but there are other factors at play and they need to be on the table to begin with.


grantpopplewellSydney Australia

to high in sugar and carbs


Fat blaster is to high in sugar and carbohydrates. 30 gram satche .has 27.6 grams sugar and 28.8 grams of carbohydrates.. i think a whey protien powder would be far better



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Worth a go



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not sure on the taste


i was having the aldi shakes and rapid loss and thought id try the fat blaster as the others are high in sugar but im not sure if im going to like this one i got the choc but it doesnt seem to have any taste to it

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Feeling sick


I have been taking fat blaster shakes for about 2 months, the last few days I've been feeling incredibly sick a few hours later, today I threw up. Have lost about 2 kgs in 2 months, exercise 1 hour 5-6 days a week. body shape has changed a little bit from exercise. Think i'll give the shakes a rest for a while.


MazGold coast

Best shake diet ever


Love love love... I have tried pretty much every shake out there and this is far the best, taste great, keeps me full. I'm loosing about 1.5 to 2kgs a week
I exercise 30 mins a day five days a week. I follow the diet on the box and I feel amazing. I recommend this to everyone and anyone that struggles with their weight ...



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Only lost 1 km in 3 weeks


To say I'm disappointed in this product is an understatement. I have religiously stuck to 4 shakes a day (with water not milk) & 1 healthy meal (lean meat/poultry and vegetables/salad) for dinner and have only lost 1 kg in 3 weeks. I also do 30 mins of moderate exercise every day.

Love fat blaster


I have been on and off fat blaster for the last few years and always see results! 2.8 kilos this fortnight without extra exercise or anything. I get the vanilla shakes - blend with ice, water and a banana for breaky and lunch i have coffee, ice and water.

When their 42 for $40 your crazy not to try them :)



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Be careful, very high sugar content !


Fatblaster is the worst VLCD meal out there. Yes it's cheap but the reason it's cheap it's because they filled it up with sugar ! Just look at the label and you'll be shocked at the percentage of sugar for every 100g you consume.

I returned this after a few days and demanded refund. I recommend either optislim platinum or optifast


soontobeskinnySouthwest, VIC

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so far so good!


I have been using the fat blaster shake for just over 2 weeks now - usually have it for breakfast and if i get hungry in between meals. I've also been eating healthier and trying to exercise for at least 30 mins a day. The shakes do keep me full for a little bit and do fulfill my craving for something sweet. So far I've lost about 3kg, which I'm happy about. The shakes have helped me stop snacking on junk food (chocolate, chips, biscuits etc) throughout the day, which has been a big problem for me

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Barbara A.


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Tastes great. Keeps me feeling full.


I have only recently commenced FATBLASTER SHAKE so therefore have no significant weight loss, but after researching some of the many products available this product tastes great & keeps me feeling satisfied until my next meal.

Good so far!


I have just started with the shakes and feel great! I have more energy and I don't feel hungry or don't have any cravings. I have been having three shakes a day. And inbetween rice crackers with cottage cheese and low calories dinners (chicken + vegies) I am 19 and 62kg and want to go down to 55. I will update my progress soon. So far so good :)



Amazing product, don't crave sweets anymore!


I only started this 6 days ago and already lost 3 kgs. I know some of it may be water weight but I couldn't even loose 1 kg in 2 weeks of clean eating so I'm very happy. I will update after awhile.

Makes me sick!


I've had 2 shakes. Bought the chocolate one and it tastes amazing although not long after it makes me feel bloated, sick and I vomit. Guess this product like most things isn't suited to everyone.


RockygirlThe Range

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Good product but needs more support


The shakes themselves are great, tasty and filling but there needs to be better information behind them.

The weight loss plan on their website is not specific enough and in fact contradicts itself a few times.

The chocolate one is best (I have "ultimate" not sure what the difference is) but haven't tried strawberry or coffee.

Price wise they are great with 2 packs of 21 for $40 at Chemist Warehouse.

I have lost 2.4kgs in two days, I know it's water weight but still good to see on the scales.

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Di P

Di Pasked


Is it ok to add some fruit to the shakes as in small handfull of frozen banana or mango and strawberries in the raspberry shake

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I add fruit to my shakes it makes the shakes thicker like a "smoothy"



FatBlaster Weight Loss Shakes

Hi can I drinks the shakes if I am trying to get pregnant ?

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Cathy C.

Cathy C.asked

FatBlaster Weight Loss Shakes

How long after the best before date are the drinks ok to use still

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