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Navman MiVue630

Navman MiVue630

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Was excellent till it corrupted the file I needed

GPS feature is awesome tells you your actual speed location as a watermark on the bottom right.

Very easy to use but the only issue I have is that a corrupted the file that I needed for an insurance claim I'm very upset and now I'm out of pocket.

I am in tears

Hi Maz, Im very sorry to hear that. I suspect the memory card is at fault here. Memory cards usually dont have a very long lifespan when used with a Dash Camera (constantly recording all the time). Please make sure you are using a compatible memory card. SanDisk Ultra and Extreme card are not recommended as SanDisk do not warrant these card when used in a Dash Camera. Samung Evo is another brand and model to avoid using. Id recommend using a high endurance card as this generally has a much longer life span and should not cause issues such as the one you experienced. Information on this can be found here: https://service.navman.com/M0100/DownLoad_Faq_131565_Australia%20NAVMAN_English%20Navman.html Thanks, Senior Navman SupportCam is 3 months old, card is two months old.Hi Maz, That can be a timeline when the MicroSD card is not compatible with continuous recording devices, and are not suited for intense read/write applications such as the cards mentioned above. Do you know what brand/model card you have? you should be able to see this on the card itself. I would recommend speaking to the card manufacturer or the place of purchase, as it does sound like premature failure of the memory modules. Regards, Senior Navman Support

Great device

I have had this unit for over a year now. It hasn't missed a beat. Can't fault the device at all. A very simple device to use. Considering its exposure to the sun up here in Queensland it still keeps on going.The night vision is exceptional for such a small unit.Purchased from Harvey Norman, matched JB Hi Fi online sale price.

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Hi Mike, Thanks for posting your review. We're glad to know that you find our dashcamera reliable and easy to use. Your compliments are very much appreciated. Cheers! Navman Support Team

camera is working but not the charger

i got this cam yesterday , but the charger is not working at all and i dont feel like using a powerbank everytime i am driving it is not my 12 volt socket i tested it and it works well. i was expecting target to get me a new one but they dont sell those anymore

Hi Clement, Im sorry to hear about your experience. may we private message you to get some personal details so we can send you an in-car adapter? Thanks, Senior Navman Supporthad a refund and got a mivue 700 instead. thank you for your concerns clementHi Clement, Im glad Target was able to resolve the issue for you. if there are any other issues, please dont hesitate to reach out. Thanks, Senior Navman Support

no longer works after firmware update

this worked really well, it recorded great quality movie but once I updated the firmware from the official site, after that it turned on 2 times, on the third time the light went on but after 5 seconds it would shut down and that was it. So i got a refund bcos I only had it for 2 days.

Less than 12 months old and stopped working

Disappointed with my MiVue630. Had it professionally installed in a vehicle and worked great for 6 months. Removed and put in a new car, no longer works. Will not turn on or charge. Everything is installed as it should be with power to cable etc but unit is unresponsive.
Would have thought to get more than 6 months out of a device!!

Hi Shari, Thankyou for your review. unfortunately it sounds like the installer might have done something wrong when switching them between the two cars. i would recommend speaking to your installer, and have them check the installation. Thanks, Senior Navmaan SupportIt was working perfectly fine up until it was removed. When removed was sitting for a week before being remounted and now no longer works. I don't believe it is an installer's issue, rather the device has malfunctioned once removed from power source for a period of time.Hi Shari, Disconnecting the power will not cause any issues with the device. As the MiVUE is inherently a portable device, the Lithium-Ion battery (the same as what you have in a smart phone) can certainly be shut down, and disconnected from power for extended periods. You can try and charge the device via USB for 6 hours, or via AC adapter for 4 hours to see if this resolves the issue. However, We can certainly organize for the device to be sent in for assessment, however we would need all accessories sent in as well, so that we can thoroughly test the device. please note however, should we deem that the device is not at fault, there may be an associated service charge incurred. If you wish to send the device in, please let me know, and we can private message you to get some personal details. Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Plug in and Go

I got this Navman on special in Harvey Norman (had to ask for the special!) For around $98 mid 2017. You really do just plug it in and you're ready to go. I've been very happy with the video quality and it was easy to discreetly hide the cords in the trim. Dash cams are a great little investment and I think they make a great gift for teens buying their first car.

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Hello Tina, Thank you for choosing Navman. We’re happy that our product met your expectations. Have a wonderful new year. For more info about our products, please visit service.navman.com or navman.com.au/navman.co.nz Regards, Navman Support Team

Good camera with pathetic mount system

I purchased the MiVue 630 as a gift for my partner for peace of mind in her car. The camera itself works fine with good clarity but sadly the mount is useless. There is no way it can be tightened so the cam seems to consistently move itself forward and start pointing up toward the sky meaning it has to be readjusted every time you hop in and drive the car. This is annoying beyond belief especially since it cannot be tightened.

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Hi Poodroo, Thanks for your review. We would be glad to send you a new mount. If you'll allow, we'd like to private message you to get some details to send out the new mount. Regards, Navman Technical Support

Worked great until warm weather came

The dash camera works great but today i noticed that the camera wasnt not turning on and recording.
It turned on said recording the shutdown right away. I have tried to have the camera plugged into different power supply's and the same issue happens, i also let the device cool down and nothing has changed.

Hi John, Could you please advise what you mean when you say different power supplies? have you tried charging the device via AC Adapter or USB via your computer? I look forward to helping you resolve this. Thanks, Senior Navman SupportHi, I tried using usb to a PC and to a wall port connection with goes to USB, The computer only allowed it to go to USB mode it didnt let it power up all the way. JohnHi John, Thanks for that. So that we can better understand the issue, i would like to send you out an AC Adapter, as well as an in-car power adapter. May i private message you to obtain some personal information? Thanks, Senior Navman Support

For the price its good value

At a relatively low cost the MiVue 630 is good value...the typical Navman build quality and the addition of the GPS accountability makes it stand out from the many cheap dash cams on the market...one suggestion however; install a quality memory card and ensure you format it prior to use...cheap cards card can be a let down and will almost certainly cause some of the issues posted here. The Navman software is also excellent, the ability to see precisely where and when the vehicle was during an 'incident' and from which direction and what degree of G force was experienced should stand up in a court of law.

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Hello Paul, Thank you for your positive comments. We're so glad to know that you're happy with the MiVue630. You're correct about the cards. Navman doesn't guarantee compatibility with all cards. To help, we have listed some of the compatible cards that we've tried. You may check the link below: http://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131245 Note: If it's your first time to visit our FAQ site, you need to select Australia/New Zealand and then click the above link/s again to be directed to the correct site/page. Thank you for trusting us. Regards, Navman Support Team

over heats and shuts off

As well as randomly not recording and displaying usb conneçted.

Service from navman itself is useless they didn't even repair my unit just factory reset and returned it to me unfixed will not buy any of their products again bad bad bad.

It is also 2 gens old dispite being barely a year oldo

Hi Sean, Im sorry to hear about your experience. do you happen to have an RMA number so that i can look into this for you? Regarding the device being two generations old, this is not true. the 7 and the 8 Series DDR's were released concurrently, with the 8 series denoting our higher end range, and the 7 series denoting the mid-low end range. (a change from previous years) Once i have your RMA number, i can find out how best i can help. Thanks, Senior Navman SupportIt was repaired by Harvey Norman (all they did was factoy reset on both units i had) and has not done it again since but i feel when summer comes around around they will once again overheat.Hi Sean, Im sorry to hear that Harvey Norman have not lived up to your expectations with your warranty service. may i private message you to get some personal information so that i can take care of this for you? Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Works Wonderfully Well

High def in all conditions and no complaints. Great small size. Dropped it on the floor when fitting it and it started recording - so it is robust. Works simply and does everything. I like the info that it shows - speed - time - lat/long. Have none of the complaints that other people have indicated so they have fiddled with the setups or have a faulty one. It starts recording when you start up and turns off when you turn off. Have only looked at the video once when a driver shot across from a side street at 30kph and took out a vehicle coming the other way - I had 15mtrs to pull down - he had none. The image was clear and perfect at 50kph and just on dark.

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Hi Capt Jack, We appreciate your time for this review. It makes us really happy to know that you are satisfied with our product. Thank you for purchasing a Navman Product. Regards, Navman Support Team

Better than expected

Purchased from Good Guys @ $99.00. Once you work out the menu etc it is easy to get around. I was more than impressed with both day and night recording. The playback on the Mivue Manager compliments all features. I was really impressed with the GPS feature on the manager. I did feel that it would break when attaching camera to the holder, so I found adjusting the camera angle with the windscreen mount in place tended to give it more support than holding it in your hand. Contemplating on buying another for my wife's car. Use the Mivue Manager that way you will get the audio as well.

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Hello Cart, We're extremely happy that you've tried a Navman product and that it lived up to your expectations. Thank you so much. Navman Support Team

Top little camera is the MiVue 630

Purchased the MiVue 630 dash cam from Jb Hi-Fi for my son for his birthday, I was so impressed with the MiVue 630 that i since gone back brought another two from my other son and myself.
The camera is a breeze to setup, If you're looking at a camera that has quality video recording and photos at a nice price this is the one.
Also GPS and the speed display on screen which is handy.

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Hello Miroku, We're glad that our device lived up to your expectations. Thank you so much for your generous review. Thank you for choosing Navman! Regards, Navman Team

Pretty good so far

Bought this about 3 weeks ago. Target was selling it cheaper than JB HF or Officeworks. I also got a Lexar 16Gb High Performance 300x microSDHC UHS-I (Class 10) for the camera. So far, it has recorded videos ok with 3min interval in each file. it does loop back when the memory card is full.
Pros: the set up is quite easy. The picture quality is good, especially if you play using Media Player rather than the Navman MiVue Manager. as it's small, the camera is not that obvious from outside.
Cons: because of its small size, it feels quite fragile (not sure whether it is really the case) and needs to handle the camera with care to ensure no finger print on the camera lens. No memory card comes with the camera. As my car's windscreen has some "dots" at the top and around the rear mirror, the camera's mount only works on area without the dots. it has a default folder for "photos", "events" and "video", so even with 16Gb card, it only allows around 13Gb for actual video recording (about 2.5hrs).

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Hi Goodone007, Thanks for your helpful review. I have passed on your feedback on to our product developer team for a review. Regards, Navman Team

Sweet little unit

I just brought the Navman mivue 630.. i would like to know does it do loop recording and how long does it record for... eg into you turn of the car engine your does it do in time blockes like 30min your longer.
And what speed card should i use

Hi Turtle, The device does record continuously and the videos are divided into several clips. Once the memory is full, it will remove your oldest regular video and replace it with the new recording. The recording length depends on the memory card. Please refer to the link below to learn more about the compatible cards for the unit: http://www.navmansupport.com.au/DDR6_02___895.htm And here's where you can find out about the memory card capacity: http://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131244 More questions and answers can be found on our official website: www.navman.com.au and our support site: www.service.navman.com Thank you for choosing Navman! Navman Australia Teamthank you for your help u have helped me alotThe pleasure is ours. Cheers! Regards, Navman Team.

Good compact little dashcam.

Got the Mivue 630 to replace another Navman dashcam id had for 5 yrs. At first the 630 wasn't recording properly, kept stopping and restarting, couldnt reveiw recordings and the sound was dodgy. I then did a quick search on the problem and found out it needed a Class 10 SD card. I had put in a Class 4 not knowing this. With the Class 10 it fixed it all and works perfectly. Its possible many problems people have encountered with it recording was simply from incompatible SD cards with too low a rating. Good little unit in my opinion. Video quality is good and clear, GPS is acurate and its compact size is perfect. The user interface is nice and easy too.

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Hello, Awesome! your spot on Xy guy. Your review will definitely help others. We are also thankful for your kind words. For more info about the compatible cards, please refer to the link below: http://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131233 Regards, Navman Australia Team

No audio on playback

I've selected 'Sound Recording' ON, but can't get audio when I play back the file. Have tried opening with various apps, including Film & TV, Windows Media Player, Power Media Player. Is the device defective or have I missed something here? Otherwise no problems, but the sound issue is annoying.

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Hi Monty, We sincerely apologize for the problem experienced. Try playing back the videos on your computer using our MiVUE Manager which can be downloaded from the link below: http://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=100130248 If there's still no sound, try playing the videos using your device to isolate the problem. If you still need further assistance, we would love to help you over the phone. Private message us your phone number and we'll call you as soon as we can. Regards, Navman Team

Dissapointing parking mode

I havent actually used it so probably should wait before writing a review but I'm a bit dissapointed reading that parking mode dosent actually work unless you spend more money to buy the power cables. The salesman at harvey norman assured me that this model has parking mode, which is the main feature I wanted and gave the impression it would work straight out of the box. Unfortunately ive opened the package else i would return it as it wont really do what i want. Well too late now so I guess I'll just have to see how it goes.

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Hi Paul, Due to the size constraints, of dash cams, it is not possible for them to offer long term parking mode performance. if you are looking for something to last for long periods of time, while the car is parked, you will need to hard wire the device, and this is standard with all Dash Cam's. We encourage all users who wish to take advantage of the parking mode, to hard wire the device using the MiVUE SmartBox here; http://www.navmanstores.com.au/Mivue_Smartbox This will allow constant power, and constant parking mode. Please note, we do recommend this is installed by a qualified Auto Electrician. Thanks, Navman Australia Team

Perfect Dash cam

I was given the 630 Navman dash cam for an early 2016 Christmas present and have been so impressed with it since. Perfect size for the screen and such a wide video coverage.
It does everything it said it would do. Once I plugged in my Navman 630 Dashcam it started working from the get go. No altering any functions.
I am very happy with the device and its instructions. I would recommend this device to anyone wanting to keep a clear recording eye on the road.
Its clear and records in either 1, 3, or 5 min sequences continuously.
once I the device was plugged in to my computer the menu screen appears and there are the video recordings of my road trips and any photos i had snapped too.
Extras you need are the required memory card recommended and also a lead from the device to a USB computer port to connect properly, so you can get your videos and pics off the device and clear it so the memory card doesn't fill up when you need it most.
Thank you Navman for keeping a recorded eye on the road for me incase of the unexpected happening.
Happy driving with your MiVUE Navman 630 Dashcam.

Let down when needed it the most

I bought this dash cam as a present for my son when he passed his drivers test. My thinking was if he were in an accident where it came down to a 'he said she said' scenario a newly minted P Plater would generally not be given the benefit of the doubt & I wanted to give him that protection (or he would be taught a lesson if proven at fault. ) initial setup was super easy, daytime recording flawless, never got the chance to monitor night time vision though as, similar to other reviewers the cam randomly stopped recording. Have assumed it is just not overwriting previous footage as it should do. Reformatting card didn't work. This was the recommended card we bought at time of purchase of dashcam at autobarn. Sadly didn't realise it was no longer recording (all the lights, bells and whistles etc seemed to be functioning) until needed the footage. Thanks Navman, as a financially strapped parent just trying to do my best by my kids and help protect them as they move off in the world, you let me down, let my son down, & given this is not an isolated problem, you ripped us off. Shame! Will be claiming full refund, but nothing can undo the harm caused by a faulty item continuing to be sold despite obvious knowledge of the problem. Wouldve had same value for money throwing it down the toilet.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have exactly the same problem as Peter (message copied below). I have tried various auto spare parts shops in Sydney, but they say my best option is to approach Navman, and so here I am. My unit is out of warranty, and I would like to know if I could buy a replacement mount from Navman. My unit is a Navman MiVue 630. I too have tried cleaning the windscreen and the suction cup, but the unit tends to fall off after a couple of minutes. Peter H asked 4 months ago Hi, I have a Navman630. It works just fine but I cannot get it to stay stuck to the windscreen. It stayed on for a couple of months and now just falls off within a minute or so of putting it up. I have cleaned the screen, cleaned the suction pad/cup and then wet the suction pad before attaching but it continues to fall off. Any help? Cheers Peter H
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Hi I have no worries attaching the suction cap, you seem to be doing the right thing,I can only suggest that the cap is not compressed enough when attaching. Otherwise it look like a new suction cap is needed. Sorry! MikeThanks Mike, for the prompt reply. Yes, I have been pressing it quite hard against the windscreen. Do you know how I'd go about getting a new suction cap? Or would I be better off getting a replacement mount with the cap attached to it? I may be wrong here, but I think the mount and the cup are one unit. My apologies if I appear to be incredibly stupid, but I fear that I am!Hi Jacob, Sorry for the trouble. It appears that the mount/suction cup is faulty. You can buy a replacement mount from the Navman online store below. The suction cup and its mount will have to be bought together. Australia: https://www.navman.com.au/products/accessories/ Don't forget to register your device on our website: https://www.navman.com.au/customer/account/login/ to redeem our coupon code "REGOFFER1" at the checkout and enjoy 15% off all accessory products. Thanks, Navman Support Team

My unit seems to have skipped recording the last 36hrs. I have footage up til Wednesday 6.38pm then nothing again up til this morning, Friday 10am. Any ideas why it may have decided to skip that timeframe? There is footage that I went looking for from Wednesday evening but it is just not there.
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Hi Mandy, The MiVue 630 unit has continuous (loop) recording function. By default, the system will automatically begin with continuous recording in a few seconds after start up. In case the micro SD card is full, the old recordings saved in Normal video will be automatically deleted and replaced with the new recordings. If that won't happen, possible that the micro SD may be prematurely failing. 1. Best thing to do is format via the MiVUE, and see how it goes. Don't forget to back up your recordings before doing this. 2. Check and update the firmware of the device. To check the firmware version on the MiVue Dash Cam device, go to Settings > System > Version. The latest firmware version is VJ27.03.56.BN1OS. If you don't have the latest version yet, you may download it from the link below. https://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131626 3. Also, ensure you are using a Micro SD card designed for use in Dash Cameras such as SanDisk Endurance series, Samsung Pro Endurance or Kingston Canvass Go. Faulty or incompatible Micro SD cards can cause your device to not function correctly, may arise problems with the recorded files, freeze, and even cause the device to intermittently turn off or even not power on. For more reading please refer to our FAQ https://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131565 Thanks, Navman Support Team

I have a MAVMAN MIVUE 730, installed on the car and it shows every time we drive what it is recording on the screen. I just hooked up to the PC and saw that the last video actually stored on the card is for 2018/08/02. Does anyone know why it has stopped storing the videos?
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Hi Joe V, I haven't heard of you problem before, all I can suggest is to reset settings, reformat your card. If that doesn't work bin it. I know this is not much help, but at the price of the unit, the easiest way out! MikeHi Joe, this can be caused by two possible things. 1. the MicroSD card is full with event recordings (These are write protected, and need to be manually removed. the MiVUE will not do this for you) 2. The MicroSD may be prematurely failing. best thing to do is format via the MiVUE, and see how it goes. Let us know if we can be of any more assistance. Thanks, Senior Navman Support


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