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Navman MiVue730

Navman MiVue730

MPN: 3662966
2.9 from 11 reviews

Unit is good, mount is BAD

Great and cute little unit, however like most of the reviews the mount itself is very bad. The unit keeps falling off :( Unable to use it for that sole reason, not happy.

Purchased in June 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for $72.00.

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Navman mivue730 Dash cam

After reading reviews mine has been falling on the windscreen all the time so I don't bother using it anymore.never buy another that has suction cup on windscreen.it works well beside falling of all the time and it would be good if you could hard wire.

Purchased in December 2017 for $119.00.

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Car ModelToyota HiLux
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Great little cam, but windscreen mount could be better

My daughter bought me the MIVUE730 as a Christmas gift and after having it mounted to the windscreen for 7-8 days, it fell off and was left dangling by the cord.
Have tried several times to re-stick it to the windscreen, but it falls off within 15 minutes.
$40 to replace is a bit rich for something in use for only a week.
Now searching for something to attach it with.

Purchased in December 2018.

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Hi krmsndwn, We're sorry if the mount has failed. We identified a small batch of MiVue's where the mount was not of the quality we expected, and we are happy to send out a replacement mount to you. May we private message you to get some of your personal details to make this happen? Thanks, Navman Support TeamHi. Sure you can. Thank you.Hi krmsndwn, we will private message you to grab some details. Thanks, Navman Support Team

Very Good Basic Dash Cam

This is my first dash cam and i wanted a basic good quality one and this fits the bill very well. I have had it over a month and it has worked perfectly. Easy to set up and compact. Most days have been 35' C plus and no problems. I have viewed the recordings on my desktop with the Mivue app and the visual and sound quality is very good. Excellent value for money. I researched many brands but went for the Navman partly because they were the only company to respond to the reviews on this site, including the bad ones, and some of these responses indicated memory cards are not all the same and can cause problems. I decided to ring their customer support line and they could not be more helpful, explaining about the memory cards and emailing me information on how to pick the right memory card. Very happy to recommend this product.

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Hi Shredder, Thanks for taking the time in reviewing our product, we truly appreciate it. More great road trips to come :) Cheers, Navman Support Team

Very good video but has issues when its a hot day.

Camera works perfect on normal/cold days
But on a hot day, the following issues occur:
The light blinks in weird way, with no pattern, and sometimes the screen goes black and it will show:
Connecting to USB...
I tried pressing buttons but nothing worked. I plugged out and than plugged in after sometime and it turner ON by itself after about 30 seconds. It DID NOT MAKE ANY VIDEO for those 30 seconds.
Thats not what I expect. A dashcam should work fine in all weather conditions. Shouldn't it?

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Hi Saad, Thank you for the feedback. Electronic devices using a lithium – ion battery such as Mobile phones, GPS and cameras are designed to operate at a temperature range of approximately 0°C to 50°C. Beyond these temperature limits, there may be a risk of battery failure, when these electronic goods are exposed to extreme heat conditions for long periods. However, this may also be just a coincidence. To isolate the problem, I recommend performing the following: 1. Check if the device is overheating when the problem occurs. 2. Use only genuine Navman charger. 3. Install the latest software: https://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=AllBull&faqid=131620 4. Try another memory card. You can find the list of recommended cards here: https://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=102076&faqid=AllFaq *note: if the links did not work, select a region first then try again* Hope this helps. Regards, Navman Support Team

OK video, bad mounting system

The video and features are ok for the price but the mounting system is terrible.

It has a suction cup mount and non-adjustable arm with a ball joint on the end, with this silly design the lens of the camera is 100+mm away from the windscreen, combined with the wide angle lens it is looking out basically the whole window, and picking up the reflections across the whole inside of the window, reflections off the dashboard, stereo lights, hands on the steering wheel, it's terrible, if it could be mounted closer to the glass it would not see all the reflections and the picture quality would be much better. (I wont go into how the camera shakes every time you go over a decent bump in the road)

Hi Matt, Over 8 years of Navman manufacturing dash cameras, we have always found out our suction mounts to be quite good. while we try to make them universal, they wont necessarily suit every single car on the road. this is why we have released an optional 3M windscreen mount as an alternative mounting option. This may better suit your requirements and help resolve some of the issues you have mentioned above. you can find the mount here: https://www.navman.com.au/3m-windscreen-mount-for-mivue-6-7-8-series Regards, Senior Navman Support$39 for a $1 piece of plastic? I don't think so...

Much better than expected..

I bought this as it was on sale ($90) and I needed to replace a dead miVue 530. Relative to the 530, it is miles better in every way; better quality video (day and especially night), onscreen speedometer, much clearer sound, wider FOV. In absolute terms, it is a very good camera for the money. My only concern is how it will perform when it warms up in summer.

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Hi John, Glad to hear you are happy with your MiVUE730. it should perform the same in summer, as it does in winter, but if you do have any problems, please dont hesitate to reach out to us here at product review, or on 1300 NAVMAN (628 626) or on our service website service.navman.com Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Plugged it in and it won't even format the SD card.

Purchased this new from Bing Lee and after hooking it up, step 1 is to format the SD card but it won't let me do anything. I press the menu button to select 'format' but nothing comes up. It just sits there telling me to format the card but won't do anything. Using SanDisk Ultra as recommended by salesman.

Hi Craig, Unfortunately the salesman has recommended an incompatible MicroSD card to you. SanDisk Ultra's are not compatible for use in any Dash Cam, and using them in it can also void SanDisk's warranty. This is because of the type of memory they use. You can read more on SanDisk's warranty here: https://www.sandisk.com.au/about/legal/warranty/warranty-apac For compatibility, please read here. (You may need to select your region, then use the link again) https://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=102076&faqid=AllFaq Navman also recommends the SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD, which is compatible for use in Dash Cam devices. https://www.navman.com.au/sandisk-high-endurance-video-microsd-card-64gb If i can be of any more assistance, please let me know. Thanks, Senior Navman SupportThanks, would have been good to know beforehand. BTW how long will the dashcam keep recording after the ignition is turned off?Hi Craig, The MiVUE 730 will only remain on for 10 seconds when ignition is powered off. to utilize parking mode, the device will need always-on power via a product like the Navman MiVUE SmartBox https://www.navman.com.au/mivue-smartbox Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Warm weather malfunctions

Bought new 1 month ago, functions well until 25C or above then beeps often & will not record. Has corrupted files, have formatted and same deal works fine below 25C but not over that temperature.
Have taken photos & video & can load onto computer. Have the latest firmware all good until temperature rises.

Hi Roadrunner, We have not experienced any issues similar to what you have described. regarding the recording, could you please advise what Micro SD card you are using? The issues you have mentioned could be indicative of a Micro SD card which is not compatible with Digital Recording Devices (such as Dash Cams) To help troubleshoot, could you please advise what brand/model Micro SD card you are using? Thanks, Senior Navman SupportScandisk ultra 64gb class 10 A1hi roadrunner, Thanks for the information. unfortunately SanDisk Ultra is not compatible with Continuous Digital recorders, and can cause all kinds of funky issues (similar to what you have mentioned) Please also note; because of this, SanDisk do not warrant their Ultra branded Micro SD cards for use in Dash Cams. For information regarding selecting the best Micro SD card to use, please check out the link below (You may need to select Oceania and then try the link again) http://service.navman.com/m0100/F0110_DownLoad_Faq.aspx?bullid=102076&faqid=AllFaq If i can be of any more assistance, please let me know. Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Better than expected!

Purchased on sale from JB-HIFI for $129. Takes quite nice video, boots up quickly and have no trouble connecting to the PC and reviewing footage as the camera simply works as a mass storage device and records in MP4 format. Anyone wanting to get their first dash cam and aren't sure they want to spend up big yet, this seems to be a great budget option that won't fall to bits quickly like they cheaper brands.

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Hi there Daniel, Thanks for your great review. We're happy that you're satisfied with our product. Thank you for choosing Navman. Regards, Navman Support Team

good camara. bad engineers!

got this for a birthday, started to use it, its fine. from what i can tell its quality picture.. but that the catch.. i cannot load my videos to my computer - rendering this product next to useless. i have followed the given instructions. and nothing happens. i cannot load the movies onto the computer. so one possibility is to perhaps(not sure if this works yet) load the sd card into a phone, then on to the computer. but what a waste of time, money and resources!
functionality wise- its not bad, pretty small which makes it fumbley if you have big fingers. but other than that its ok. very compact which can be classed as a postive.
its black so it blends in and doesnt stand out.
it does seem to run a bit hot at times. so it will be interesting if something does happen.

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Hi Tom, Thanks for the review. How are you trying to view the videos on your computer? are you plugging the device directly in to the computer? or are you using a MicroSD Card Reader? Please also note, the video format is not compatible for use with the usual movie players. you will need to use our MiVUE Manager to view them, and this can be downloaded here http://service.navman.com/M0100/F0110_FileReader.aspx?fileid=111877&Region=Australia%20NAVMAN&Language=English%20NAVMAN If i can be of any more assistance, please let me know. Thanks, Senior Navman Support

Questions & Answers

Just bought a Navman Mivue 730 to replace my old 530. The 530 recorded in .MOV format which worked with Mivue Manager. My new 730 records in .MP4 format which causes Mivue Manager to crash when trying to play these.
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Hi there I recently reviewed some files after turning the sound recording function on in the menu.i cannot hear any sound when playing back and have checked the pc settings are ok. Could it be the SD card fault or is there anything else i need to do? Please advise. appreciate any help i can get. Thanks AP
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I have the same power issues mentioned above. Both my lighter power sockets are continuous so the cam does not power off, however, my previous unit I used power from the USB slots and they are not continuous. When I try this my Navman it keeps saying trying to connect to USB...... I assume there is a voltage issue here ? Please help.
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Price (RRP)$159
Resolution720p (HD) and 1080p (Full HD)
Replaced byNavman MiVue740

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