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Nescafé Blend 43

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What has happened?

Tastes horrible, what happened to our favourite coffee? We cannot drink it. Please restore it back to how it was.

Bad taste

I have drunk Nescafe blend 43 for many years and all of a sudden the taste is changed it's bitter and taste like dishwashing liquid the Aroma is no longer there with that fresh bean roasted smell what's happened to our coffee? I cannot drink it I have to tip it down the sink and I have now purchased a jar of Robert Timms bring back the original recipe.

Disgusting undtinkable

I hadn't tried Nescafe in a few years apart from the cache supplied at motels. I bought a bottle at Aldi. Love my morning cuppa but this was the worst coffee I have ever tasted. I can't ever finish a cup as so disgusting. I am not in the habit of writing reviews but made an exception because this was so bad.


I purchased a bottle of nescafe blend 43 yesterday expecting it to be a fail proof option due to it's history of being the go-to instant coffee. Wow was i disappointed, the flavour and smell has changed and as a black coffee drinker I could not ignore the offensive taste and sadly had to add milk to make it tolerable. Something has changed and this saddens me.

This is not ok!

Nescafé is the only coffee I’ve drank and last week I got a jar that was unusable. It smelled like Burt rubber and the oil floating to the top was just too much. Unfortunately I drank it anyways. I felt off all morning at work when I suddenly felt like I was going to black out. Not sure if it was the cause but I would assume so. This is disgusting and unless it changes, I’m changing brands.

Awful aroma and taste

I returned an almost full 500gm tin to Nescafe after complaining of the smell and acrid taste. My other unopened tin was returned to the supermarket for a store credit. My complaint was, that after drinking Nescafe for over 40 years the new taste was acrid and the smell of the coffee in the tin reminded me of kerosene. I was fortunate to find older stock in Big W which will do for now but if the new technological taste and smell stays I'm giving up coffee..

Burnt Taste

I’ve been drinking Nescafé Blend 43 all my life and the last jar I bought tastes burnt. Unless they fix the problem they’ve lost me.


I have been a nescafe drinker for many years, upto 5 cups a day, there coffee started to taste disgusting so until it goes back to original taste, i buy other brand instant coffee now. I returned 2 full 500g tins and exchanged for another brand.

Rubbish taste now

Go back to old blend

I used to love the taste of Nescafé! But recently bought 3 bottles of them and not just one !

I used to love the taste of Nescafé ! But recently bought 3 bottles of them and not just one! But all three of them have a terrible taste to it!!! Which I had to get rid of them and buy a different brand!!! Not sure what has happened but I hope it can be fixed back to the original flavor!!!

Burnt taste

Hi there
I have enjoyed Blend 43 for years but no more. The coffee now tastes burnt which is a massive shame. Please go back to the original roasting method. Lucky for you the other instant brands on the shelf are disgusting so i just keep on buying it.


Absolutely horrendous burnt taste. Have been drinking this for years but have now changed brands due to it being completely undrinkable.

Burnt and disgusting

We purchased, 3 tins as they were on a special of the largest Nescafe coffee , and it tastes like it has all been burnt, we are drinking it but only because we have bought it but will never go back to drinking this coffee again. We have been buying this forever but no more

Awful ... Undrinkable!

I have enjoyed Nescafé Blend 43 for many years, but no more. GONE is the great aroma when opening the foil in the large tin and GONE is the delicious all-round comforting flavour. So, sadly, GONE is this customer. I cannot afford to waste my money and life on bad coffee.
Remember this, Nescafé, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!

Taste horrid

0 out of 5. Tastes like chemicals and I get a headache soon after drinking it.

Bring back the Blend

I've not tasted Blend43 in years. Since then I've grown out of my foodie phase. But now I'm back - and LOVING it!!

Won't buy blend 43 anymore

This has always been my preferred coffee. Then the made in gympie or something to that nature sticker went on. And the taste changed. Tastes terrible.. I threw it in the rubbish, and now drink a different brand

Recipe change is a disaster

I've been drinking this coffee daily for years, but now it is absolutely undrinkable.
Now I'm stuck with 3x 500g full tins of dirt and I'm over $60 out of pocket.

After trying nearly every other instant available at Woolies I have now switched to Caffe Aurora instant coffee, and I wont be turning back unless Nescafe go back to their original recipe.

Terrible change to nescafe blend 43

What a shocking disgusting change made to nescafe blend 43. Ive been drinking this for years and now it smells like fuel and tastes the same. Foul taste and smell.
Please bring back the old taste, the old blend.


Why have you changed the coffee it tastes burned and bitter

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Questions & Answers

I have a bottle of blend 43 that smells like petrol what should I do?
1 answer
Return it to the servo you bought it from

Bought a fare few from Woolworths when special but always thought it might be a bad batch that was over roasted,my question is will they take it back?
1 answer
If u have a receipt they will take it back. If you don't have a receipt send an email to the company that makes it, or ring customer service

Is the nescafe i brought in Aldi the same as Coles / Woolworths?
3 answers
I have no idea! I used to buy my Nescafé in a local Asda.Aldi sell both the Blend 43 and one called 'Original'. I found out when I accidentally bought the Original and it tasted different. Then I noticed it did not have Blend 43 printed on the label. So to answer your question, yes and no.I have found that some of the Nescafe blend coffee in Aldi has actually be made in Indonesia.


Blend 43
Release dateMay 2010

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