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Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

3.7 from 7 reviews

Pricey, mostly good, but not reliable. *Not* very good, definitely not excellent.

Have had these cameras for some time, nearly a year. Most of the time they pick up movement, but some of the time they do not. I have established this fact with screen snaps and so on.... and reported to Nest who really don't seem interested (and it is really hard work establishing a missed detection). There is clearly something wrong with the firmware or software. I doubt I will buy any more, but I really do want another camera.... so now I am stuck with half a system.

Purchased in June 2018 at The Good Guys for $250.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

Garbage! The worlds worst service and unreliable camera.

TLDR; For the price paid, there are better and cheaper options out there. Their service is an absolute nightmare, I’ve been waiting on a replacement for weeks with no response yet.

Detailed version:

- Daytime picture quality is OK, nighttime is average.

- Easy to install.

- The best features are a part of Nest Aware, the basics aren’t worth buying this camera for. Overall it’s just a rort to make you buy the subscription.

- Of the three I purchased, one died overnight probably due to a faulty adapter. No one stocks the Australian version of the adapter. Their support team is clueless about where one can be bought. Additionally as the product is in warranty I shouldn’t be forced to buy a new one anyway. Their support team claimed shipping me a replacement camera and then the replacement just disappeared into the ether. Their support team has no idea where it is or what happened to it. They keep pushing and saying it’s going to be another 5 business days. Absolutely no help. I’ve been without a camera for almost a month, bordering on being a scam. Their customer service for such a premium product is horrid and unhelpful.

There are cheaper alternatives such as the Arlo or even Xiaomi that offer better service and a comparable product.

Avoid at all costs, this company will not stand behind their product.

Purchased in December 2018 at JB Hi-Fi for $278.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

Great Security Camera

I purchased a Nest Outdoor Cam hoping that the expensive price tag would be justified; and I can honestly say it was.
The camera is very easy to set up and you are guided step by step through the set up process.
Mounting the camera is a breeze with the magnetic mount which is extremely strong.
The camera needs to be plugged in to a power source which could cause a headache for some if you don't have an outdoor power point. I mounted my camera near the garage and was able to run the cord into my garage and plug it in there.
The picture quality is superb and the nest app is easy to use and navigate. Not having to need a DVR to store footage is a massive plus, for many reasons.
The two way speaker is very clear both ways, although I found if the mic sensitivity is up too high you will hear even the faintest breeze.
My favourite feature of the camera is the ability to stream to my TV using a chromecast. I just ask my google assistant to show my camera on the tv and in seconds it appears as a live stream; crystal clear.
I have used wireless battery operated outdoor cameras from other companies such as Swann and Arlo, but none of them even come close to the Nest Cam.
I will definitely purchase more Outdoor Nest Cameras to cover all points of my property, possibly even the new IQ outdoor Cam.

Great reliable Outdoor cameras

Cameras are great have 2 of the Outdoor models as well as 2 of the Nest Battery Protect units. Everything works well I get notifications on my Apple Watch, IPad and IPhone practically straight away. I live in a country lane so there is not a lot of motion detected. When a person is detected it’s usually a postie or a meter reader and it’s great for peace of mind when away from home.

Night vision is great
Ease of setup and install
Monthly subscription fees are reasonable
Nest app makes it easy to use and review camera timelines

Needs the NBN due to continually uploading so make sure you have an unlimited plan
Power cable plug could be a bit smaller

Poor Support, and nest have Operational issues.

These cameras have excellent reviews from a range of the sites that publish the review after a few hours of use, this is because the cameras are easy to setup, have a great web user interface and the Phone app is good.
However, that shine wears off.
If you need to contact support... I had to get increasingly terse to get some attention via email. (I had to send images and so forth).
Recently my alerts were offline for an entire day and nest admitted they had a problem and that "it happens". Nest's website was not updated with the service outage... which wasted a lot of my time trying to figure out what was wrong with my setup - in the end - nothing. It started working the next day again.
Under certain sun angles movement is just not detected... and no solution appears evident.
If you expect a lot, you will be disappointed.
If you expect something generally OK (with issues) - then you will be happy.
I am undecided about buying another, which annoys me because I switched to nest and now I am a little sorry.

Excellent audio and video

The camera has excellent audio and video quality. The notification options are very good. The nightvision is great. The audio mic picks up my kids on the other side of house despite the camers being at the front. The app categorises motion, sound, dog barking, person detection.

Additional 01/12/18
I purchased a solar panel package, from a company. When they came to install they advised me that the roof could only fit the 12 panels and not 14 as contracted and that it would be the same price. The installers were outside laughing and mocking us that they could have in fact have fitted the 14 panels. I sent the clear video/audio footage to the department of commerce and the director of the solar company The evidence was clear cut. The solar company had to come out to my house install the extra 2 panels and put the bigger inverter in.

The result was that having a nest camera was paramount to me winning my complaint. The cost of the camera was paid for 2 fold in the upgraded inverter and extra panels. Without the clear evidence it would have been hard to prove.

In addition to general security of your property it is good to do your house contracting deals in front of as above it helped me.

Simple, Fast, Outdoor Home Security

I've been running an old style SD camera outside the home for a few years. Low res camera with pitiful night vision. I decided to upgrade and the Nest Outdoor camera system seemed to tick all the boxes. They're a little on the pricey side, but once you receive the camera it doesn't really matter. The camera is well boxed with great instructions. The camera only needs power as video is streamed via your own wifi. If you want to run full HD then you're going to need a heavy duty upload speed. Standard definition needs at least a 1Mb upload speed and Full HD requires 2Mb+. I'm running two cams on Full HD and Telstra were kind enough to bump me up to a 4Mb upload speed, so all is well. The live feeds stream straight to my phone / ipad / pc, and I can interact with people at the door via the inbuilt mic. I can even mess with my pets by talking to them via the cameras when they're outside and I'm at work - really quite funny to watch. The Nest cloud streaming service is not that cheap, I think around $12/month, / per camera, and this gives you 10 days of backup. You can store important video segments for future reference. Alternatively you can use the free option which I think stores the videos for 24 hours. So overall a great outdoor security camera with good night vision capability, that's simple to install and very easy to use. Ease of Installation 4/5, Ease of Use 5/5, Cost to run 3/5, Quality of video stream 5/5.

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