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Why lose your fans by changing the recipe?


I purchased a family packet of Allens Chicos on the weekend and was shocked to find that the both the taste and the texture of my beloved Chico babies had been altered from its winning formula of 40 years.

Let me simply state this - the 'new' Chico babies taste nothing like the original, and the flavour does not inspire you to reach back into the back for a further feed. When chewing them they now stick to your teeth like glue and require the insertion of fingers in your mouth to unhinge them from your molars.

Short answer - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Now disgusting in taste and texture because of recipe change


Chico has been my favourite lolly for nearly 50 years. The recipe has clearly been changed as the texture is hard and rubbery, no longer chewy and the chocolate flavour has been so diluted as to make it almost tasteless. I thought the packet had gone off until I came onto the forum to check. What a great disappointment. I will no longer be buying from Nestle.



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Not liking the formula change


I love chicko's but I am not impressed with the change in taste or texture. Please bring back the old recipe or improve the taste. PLEASE!


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Thumbs down to a change in the recipe!


They changed the recipe and now they taste rubbery with hardly any flavour. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Don't even bother!

Awful new recipe


I was surprised recently to find a whole different flavour and texture of my all time favourite lolly ever. I thought it was just a bad batch, but every packet I've retried (about 4), they are all rather tasteless. I'm done with them now, unless the recipe goes back. Sad :(

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Sophie H

Sophie H

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New Recipe- A Disastrous Move


New Chico Recipe - Yuk!!!!!


After being an avid Chico eater for some 40 years I must say I think I have purchased my last packet. The recipe has clearly been changed (presumably to save costs) and it tastes disgusting. Poor flavour and terrible texture. I bought 2 x 1.3kg bags to take overseas where I live and I have ditched them after eating only 6 or so. I had also purchased a small travel bag at the airport and it tasted similarly disgusting. I just assumed it was a bad batch. Thanks Allens for yet another monumental stuff-up. When will you ever learn, if it's not broken, don't fix it !!!!!!

Terry Glynn

Terry GlynnGold coast Qld

No taste.


What have you done Allen's ...this packet of Chicos has no taste...seems like the Flavour has been watered down...not close to what I Useally expect.

Glenn F

Glenn FMelbourne, Victoria

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Loved it as a kid, love it as an adult,


This is one of those foods that you would choose if you could only survive on one food for the rest of your life.


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Best Confectionary EVER!


Anyone who doesn't like these delicious little sweets needs to buy a mirror, sit in front of it and have a good look at themselves. Only rivaled by the pineapple lump.
Everything, they are simply delicious.



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They complete me!


Chewy,tasty chocolate men! Doesn't get any better than this people!! Genuine pick me up in the afternoons....And surely not too bad for you.
The taste - bliss!


simm_meevic, 3020

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i just love these little dark chocolate colored jelly bean shaped men. there is never enough in the packet to satisfy me
i just love these little chocolate flavoured men that are soft and dark brown in color. a unique soft treat that i have often sent overseas for them also to enjoy. comes in a great 225gm packet that is easily recognised amongst all the confectionary lines, easy to keep eating these and not feelign guilty
never enough ad darent found in party mixes

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Saying these are delicious is an understatement.

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Do chicos contain gelatine?

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As i am 52years old i still remember the powder coated jelly babies as a young boy they were so nice.Are they ever going to make a comeback?

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I remember them too and wish they would bring them back, not just because of the flavour though. I have recently become aware that Allens use palm oil in their confectionery to prevent it from sticking together as do other sweet manufacturers I'm sure. The use of palm oil is destroying orang-utan habitat and therefore driving them to extinction. Perhaps the powder they once used for this purpose would be less destructive.

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