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Nestle CERELAC Oats with Prune

Nestle CERELAC Oats with Prune

4.3 from 3 reviews

Excellent product

My baby daughter suffers from constipation and this is honestly one of the only infant cereals out there that eases her discomfort, we've tried everything and a few of the natural remedies did the opposite and gave her the runs. We mix it into her normal baby food each day and works a treat!

Good but expensive

My son loves the taste but it was a bit expensive for what I was looking for. Would buy again, but not regularly. On a plus though, Nestle is a trusted brand which is reassuring so I suppose the price tag comes with the territory. 4/5 stars, would recommend to anyone who can afford.

Love the taste

My son and daughter both love oats with prunes. My daughter also loves the taste of wheat with pear. I do a combination of baby lead weaning and spoon feeding and these are very good in filling up my daughter's tummy when she does not like much a few of her finger foods. I sometimes add steamed green peas or any mashed veggies in rice cereals when she was 6+ months. The only downside is that the rice cereal can sometimes cause constipation and one pack does not last long. Good thing she normally has oats with prunes in the morning that regulates her bowel. I find the amount of water in the guide too much for the amount of cereals so I just adjust the amount of cereals to arrive at the texture that my baby likes.

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Questions & Answers

Can I make it more then 90mls of his formula and mix in the cerelac to the right consistency his a year old now I make sometimes 120mls formula and add abit extra cerelac because it only says on the side of the box to mix in 90mls of milk or water..
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Does it contain sugar?
2 answers
no it doesntNot sure. Should be mentioned on the box.

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