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Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereal

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Muesli with Banana and Apple, Muesli with Pear, Oats with Prune, Rice and Wheat
3.7 from 30 reviews

Tasty and versatile

I decided to give this a try so I don't always give my daughter rice cereal or oats for her breakfast.
I normally mix it with pureed fruit and formula and my daughter loves it. It's creamy but without being too sweet. I had checked other reviews out and they said that the product has sugar in it, however I checked the ingredients before purchasing it (I am very careful not to get anything with sugar in it now that my daughter is still a baby) and I couldn't see any sugar in the list - they must have changed recently. I love the addition of probiotics, minerals and vitamins. My bub didn't have any upset tummy after eating it at all. I will certainly mix it with her vegies and meat sometimes to add a little texture. Product is a little pricier than other similar baby cereals, but I guess it's because of the added nutrients.
Texture, taste, versatility
A little pricier, but no big deal

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Maybe you should check this out http://www.tesco.com/groceries/Product/Details/?id=258510053 if you really think there isn't sugar in this stuff. And go google "maize maltodextrin"....

Assisted in transitioning baby to solids

I began using my son on the Nestle Cerelac Rice flavour when he was 4 months as suggested on the box. My son struggled at first with the concept of being spoon fed so i perservered and he eventually got the hang of it. When making up the cereal its 90mls milk or water and 2.5 tablespoons of cerelac. At first it was a real waste as my son couldnt finish 2.5tablespoons of cereal so i found i was either finishing it for him or throwing the remainder out.
mixes in easily with Nan baby formula, baby liked the taste
90ml liquid & 2.5 tablespoons of cerelac leaves you with throwing too much out for a 4 month old

Great breakfast for baby's

I've been using cerelac for a while now , all three of my children have been fed cerelac when they were baby's . i startered buying it originally at a middle eastern shop where they import it , it's very popular over seas . My children loved it , it's not as bland as some other brands of cereals . They have only recently been selling cerelac at Safeway . Unfortunately they only sell rice and wheat where the imported ones have more flavour opinions . More flavours are better when the bub is fussy when teething . Overall I've been happy with cerelac cereals . It thickens quickly and you only need a bit . Cost are about $4.50 per box .
Baby liked it better then other cereals
More flavours needed

Something to start of

Nestle is a well known brand thus my husband and I decided to buy this rice porridge to start of with. My daughter does enjoy it and no complains with it.

It does the job - bland first food for bubs

I had the misfortune of having to try this to check if it was both bland enough for bubs and the right tempurate and texture. I can honestly say - its BLAND - which is exactly what you want for bubs in "first food".

I mixed it up with very runny fruit and vegies after bubs got the hang of the eating thing as it made it so much easier to feed him. However, I wouldn't recommend feeding it every meal as it can clog up bubs if you know what I mean. It is what it is and does the job that the box describes. Bubs wasn't too fond of the texture / flavour / taste (I don't know exactly as I only get a screwed up face and not a review) but has since "gotten used to it" if the facial expression is anything to gon on.

At around $4 for a box - price is very reasonable. You can pick it up at any supermarket / chemist / convenience store. Getting
Easy to find, inexpensive.
it is what it is.

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we bought the nestle rice as we thought it would be good first solid but had to discontinue as she had a rash on face around her mouth and body

Smooth and creamy - Baby loves it

My baby loves it mixed with formula milk - i find it smooth and creamy I also like mixing this product with my puree fruit and veg.
Creamy and very tasty
When it comes to my baby nothing is too expensive

Baby loves it

I bought this baby cereal as an alternative to baby rice which my baby had grown out of, and this is a great choice for the older baby starting solids (6months plus). Mixes well with water and i add a little breast milk or formula (which ever i have on hand at the time) for that extra nutrient boost. Baby thinks it's fantastic, very palatable for him.
Value for money, quality ingredients , available in 200g boxes
Has sugar in it, but i suppose it would be bland if it didn't have a bit flavour, nearly all baby foods have some form of added sugar


I prefer this over other brand cereals its tastier,mixes and tastes better.My baby is thriving on this and gulps it down. A well known and trusted brand so I feel comfortable feeding this to my son
My baby has moved onto the Nestle wheat Cerelac.He likes this and we have had no problems changing from the rice based one.It is pleasant tasting and my baby loves it mashed with banana or other baby fruits(apples,pears).


My baby loved it, no problem with digestion or allergy. He actually did not like the rice cereal much from a different brand but with this one he really loves to have it every morning.
Mixes well, tasty, added bifidus for easy digestion
Contains sugar, not organic


I tried this one after my baby rejected the rice cereal, he rejected this one too. It's very graining and did not mix well at all. He also came out in a slight rash but hasn't with other wheat products - so he does not have an allergy.
Not many at all.
Wheat is too harsh on baby's tummy.

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Can I make it more then 90mls of his formula and mix in the cerelac to the right consistency his a year old now I make sometimes 120mls formula and add abit extra cerelac because it only says on the side of the box to mix in 90mls of milk or water..
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Can I mix cerealac with boiling water?
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It’s ok to feed cerelac early in the morning around 4:00 am??
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