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Just perfect

Love the Nestle Club chocolate cannot improve it so pefect. Wish they had the old fashion Nestles Milk chocolate that we had years ago small squares. No chocolate today can compare with that. Fair Trade chocolate is just reject chocolate

Nestle peppermint cream

I really love the peppermint club in the nestle dark chocolate range I find its less potent then other leading brands that would sell such as lindt woolworths select. It has a creamy taste and totally satisfies making you want to go back for more ^.^ I also really like that the peices are the right size not to big and not to small
The taste
Expensive then other leading brands

Cashew nut & cherry flavour

This really is some of the yummiest chocolate! My husband likes the peppermint cream, but the cashew & cherry is just devine!


Its my guilt free,'healthy' chocolate option! I almomst always choose this chocolate over milk or white chocolate because of the antioxidants in which it contains. Also, I love the way it melts in my mouth and doesnt leave my mouth with that bitter after taste.
I love that I can find this chocolate bar wherever I go- supermarket, corner shop or petrol station and its almost always in stock. It's also convenievnt to buy and tastes absolutely fabulous! Each piece is just the right size- not too big or small!
I'd say its a little pricey for chocolate.


Great to eat as is and fantastic in recipies. I never use confectioners/compound/baking chocolate even when recipies say to use them as nothing beats the real flavour of a great chocolate. This chocolate melts beautifully and combines well in recipies (some don't).
Best tasting readily available dark chocolate which is supurb to cook with.
This applies to all chocolate products, not just Nestle but the prices keep rising and the size of the bar keeps disappearing!

I only wish Nestle had kept making their double blend chocolate for the times I don't want a dark flavour or when I want to make a triple/quadruple blend flavour.


This is a better looking dark chocolate bar. I think they have it in the small serving size too. It has a good dark and slightly bitter taste and the new pack makes it more appealing because it doesnt look chunky, but is more smooth and thin. The size isn't 200g as the others this big are, but the price is nearly the same.
This is a nice dark chocolate which I buy because of the antioxidant factor and I don't feel to guilty about it. My mum absolutely loves this variety of dark chocolate. I think they have reshaped the bar slighlty, so that its thinner and it breaks off easier so no crumbs fall.
I am not a big fan of dark chocolate (because it can be too bitter), but I eat it once in a while. It is expensive, but is usually on sale, like most foods usually are every week or so.

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Wish nestles would bring back their original milk chocolate in the tiny squares. That was real chocolate.


While dark chocolate is probably not for everyone, this one from Nestle is definitely worth trying. There is plenty of research out there that says that dark chocolate is good for you and in moderation it is. This is a really smooth tasting dark chocolate that will make it hard to stop at just a few cubes. It does have a slightly bitter taste but after a while you get used to that.
This is a really smooth tasting dark chocolate that is a nice treat to have, knowing that it is in some ways good for you, being packed with antioxidants.
It can have a bit of a bitter taste, but other than that no complaints.

I love this chocolate, really nice texture and great taste.

I love dark chocolate, and this is definitely one of the better ones. The 70% Club is also really nice. It's on sale quite often, so I stock up then.
Great taste, nice texture, good price.


I usually prefer dark chocolate over the milk varieties and I have found Nestle Club Chocolate to be quite nice. As far as the flavour goes, it is pretty yummy and has a smooth, dark taste without any bitterness. Nestle Club comes in a wide variety of flavours as well which makes it a good choice if you like chocolate with filling inside. While not the best tasting dark chocolate out there, it is reasonable value and a nice treat to have when you need a chocolate hit.
Available at all supermarkets. Reasonably Priced. Lots of delicious flavours.
Nothing of note really


Nestle are definitely stepping up to produce a great range of chocolates. This chocolate is so versatile. It can be eaten as it is, melted for desserts, grated for garnish, or even used to make a hot chocolate drink. I certainly do not mind alternating between Nestle and other brands of chocolate that are available on the supermarket shelf.
Deliciously smooth chocolate. It's a great alternative to the more expensive brands of chocolate currently available in the market.
The size that this chocolate is available in is smaller than the Cadbury range, so if you're using it for a dessert recipe, you may end up spending more money to buy enough.


great chocolate that is great for cooking and also great value when bought in a whole block. Advertising this product as good for you as it contains antioxidants is false advertising as it contains huge amounts of fat and sugar. only 2 squares is enough. always at the supermarket, nice and rich, not as sweet as other dark chocolates
lovely creamy chocolate full of flavour. great value when bought in a whole block. great for cooking with receipes that needs dark chocolate.
saying it has antioxodants is false advertising. yes it has antioxidants but also contains a huge amount of fat and sugar.


"Nestlé Club" is a deliciously dark chocolate which is not too sweet, without being bitter like some dark chocolates. An excellent cooking chocolate, lovely melted into hot coco & coffee or grated onto ice-cream. The larger sized squares means not so many nibbles if one is rationing oneself, conversely though, a lovely sized mouthful to melt in the mouth! The packaging is warm and inviting and readily tracked down on supermarket shelves with a glance. The 'envelope' style pack it comes in is an excellent and suitably functional idea.
Dark and delicious. Well priced compared to it's competitor products. Excellent cooking chocolate. Air tight foil seal ensures it stays fresh until opened.
Too large squares. No longer has the type of foil packaging which one can reseal readily to keep fresh.


Nestle Club chocolate is a lovely product. The rich taste of dark chocolate quickly satisfies a craving, which is a good thing as you don't go overboard and eat too much. Therefore, it saves you on only needing a small piece, which means you don't have to buy a lot of it.
Now this is a nice chocolate! I love dark chocolate, because it contains the health benefit of anti-oxidants, and because the rich flavour satisfies the chocolate craving quickly. I find the presentation of the packaging to be very attractive and inviting.
It can sometimes be expensive, if not bought on a sale price.

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I love Nestle club chocolate but can't seem to find the orange flavoured one any more. Has it been discontinued? It is beautiful and I was so delighted when i found it but haven't seen it on the shelves for quite some time.


Club make a reliable delicious dark chocolate product, regardless of whether you prefer the plain or filled block. They are my choice in dark chocolate and are readily found in all grocery stores at an incredibly competitive price. With all the new information regarding the health benefits of antioxidants, dark chocolate is well worth trying as the more healthy alternative - and Club dark has been around for years, standing the test of time.
Definitely the benefits of eating dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Packed with antioxidants, this is a smart choice when chocolate snacking.
Being not as sweet as milk and white chocolate, dark chocolate is not to everyone's taste. Children in particular prefer milk.

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Questions & Answers

Names of club chocolate makers/past and present
2 answers
As far as I know Nestles is the only company that made a chocolate slab called “club”. I haven’t found a shop that stocks it anymore. SHAMEThe company that first made Club was called Smalls

Cannot find club chocolate anywhere, where has it gone?
3 answers
Coles and Wollies have it. They have changed the label. Totally different to what it used to be. Checked the net and notice the difference. Sometimes they are out of it but it is back in stock.It is on IGA's stock list but you have to ask the manager to stock it.Ok thanks but why does no one else stock the product

Is it still made? - seems to be unavailavle
2 answers
My brother in law said it is still around this model. Try Harvey Norman or the Good Guys.See answer below


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