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Nestle Milkybar

Nestle Milkybar

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Max cook

Max cookSouth Australia

  • 18 reviews

The Milky bar is great I like it how it was before so don't know why you guys want to make it healthy.


I love how the Milky bar is I also don't buy it any more because I think they changed it al

Purchased in October 2013 at Foodworks Kapunda for $4.00.

Dylan P.

Dylan P.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Unhappy with taste... why change a winning thing.


I loved milky bar before they changed it..
It’s is gritty now.
It was very smooth before.
Chocolate is not healthy and I know that of course.
Trying To making it “healthy” is a silly idea.
For me it’s a treat.
I don’t eat it much anymore so I guess they have made it healthy.

Purchased in September 2019 at Coles Express.

Same Cheap Too Too Sweat garbage that Cadbury make >:-(


I have eaten Nestle Milky Bar for 40+ years !
I buy a Bar or two about once every year or so ( so not a massive customer )
I love to make Cookies with it and eat the left overs.
Well I have just eaten the left overs and its now tastes awful !!
The creamy milk taste is gone and all you get is sickly sweat yuck !
It is so sweat it makes your mouth burn, exactly the same as garbage Cadbury chocolate.
I now have to find a white chocolate to replace Milky Bar as I will not buy or use it again.

Purchased in April 2019.

I had always buy nothing but milkly bar chocolate since the 60s, so why change something good


I had always brought milky bar when I was a kid never since I took that first bite from the 60s. So I don't know what you did to the recipe but it tastes awful now it has got very sickly. You need to rethink your mistakes and go back to original recipe. I had tasted Cadburys white chocolate and straight away i went back to Nestles Milky Bar. what I would do is make a limited edition from the 1960s packaging and taste.



I don't know what possessed them to change the recipe but it is awful. Please change the recipe back to the original.

Not milky at all


I cannot taste milk in New recipe of milky bar, all I can taste is sugar. Such a shame, it just makes me feel sick now.


CherylAustralian Capital Territory

  • 2 reviews

Where's the Creamy Rich whit Chocolate


I bought a bar from shop it was crumbly, dry and tasted awful. Nestles White Chocolate was once beautifully rich and creamy and tasted like white chocolate should have, this new formula is distasteful lacks flavour and that rich aroma. Seriously disappointed.



This used to be my favourite chocolate since eating it as a child in the 1970's come 2017 it's gross, tastes now like cheap white cooking chocolate and very sickly all i can say is R.I.P Milky Bar.



  • 3 reviews

What happened to the creamy Nestle Milky bar chocolate?


Nestles Milky bar chocolate use to be my favourite with its rich, creamy white chocolate texture and flavour.... but it's changed so much and is now a cheapened version of its former self. It's no better than cheap compound chocolate. What's the point Nestles, cheaper to make for more profits? But when you lose customers because of the bad taste it's a pointless exercise isn't it? Cadbury's white dream chocolate is now my favourite.


MichelleNew Zealand



I just brought a 50g milkybar and I see less chocolate for more money. ..Disappointing really .. Still like it but, not value for your money.

milky bar


The taste has changed, please bring back the creamy taste we all knew and loved,, there are cheap white chocolate bars fro abroard on the market now and the taste is not disimaler

Milky bar change in taste.


I used to love Milky Bar and remember the lovely strong taste and creamy texture, however now I find the taste has changed and not for the better.

This Is Perfect! Couldn't live without it!


This is my all time favourite chocolate! It tastes so good and melts in your mouth! Definitely try it if you haven't. The only bad side is that if you eat too much you better excessive a lot because it gets pretty addicting.



  • 11 reviews

Love this chocolate!


Milkybar is a favourite for white chocolate. As well as blocks and buttons, they also have the 'Milk and cookies' block which tastes lovely. I prefer it to the plain chocolate as it takes away some of the sweetness.
Creamy, milky texture. And a nice crunch with the cookies block.
Quite sweet, as most white chocolates are, so it can only really be eaten in small portions.


yavisQLD, 4030

  • 143 reviews

Around for years


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



These are good to try if you want a sweet, but not a chocolate. They come in a variety of sizes and great to eat if you want something different. I dont eat these often, only when I really want to eat them. They are a bit too sweet for my taste and I dont really understand how they say its got milky goodness in it. Is it really made out of milk? It would be nice if that part was clearer.
We buy these because my husband likes the milky creamy taste. I dont mind eating them, but they are not my favourite. These are good if you dont like the sometimes bitter taste from chocolates.
They taste milky, but too sweet for me.

Questions & Answers

Andrew W.

Andrew W.asked

Your white chocolate tastes terrible, its also very grainy, why?
This has always been a fav' of mine, now I can't eat it.

2 answers

Glad I'm not alone !
Well not glad actually as I used to like Milky Bar !

Fired Up
Fired Up

As this is clearly an independent Review site, why do you say it is MY chocolate?

Another opinion

Another opinionasked

I can’t find any cows in the share packs anymore.. Have these stopped being made? I’ve had two bags (so 22 individually wrapped chocolates) and not a single cow.

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