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Nestle Milo

Nestle Milo

2.7 from 29 reviews

Tastes bad

Milo has lost its taste all of its products taste bland please change it back we are a large family who I raised on Milo but I have brought my last can unless you listen to the people

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworth's for $12.00.

Milo Duo now tastes like cardboard

The quality of Milo Duo has changed. I didn't like it the first time I tried it, but it was because of the duo mixture, not because it wasn't made properly. Bought a box last week. It legit tastes like cardboard. Throwing it away today

Purchased in January 2019.

Milo cereal has awful taste and an odd aftertaste too

Purchased two boxes of milo cereal for my boys who have been eating for at least 5yrs and they couldn’t stomach it. I tried it and felt like throwing up. It has a grainy texture and the taste is disgusting and it left a disgusting aftertaste in my mouth so we threw the first box out. Today I taste tested the second box and guess what?!?! Same issue

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.

Doesnt taste the same

Milo tastes terrible.. i used to eat it by the spoon full and even on ice cream.. not buying this product anymore.. in the bin it went. What a waist of money...

Want milo without soy in it

Milo has become grainy and sandy. We aussies want the original milo. I dont want any soy in milo nor any other additive to make it taste cheap. Period.

Milo frothy is a fizzer

We just tried milo frothy and it was a very disappointing product. It comes with two sachets - a "frothy" sachet and a sachet of milo which you are supposed to add in after the frother is dissolved. Despite stirring the froth component vigorously, it was very difficult to dissolve completely. When we added the milo, there was absolutely no froth - less even than a normal hot milo. The other issue was that the two sachets come joined with a perforation and are very difficult to separate without tearing the packets open. It was incredibly messy.

What a complete waste of money. I suspect this is a cynical money spinner on behalf of Nestle. We won't be buying this again.

Has the flavour left the room.

Where has the flavour gone. Milo was my favourite since I don’t drink tea or coffee. But over the years it’s become a no no. The flavour has left the building. The tins are getting bigger and the flavour is getting smaller. Please nestle fire the the team they are loosing you money. Flavour is your brand. People want to taste milo.

Milo is now crap why change something that was already great...

Why have you changed the ingredients. I have been drinking milo for years and now it makes me feel ill after drinking it, why all the added ingredients when its original list of ingredence was malt coco and sugar. I will not be buying milo again untill you start making it how it use to be.

Great product guys

Milo cereal is great but the only problem is it needs to taste like milo maybe add more milo to it

Changed their recipe or manufacturing stuuff up

The kids are complaining their milo cereal tastes diffetent and they don't like it. I tried it and yup its awful. Just lost another customer

Definitely can't live without it

The best cereal in the world. Eating it breakfast lunch and dinner. Plus desert. I'm in love with it. Definitely can't live without it. I recommend it

big fan of milo duo cereal

I would give milo a 5 star if you guys started to make milo cereal in white only the same as the famous brown milo only don't take me wrong I love the milo duo but sometimes you need something different if you know what I mean. Hope to see milo cereal in white only on shelf very soon. Thankyou


I really like the milo cereal. I have grown up drinking (and eating) milo and this just tops it. I am not a huge fan of the duo cereal but this one is very tasty.

Tasty Milo

It's a really nice product and i've enjoyed it since childhood. The taste has been great over the years and i've still not had enough of it.

Where it is made makes the difference.

Buy the one manufactured in Singapore or Malaysia with the tin can. The one from the West Indies is different ingredients and has more powdered cream and taste awful for those who are used to the chocolaty flavor of the original milo. Don't know why Nestle does not have a fixed quality recipe for this item.

What's happened to the taste?

Yesterday my son told me that his Milo Duo tasted weird and awful. Today I tried it. It tasted like an orange flavour was in it. Really quit awful with the milk on it. Being someone who doesn't like to waste food, I struggled through it. Foolish me! Now I have nausea and a headache. Don't eat it if you experience the same taste. Have they change d the recipe or have I been poisoned?

Shouldn't Have Changed

Their recipe must've changed because now it tastes disgusting... I preferred the old stuff, used to have it every morning but now i won't even buy the stuff after trying this one box of the new stuff

After feels

I have milo for breakfast i enjoy it is tasty but about 1-10 minutes later I started to feel sick. Be careful in quantities.


Good source of energy and carbohydrates. Kind of like a thick corn flake coated with chocolate. Not really advisable to have all the time due to the high saturated fat.


I had 1 cup of hot milo and stirred and i went to take a sip and found something floating i scrapped it out and was like something flat and brown didnt think. Made another later and in tbe bottom of my milo was something looking like a cockroach. I spewed and made me really sick after. First time i decided to actually have milo in about 12 months

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Hi leeza, Oh dear! We're sorry to learn of your experience. Could you please give our friendly team a call during business hours on 1800 025 768 so as we can investigate this further?

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Milo drink is very healthy but why its taste is chocolatey
No answers

Have these in my pantry with July 2018 expiration. First one opened tasted like sour milk. Can it go sour?
1 answer
Yes you can go sour

What have you done to improve your product since winning the Shonky awards??
2 answers
Can't answer this question as i don't work for nestle though laughter out loud / lolBy making it more and more tastier


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