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Nestle NAN A.R.

Nestle NAN A.R.

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Happy mummy

Happy mummyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Baby saver


Not the best taste but my baby is settled and content. She was projectile vomitting from nan supreme 1 bow with AR and mam bottle no issues. Wish i had made changes sooner.

Purchased in May 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $23.00.

Breastfed Child No
Easy to PrepareYes
Caused Unease / Sickness No


LiviaSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Works for Bubs


Baby enjoyed drinking this particular formula as it was given to him since day 1. No issues with this formula and we've been repurchasing this on a fortnightly basis.

Formula is super easy to make. No issues. No fuss.

Purchased in February 2019 for $22.50.

Value for Money


  • 5 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Didn't work for my bub


I bought this as I have been using NAN Comfort. My bub has reflux and it didn't work. He started vomit everytime I gave it. It's very thick and also bub didn't like the taste. It's a shame as I thought this one could be great as the Comfort but it wasn't.


meaganjadeGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 7 reviews

Ineffective and waste of time!


This formula made absolutely no difference to my baby’s reflux! He would still spit up/vomit huge amounts of milk. It thickens in the bottle, so we had to try a variety of teats to ensure good flow, it was gluggy and smells vile, going in and coming out! I used this as my bubs love the regular NAN formula, but I will not be using it any longer.

Worked well for a bit


This A.R formula was great for our LO however he did randomly vomit and dry reach as if there was something else in that batch of formula. We are however going to switch to a different formula as he shouldn't be throwing up midway through feeding.
Also a trick we learnt, after shaking to unscrew the bottle to release air bubbles and screw back on bottle before feeding it to baby.
Best of luck mums and dads!



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good option for Reflux babies


Our little bub was on the Nan comfort but had reflux, not the worst reflux but significant enough that part of our routine was to keep her upright for at least 30 minutes after feeding. we have switched to a combination of the comfort and this. we are doing 2 parts comfort to 1 part AR and it has made a big difference. As I said she wasn't at the worst end of the spectrum so we didn't have to go to a full AR feed.

Note that because of the thicker formula we had to go up a teat size.



  • 9 reviews

Perfect for vulnerable children.


the innovative way of packaging in the Nestle NAN A.R some how is quite exciting and talking about excitement \, I was really when I saw my child easily digest this formula and on the contrary with other normal formula which led her to suffer from re-fluxing.
The combination of starch and other ingredients made Nestle NAN A.R thick and you have to make sure that use high temperature water to dissolve it properly.

Jessie P

Jessie Padelaide

the constant spewing is finally gone


perfect milk for reflux


1. easy to prepare fresh.
2. Baby drinks all her bottles and no vomiting from re-flux.
3. no side effects - stomach perfectly fine - no wind at all.
Little bit expensive but works well for baby.
Highly recommended - Works well with nuke bottles and Medium flow teets.


TorrGold Coast

  • 2 reviews

Disgusting- if I could give 0 stars I would


Worst formula ever my son has colic n fm reflux switched to nan comfort works a charm for colic but then he developed silent reflux was told by nurse to switch to nan AR within a day he was constipated couldn't handle it changed back to comfort and he pooed a few hours later it's was almost black and smelt like pfff bins I wouldn't recommend this formula to anybody switching to nan ha gold wish me luck !!


KaelesaQueensland, Australia

  • 3 reviews
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Finally my daughters reflux is gone


I love Nan AR. The other combinations she tried made her have more gas and reactions. With Nan AR she gets avoid when I take it away from her. She loves it



  • 2 reviews

Terrible is not the right word!!


My lg has been on novalac reflux which has made her constipated as it is casein based. Upon professional advice I was told to try whey based and was told to get nan ar. The formula is way too thick and I have been using vari flow teats due to reflux formulas, when she finally was able to get the formula she pulled off as she didn't like it and it made her really gassy. Now I'm having trouble getting her to take to novalac again! If I could have given it no stars I would have.

Too thick, smell. Taste.

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Nightmare to dissolve, very thick and lead to disgusting foul smelling poo .Lead to very bad eczema.
Tried calling staff multiple times initially they tried to put blame on us for faulty mixing technique but latter on said problem with the formula .assured proper action will be taken but nothing till now.
Apparently nan do not care for babies or parents

Nightmare to mix , disgusting poo and horrible eczema

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We've been using the milk with no problems at all, his poo is normal, his skin has never been so smooth and it mixes ok. All I know is that we can enjoy our baby for the first time and not always have him screaming and all cramped up. Thanks NAN A.R



Taste like a rotten fish


The old packaging of NAN which was the 900G was excellent, my daughter loves it. But, when they changed it to 800G packaging, the taste suddenly became like a rotten fish, how did I know? Because I actually tried it to find out why my daughter unexpectedly refused. My daughter now hates milk because of NAN! We tried to switch to other brand like S-26 but as soon as my daughter saw that it is milk, she will just decline to take any amount of it.

Taste like a rotten fish



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My daughter developed silent reflux. The pedia recommended her to use an AR formula. I decided on the NAN as she was already on NAN Gold. This made a huge difference. She was finishing full bottles and feeding properly. 3 months later she is still on this formula and a very happy baby!

You can purchase at any Pulse pharmacy, Chemist warehouse, and My Chemist. (the latter two are cheapest at $19.95)



i see it as using nan pro gold with the added thickner. not a bad product! couldn't find it except on the other side of town. it is really thick and was hard for the little one to drink but once he was used to it, he seemed pretty settled on it. Just not the formula im looking for, but bubs didn't mind it.
Lil man has had wind from day one and developed reflux around a month old. used this product for a few weeks but gave up because it was hard to find. He would still bring up some of the milk but his wind pain did settle a little. formula is very thick so large size teat would be required.
very hard to find. formula is also very thick!

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Re the thickness, I use the Avent vari flow teat and this formula works perfect with it.

Questions & Answers

Faiqa M.

Faiqa M.asked

My lil one has really bad reflux or peds moved her to another AR though her reflux stipped but she has upset tummy. I use to change her pampers 6 7 times a day... then i moved to nan opti 1 but the reflux is still heavy. I want to know if i move her to Nan AR are there chances of upset tummy again??? Any1 who had same experience

No answers

zipporah m.

zipporah m.asked

Is it safe to give the baby breast milk in the night and NAN AR formula during the day?

No answers

gasant fredericks

gasant fredericksasked

my baby is 1 mount old and currently on nan 1 see is not sleeping at night and also does not get enough milk in see over drink herself and vomit everything out true her nose also sometimes we use the t element drops as well and also a table we crush and give before every feed in the morning but does not work can i switch to the nan ar will it make a difference and what will the outcome be or will it cause any harm to my baby?

No answers

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CategoryBaby Formulas
Price (RRP) $21.99
AgeInfant (0-6 months)
Contains Cow's Milk Yes
Contains Goat's MilkNo
Contains Soy No
Dominant Protein Whey
Contains GOS prebioticsNo
Release dateSep 2010

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