Nestle NAN Comfort 2
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Nestle NAN Comfort 2

Nestle NAN Comfort 2

103 reviews

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103 reviews
TillyPerth, WA4 posts
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So glad I tried it!

Such a relief to find a formula that my breastfed baby will take. Returning to work and leaving bub for the first time is hard enough! And on top of that transitioning her onto the bottle is just as difficult but it's the first formula that she has accepted and not turned her head at! It's a bonus that it's great price! Show details
Copper M.
Copper M.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts
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Fussy Baby, saved my life

My baby was breastfeed and struggled to take to a bottle. Other formula upset her stomach but she loved this since the first bottle. Easy to make and mixes well with water no lumps Show details
Jazmine Pitcher
Jazmine PitcherNorthern Region, NSW3 posts
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My son loves it

My son was on another formula and was constantly vomiting I changed to nan comfort and now hes fine! Drinking the entire bottle each time. I highly recommend this product. Show details
KBOCentral coast10 posts

Baby loves it

Really good formula, reasonably priced and easy on the tummy. Have never had any digestive problems on this formula. Baby transitioned to this formula straight from breast with no problems. This formula was recommended by midwifes at hospital when i first had baby. Show details
Momma-SarPerth, WA19 posts
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Value for Money
Hope L.
Hope L.8 posts
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Gentle on little ones tummies

We switched from another brand and this has been perfect, my daughter took to it straight away and it's a great price. I've never had a problem feeding this to my child. Show details
stacey_jade80South East Queensland, QLD17 posts
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Favourite Formula

Was recommended NAN Comfort by my midwife, and I get why. Super easy to prepare, gentle on bub’s belly and no constipation problems. Not priced to high either. Highly recommend to all Mums. Show details
Bree5 posts
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Love it! Bub loves it!

Switched to NAN comfort and bub loves it. Easy on his tummy. Just went up a stage and it made a little bit constipated to begin with but all is good now! Show details
KASGippsland, VIC4 posts
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We have had to go through a few formulas to see which one agreed with our bub. This one is amazing. And she seems to not mind the taste. It's easy to prepare Show details
TarynPerth, WA5 posts

Bubs loves it

Transitioned from a colic formula to this one once bubs was old enough and haven't had any issues with it. Another one I tried previously made him constipated but we have had no issues with this one. Plus it's frequently on special at Chemist Warehouse for $16.99. Show details
Ash R
Ash RGold Coast5 posts
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Baby not a fan

I’d read and heard that this is a fantastic formula in regards to the amount of nutrients for bub; however I’ve tried 3 times now but my BF baby just won’t take to it. I tried at 3 months, 6 months and now 9 months; all with no luck. I’ve tasted it myself & it doesn’t taste the same or close to breast milk, so I think if you’re going to put bubs onto this then maybe try when they are younger & not as used to the breast milk sweet taste.

KiddoMelbourne10 posts
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Very good formula

My baby has been using this product for a while now. It doesn't make her vomit and doesn't make her constipated. She really likes it and the formula does what is required. It is easy to use. The only thing I don't like is that the product isn't Australian made.

It is available in my local supermarket which is great at an affordable price.

Scrimpymummycaloundra west8 posts

Gentle on stomach

This Nestle Nan Comfort stage 2 formula is great for my little one. It is nice and gentle on her stomach. The measurements are easy to locate on the side of the tin and comes with a measured scoop. My little on has a bottle before her naps and before sleeping at night.

MarijanaSydney6 posts

perfect for bub!

This was the second formula we tried on our bub when she was transitioning from breastfeeding at 7 months. The first would make her gassy every now and again (inconsistently), but when we were recommended Nan Comfort (1 and then 2) that issue seemed to go alltogether. Whether or not it was a coincidence I dont know, but im happy with the product regardless.

Nel K
Nel KQueensland4 posts

My little princess loves it

After switching from Blackmore Follow-On Formula to NAN Comfort 2 my little baby girl stopped getting green poop. It is extremely soft on her belly, super easy to use (just mix pre boiled water and formula together) and at extremely reasonable price. The only negative would be the size of the scoop, if the scoop was slightly bigger it would make things a bit easier.

KatieBrisbane6 posts

Great formula with pretty good price

My baby enjoyed the formula and it was easy to prepare. Comes with the scoop and instructions s for as they grow and need more formula. Price was pretty good compared to other formulas. Formula didn’t upset my babies tummy and he had a bit of reflux as a young baby.

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RoetrocAU6 posts

I like it. Well not me, my little one

The little guy seems to like it. We've chosen this on recommendation by our nurse, and he seems to like it (his little arms and legs start to go when he sees the bottle).

Not a problem wind wise and it is quite easy to prepare. Hasn't seemed to have much effect either way in regards to constipation and isn't as smelly on his breath as some others.

Zoe7 posts

the ONLY formula to use

I used this formula on both my children and found the transition from breastfeeding to be less upsetting for their belly's. My children were born premature and spent a number of weeks/months in hospital after birth. NAN was first introduced to me by the midwifes as the best replacement for breast milk in those very early days.

When the time came for me to use formula again I knew what to choose.

Ash4 posts

Wholesome goodness

I started giving NAN Comfort 2 to my son when he was 12 months old and continued till he turned 2 years old. It provides all the essential nutrients for the little growing bubs while keeping them fuller for a longer time. My son never had any indigestion or constipation problems with NAN Comfort 2. It is easy on their tummies while providing them with wholesome goodness. I would definitely recommend it.

Amy D
Amy D4 posts

Delicious & Nutritious

My son was exclusively breastfed until he was 8 months old. We decided it was time to transition him to formula due to me returning to work. We chose The Nan Comfort 2 based on the proteins included in the ingredients as we thought this would keep our son fuller for longer whilst still providing all his nutritional needs. We were right- he loves this formula.

VarshaParramatta4 posts

Perfect Milk Powder for upto 2 years kids

Hi There, I used Nan 2 comfort and Gold for my daughter upto 2 years, I started Nan 2 after discussed with doctor from her 12 months. from starting I was worried for her food and milk but this is perfect for infant. this is perfect for kid but can check with doctor as well.

RamanSydney3 posts


It is very easy to make. Just add in lukewarm water and ready to use.I Have tried other formulas as well but then my son had issues. He was constipated. so far Nan is a win.I would definitely recommend it. No side effects so far. And price is also good.

Benmelbourne5 posts

no tummy issues

We used this for our baby from 6-12 months as we found some of the other formulas where giving green poo and she was restless all night. After we switched to this we had no issues. Very easy to use just mix pre boiled water and formula together with supplied measuring cup and shake and its ready to use.

Harrison4 posts

good formula

we gave this to bub as he did not take breast at all. Formula was easy to prepare and bub had no trouble taking it down, baby would drink the full bottle when we prepare . There is no side effect when we gave this to bub. We continue to use this until bub went onto cow milk later on.

Carey13 posts

Baby took to this formula no problem

I had to wean 6 month old as I had a 3 week holiday booked (without her) 2 months later. I was worried as she had never had a bottle. Tried Aldi formula and she just refused to drink it, was very worried. Tried Nan Comfort 2 and she guzzled it down. Thank goodness. Started with 1 bottle a day and worked up to 3 per day, even replaced the night feed she loves, no problem.

Kae A
Kae ASydney9 posts

No issues

Our little one was exclusively on breastmilk until she was ~8months when we decided to introduce formula via NAN comfort 2. We’ve had no issues and have been using NAN since.

The instructions are clear and there’s a rim along the top to ensure the scoops are as exact as possible.

She seemed to enjoy the taste and doesn’t leave too much excess per feed.

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Mary N
Mary N4 posts

Good formula for baby from 6 months

Nan Comfort 2 is easy to digest and easy to prepare. Baby has changed from being fully breastfed to this formula with little resistance. No side effects. Also easy to buy this product from supermarket. It is not expensive so would be suitable for many households. Would recommend to friends and family.

ManjulSydney, NSW7 posts

Perfect Milk supplement for your little one

Perfect food for your little one. if your kid came from oversea then this is good and easy to prepare for baby. just need to mix with hot water and give to baby. if have plan for any long or short trip easy to bring with you and prepare for kid. its not have any side effect but make sure once its ready for drink give it to baby don't left for long time.

Jess x
Jess xPerth4 posts

Best baby formula

My baby has constipation issues and I tried to breastfeed for as long as possible to avoid formula. However when I went back to work I was worried that the brand of formula wouldn’t suit. Nan comfort was awesome, baby tolerated it well and never had a problem with the taste despite being a breastfed baby

MorganDubbo4 posts

Perfect choice for a baby

Very easy to prepare, just one scoop with the scoop provided per 30mL of water. Both of my kids loved it, always were keen for their bottles. No side effects in either kids at all. We used all three NANs, my daughter has just gone from NAN2 to NAN3 as she is over one year old. It's great, wouldn't recommend anything else for a baby. Bonus fact; my wife is a nurse at the special care nursery in our city and this is what they give the baby's there!

Lauren H
Lauren HMelbourne6 posts

This is my baby’s favourite formula

The formula is great, easy to prepare and mixes well. My baby loves it - it is the only one she will drink and it is easier on her tummy that others we have tried.

It is also pretty reasonably priced and unlike a lot of other formulas, it seems to be readily available.

SebPerth8 posts

Nice and cheap

We grabbed this once we couldn't get a2 any more (shortage in Western Australia). It was a nice price. Always a lot of stock and available everywhere. My son liked it, scoop could be better. We end up using the a2 scoop. My son seemed to be able to drink it and didn't have any noticeable side effects. I would recommend if in a pinch

ALYweston6 posts


easy to use/prepare, he loves it and it loves him!

no reactions at all like previous formulas used that made him spew it up and gave him gastro. my little man has absolutely excelled in growth and weight gain since swapping him to this formula. couldn't recommend more highly this formula!

SarahSouth East Queensland, QLD8 posts

Love it

My previous baby had issues with lactose intolerance so I was concerned that my little miss would have similar issues. We put her on to the Nan Comfort in home so she wouldn't have any dramas with it and it has been great. She's never had any issues with upset stomachs and will happily drink it was no dramas at all. The price point to it as well is a great sales Point

Simongold coast9 posts

makes my baby womit

This is not human food. g r r r rr r r r r r r r r r r r r r re r tr r r r r r r r r r r o w t h. how can nestle sell such a slime advertising it as comparable with the read deal of mothers milk.

Simone2 posts

Baby formula

Have used this on both my girls have never had any problems. Would recommend it to any mums that are looking for a formula to use. Also have used nestle nan comfort 1 again no problems with the either of my girls. I would recommend nan to new mums. Very good product

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Shaz B
Shaz B4 posts

Best formula!

This formula is easy ro prepare, my daughter had troubles with so many other types but this ones been perfect with no effects at all. This formula is also very reasonably priced and I would say its worth every cent!

NAN has always been a brand Ive trusted with formula but the NAN comfort has worked the best fot us.

CozzieMelbourne4 posts

Perfect and affordable

Formula is easily purchased at many stores, this is convenient if you travel a lot

It’s easy to prepare, my baby loves it and does well on it

Affordable too which is a bonus

The customer service hotline(number on tin) is also a great help if you have any concerns or questions

Chadaine W
Chadaine WAU4 posts

Baby took to it easily

I have been giving my baby one bottle a night of this formula and took to it perfectly and hasn't affected my breast feeding at all. It keeps her full during the night and we have had no side effects. The formula instructions are easy to understand and it's easy to prepare.

CrystalSydney5 posts
  Verified 2

Best formula

We have been using this since I stopped breastfeeding at 6 weeks old and had no problems with it. It's gentle on stomachs and Our daughter has gained much weight on it! Happy with our choice to use this formula. We are now using the second stage (6 months +) has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links.

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