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maddy s.
maddy s. · NAN Comfort

My bub is on NAN Optipro I’ve noticed he is farting a lot and spews abit but my main concern is that he’s not pooing he farts that much and I think he’s done a poo he gets in pain trying to push but nothing comes out I want to change to comfort but not sure if using the same brand (NAN) will still make him not poo he’s currently 3 weeks old

Mekayla Lee S.
Mekayla Lee S. · NAN Comfort

Hey. Is nan sensitive the same as nan comfort ? My little girl had bad reflux since birth and nan sensitive helped her a lot with that and colic. She is 6 months now and we need to change as we don't have Nan sensitive 2 in our stores in S.A. or that i could find. I need to go to a number 2 formula but I'm looking for the best next thing to NAN SENSITIVE that i can find so there isn't such a big change for my daughters system. Nan Optipro gives her bad cramps, reflux and gass. Please help

Vee D
Vee D · NAN Comfort 1

Can i mix NAN SUPREME 1 with NAN AR(anti reflux) in ratios like 3:3 or 2:4 ? If i give only NAN AR, it is too thick and if i give NAN SUPREME, it is too watery that she spills a lot. She was on NAN AR only since she was 8 weeks old till now but stopped taking it recently. She is drinking it well when i m mixing both. Please suggest.

Vanessa P.
Vanessa P.  

Mixing formulas in such a way is not recommended. You cannot keep track of the nutritional value or electrolytes. You could try using normal formula and Karicare food thickener. You need to mix NAN AR with boiled water at room temperature otherwise it will thicken.

Ben · NAN Comfort

Is it possible to get a sample pack to see if my baby will like this formula? She is 16 months old.

George D.
George D. · NAN Comfort

Can I mix NAN comfort 3 with milk?

Tess · NAN Comfort 2

Can you change from comfort 2 back to 1, my grandson was fine with 1 and on two he vomits and brings ups a lot.

Tess · NAN Comfort 2

Can you change from comfort 2 back to 1, my grandson was fine with 1 and on two he vomits and brings ups a lot. He is just turned 6months


Hi Tess, my son was on Comfort 1 until he was 13 months old. I find that comfort 1 is gentle on his stomach.


Hi Tess, same thing happened to my baby girl who is 7 months. Changed to Comfort 2 but back on Comfort 1 now less vomits with the 1.

HollyB · NAN Comfort

Can someone please tell me what is the difference between NaN Supreme and Nan Comfort? My little one has been on S26 Gold but have found it has constipated and upset her stomach a lot so looking too see which Nan product would be suitable?

Katherine C.
Katherine C.  

I found nan comfort good for my windy baby after switching from s26 gold. I believe nan supreme has a higher iron content.

Kaitlin M.
Kaitlin M. · NAN Comfort

I've been using nan comfort 1 for a week and baby is so uncomfortable with wind she is not even sleeping... should I change back to old formula or continue use?


Some formula can not agree with some children if you used another formula and it was good id recommend going back to that formula

Sally P.
Sally P. · NAN Comfort 1

Just wondering how long it takes for a baby to get use to nan comfort..my little girl 7 weeks old started using it 3 days ago but she is having belly pains.


oh that poor thing.. I think it must take a fair few weeks. My daughter just turned to 4 month, and she has been taking it for the last 3 weeks.. The constipation kind of comes and goes, but I heard it's no point to try another formula too quick. Apparently the formula shouldn't be causing constipation, only user error, like making it too thick, but I always follow the guide on this, and very prompt with the measurements. there could be many things interfering with their little systems :( it's so hard to guess. Hope she will get better soon!

Timieka V.
Timieka V. · NAN Comfort

I ran out of nan comfort 1 for my one week old and have nan comfort 2 left is it safe to him my one week old a bottle from tin number 2?

Mimi · NAN Comfort

My twin babies are currently 7 months old and still on nan comfort 1. Is that bad? Do u have to switch to nan comfort 2?

Uma k
Uma k · NAN Comfort

I am planning to start my 8 month old on formula. Should I directly start with Nan comfort 2 or first begin with Nan 1?..I have read that Nan 1 can be given till 12months..and I have already tried it when he was 4month old and found it good but then just continued breastfeeding..

Harmeet G.
Harmeet G. · NAN Comfort 2

I bought nan 2 eight days before my son turns 6 months. How much should I feed him. Should I get nan 1 instead

Leslie A.
Leslie A. · NAN Comfort

Is the Nestle 2 in liquid form allot thicker? We have made two bottles now and the formula is allot thicker and not as smooth, does it look like that? Thanks for the help. From a dad :-)

Tania · NAN Comfort 1

Can I mix NAN comfort 1 with Aptamil anti-relflux?
My 5 week old struggles with the thickness of aptamil anti-relfux but cant have any other normal formula as she regurgitates it all back up.


I just want to mix to thin it out a tad so its not too thick or too thin


I think better to mix it up with nan AR@ anti reflux

Vanessa P.
Vanessa P.  

Try adding Karicare Aptamil food thickener to comfort 1. If you use boiled water at room temperature less likely to thicken until it hits stomach. Smaller feeds more frequently is better than large feeds and keep upright at 45 degree angle after feeds.

Carrie · NAN Comfort

Nan 2 only has instructions to make a 210ml bottle. Is it safe to make smaller quantities? My Bub doesnt drink 210mls each bottle. I know with nan 1 its a scoop per 30ml but just wanted to ensure its the same for the second stage.


My tin shows 1 scoop per 30mls - we make bottles of different sizes in different increments

Lidaty · NAN Comfort 1

I was breastfeed my newborn baby for about 2weeks becoz of my health issue I has given my son Karicare plus instead. Then, he became unsettle and vomit a lots. I’d seen a lots good reviews about NAN comfort1. I decided to purchase it for my baby. It was good for the first feed. However, after a few days my son sleeping pattern has changed as he only sleep for 15-30mins during the day, 2-3hrs max at night. Then he woke up cry. Is anyone have the same problems too?


Every baby has a formula that works for them & some that don’t.
It’s just trial & see sadly.
I’d suggest speaking to your GP or health nurse though for advice on this. A product review site won’t be able to give the correct medical advice

Fortnite G.
Fortnite G. · NAN Comfort

Hi nan comfort it’s good for composition?


I don’t think it does anything to aid constipation but it definitely didn’t cause constipation in either of my two kids


It was better for our girl with constipation compared to the Nan supreme, but what we found is it all depends on bub each one is different.

marieml · NAN Comfort 1

Does your formula contain lactoferrin?

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