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Emlou · NAN Comfort

Hello, I’m finding that Nan comfort is very grainy when I make it and it leaves a lot of thick white residue in my baby’s mouth. I didn’t have this problem with the supreme. Am I doing something wrong?


Hey, it could just be milk residue or if it’s on the tongue is sign of oral thrush but I’m not a medical expert so I’m not too sure. My bub used to get milk residue on her tongue but it went away after she had fed.


Ok thank you! I let the water cool down abit more and it seems to be better. Will see how she goes


I let the water cool right down before adding the formula and I don't have this problem. If the residue isn't going away or you can't wipe it off easily with a warm cloth then it could be oral thrush. Goodluck


I’ve let the water cool down a lot more and it’s improved. Thank you

james clark
james clark · NAN Comfort

Hello can someone please tell me what's the difference between nan comfort vs nan opti pro we are using stage 1 atm for our twins

Billie-Jo H.
Billie-Jo H. · NAN Comfort 1

Has anyone had the issue where the maximum amount isn’t filling their baby up? I am hesitant to consistently feed more as it seems like a large amount of liquid to be giving him.

Natalie M.
Natalie M.  

Hi Billie,

The community nurse advised me to next age group, in saying that, my husband and I made the decision to change formulas as it was not filling our son up. Also if you google, there’s a calculation on the amount of formula, it’s based on weight and age I think, if you want accuracy.

Anou · NAN Comfort

Did anyone change from supreme to comfort? We having constipation on supreme but don't know how to transition


Hi we are switching today to nan comfort from nan supreme, I’m a bit hesitant as well, how has your baby gone with it? I have found my baby has been so constipated with the nan supreme

Xiao Yang
Xiao Yang · NAN Comfort 2

Hi, 7 scoops 210ml is not enough for my baby boy, does anyone know if I can add another scoop and 30ml water in the bottle?

Claire F.
Claire F.  

30mls to one scoop for the Nan supreme. I think its the same for comfort but just double check your portions

Lala G.
Lala G. · NAN Comfort

is really the cause of the allergy or rashes of my toddler. its only on the wrist

Claire F.
Claire F.  

I use Nan supreme as my boy developed a rash on his face from s26
Rash cleared up within a week

klara d
klara d · NAN Comfort

Is Nan Comfort 1 GMO free?

Rahnuma A.
Rahnuma A. · NAN Comfort 1

I am mixing nan comfort 1 with breast milk.she had no issue but her poo is mixed with some brownish mucus. I am not sure is it for the formula cause when I tried not mixing the formula with breast milk she doesn’t have this problem.

Jallow S.
Jallow S. · NAN Comfort

Pls my baby started drinking nestle beba comfort and her poo is dark green and smell bad when should the colour change to normal or wil it stay be dark green

Bree L
Bree L · NAN Comfort

My baby is having diarhoea/mucus poos 3-6 times a day for the last 5 days. He is 5 months old and I have only introduced this formula 3-4 weeks ago due to going back to work soon at 1-2 bottles a day (breastfed before this). Could it be the formula?

Ilonka C
Ilonka C · NAN Comfort 2

Can anyone help what's the difference between nan optipro vs nan comfort?? From the Nestle website, I cant to see the difference at all? Thx

Jess S.
Jess S.  

trying to find out the same! did anyone get back to you?

Maddi J
Maddi J · NAN Comfort 2

I just brought Nan Comfort 2 instead of Nan Comfort 1 for my 3 month old. Will it be okay if i still use it?

Kel · NAN Comfort 1

Is nan Comfort a thick formula? my two week old was drinking 100mls easy on s26 original, we changed to nan comfort to help with wind and his only drinking 80mls at the most and is still so windy.

Lisa · NAN Comfort 3

How many scoops for 100ml nan comfort3?


The recommend quantity on the tin is 1 scoop per 30ml of water. So it will be 3 scoops for 90ml and 4 scoops for 120ml.

racheal · NAN Comfort 1

My three month old seems to love the taste of Karicare+ but will not settle at all and becomes windy so I tried s26 delicateese she hates the taste has a lot of reflux but is very settled and not as windy... am thinking of trying nan comfort1, does anyone have and recommendations?


Hi rachel My boy is now 4 months and 10 days old. I try NAN gold opti bro from 1st month but Gas problem occurs then i read feedback on google and i choose NAN comfort 1 from last 3 months my baby love it this formula is life saver for us You Should give a try easily available at woolworth and my chemist.

hexter · NAN Comfort 1

What is the best one to use for baby's now?

Libby · NAN Comfort 1

I am breast feeding from only one side. I have just purchased Nan Comfort to supplement her for the other side. do i still mix the same amount of formula up as it reads on the tin? Or are the feeding guide amounts for primarily formula fed babies?

NehaB · NAN Comfort 1

I had to put my 2 week old baby girl on formula due to issues with breastfeeding. I am currently using Nan Comfort and it was great for initial couple of weeks. After that she started becoming extremely windy and unsettled. She spits so much milk and screams while feeding. We also tried S26 original which made her worst so we returned to Nan comfort and my bub is still so unsettled and it breaks my heart to see her in pain. I do not know which formula to go for?


You could try the Nan Pro Gold, it has a slightly different whey to casein ratio that can sometime make it a little easier to digest. We were on this for a little while and as our baby got older we then switched back to Nan Comfort.


Dear nan comfort is most gentle on little tommies . Give formula at night and breastfeed in morning.do not mix like one breastfeed and next formula feed.your baby will stop throwing.as for as gas is concerned it happens at this age weather you use formula or not.babies will settle with time.

Leigh Claudine V
Leigh Claudine V · NAN Comfort 1

Hoa to prepare milk formula per feeding for 3days newborn? Thank You. First time mom here and we are using Nan Optipro 0-6mos. Thank you and Godbless

Sabrina · NAN Comfort 1

Can we refrigerate nan 1?


After bottle is made with formula. It can be refrigerated but has to be used in that day

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