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Nestle NAN H.A.

Nestle NAN H.A.

1 Gold, 2 Gold, 3 Toddler
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3 toddler why discontinue


Why did u discontinue this my son loved this. his now having nan optipro 3 toddler and has sore tummy cannot sleep was vomiting. high temperature just realised why !!!! I am so unhappy with nan thought I was giving the same thing but now realise it’s not I will be changing my baby,s formula . ☹️ can someone recommend a good formula for a 2.5 year old that stays the same and they get or there nutritional needs please

Terrible wind pain and constipation!

Leah H

Leah H

  • 2 reviews

Best for my baby


The formula is super easy to prepare and comes with a scoop that can levelled off on a ridge inside the tin.
We tried different formulas but this was the one I found met her needs and agreed with her.
No side effects other than she loves her bottles! Maybe too mcuh!

Kiwi Tan

Kiwi TanMalaysia



My baby was on NAN HA on top of breast milk since 2 weeks of life, she has been gassy at times..we never thought there is problem with the formula until 6weeks of life, we put her on fully formula on NAN HA, it was the worst nightmare ever..my baby had explosive greenish super smelly poo, projectile vomiting around 3 times per day, cranky and crying in pain, we tried to give her gripe water, dentinox, not help much at all..until we came across the bad reviews in this website and we decided to withhold it and switch it to morinaga soy based formula milk. So far there is no vomiting, definitely won't go back to nestle formula milk at all!



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Fantastic formula


We used this with my son for 6 months and never had any problems what so ever. We had purchased some as a back up for use on the odd occasion with my daughter and she has taken to it without any issues. It is pretty reasonably priced and a great value product.

Contains Nanoparticles


Be wary of this product. It contains nanoparticles and discussions are underway with experts regarding its safety - http://www.smh.com.au/business/consumer-affairs/study-finds-potentially-toxic-nanoparticles-in-australian-baby-formula-20170622-gwwb2j.html. I used it with both my children several years ago and it concerns me deeply that I may have been feeding them a dangerous product. Choose a different formula for your baby.



  • 6 reviews

stinky and greenish


Not good at all !Used Nan. HA for first year only, then switched to Bellamy's. huge change!! My baby would get constipated on the Nan but not on Bellamy's.My baby's poos were stinky and greenish on the Nan but much more tolerable and normal looking on Bellamy's. It's a bit more expensive but I only go back to the Nan if my supermarket is out of Bellamy's.



  • 5 reviews

It is very good for my baby


We used Nan HA Gold 1 since my baby born, when my baby turned to 6 months old, we went to Nan HA Gold 2. There is no any issues to feed my baby with this formal. My baby loves her bottle. And we going to use Nan HA Gold 3 in the future.

Horrible wind and so unsettled!!


We changed from nan pro gold to nan ha for our 4week old as we were told it's easier for babies to digest, worst mistake ever!! She is so clingy, fussy, gassy and screams in pain most of the time plus won't settle during the day, she won't take a full bottle like she use to and gets reflux. Her farts and poos stink so bad and she gets such bad trapped wind I'm constantly having to bicycle her legs to help her move it. Have changed back to nan pro gold fingers crossed this fixes it, its horrible seeing your baby girl in so much pain and so unsettled

Rochelle Sunarya

Rochelle SunaryaCairns Queensland

  • 4 reviews
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The love of my 2yr old son


My son never had a problem, had all the nutrients that he needed. He had all the stages from Nan Gold 1, 2 and now he is on stage 3HA until he is 3. I know this formula may not suitable for all babies, but certainly it is great product for my son. Pay good attention when you prepare your baby's milk, make sure the measurement when you prepared it is not less or more , both water and formula. That can make your child constipated of diarrhoea ....


AbhiPerth, WA

  • 17 reviews
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Great product.


My newborn loves this formula. We got the recommendation from St. john of God, subiaco to use it and found it to be working perfectly for my baby. The best thing with this formula is baby don't spill the milk. This formula is worth giving a try. Overall, I am very satisfied.

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Unsettled and facial rash


Changed my 5wk old over to Nan after knowing S26 was renowned for constipation... worst thing we ever did! Unsettled for 4 days, green poo, wind pain (constantly pulling knees up to chest with pain), smelling farts, wouldn't finish the bottles and wouldn't sleep during the day due to being so unsettled and clingy!! She also got the worst case of baby acne on her face!! Went back to S26 on day 4 at lunch time, she skilled the whole thing and then had another full bottle two hours later and a late night dream feed two hours after that, completely settled, slept through the night, and rash cleared completely.

Wind pain


Used Nan Ha with my daughter 2 years ago so when weaning my son I used the new updated Nan Ha probiotic thinking it would be the same. How wrong was I! He was continuously unsettled with terrible wind pain. He went from waking once overnight to waking 6 times a night. He was hungry all that time but would only drink 50ml of the bottle and be in so much pain he wouldn't finish the rest. After reading the hundreds of bad reviews all confirming that the formula was causing the wind pain I switched him to Nan comfort. He is much happier, finishes his bottles and is sleeping much better. Very disappointed considering the price I paid for the premium formula.

Jess Tee

Jess TeeLewisham

  • 2 reviews



Green runny poo nappies can't even catch the amount of runny green water.
Stomach cramps after a feed.
Unsettled baby during the night.
Won't settle unless he is clingy onto me with pain.
Lots of wind during feeds also making it hard to bring up wind.
Reflux after every feed.
I have no idea why this is $10 more expensive than Nan comfort or other brands. I wish I had of looked at reviews on this the private hospital reccomended the formula and I'll be complaining to my lactating consultant.

N Smith

N SmithAddelaide

5 weeks of absolute misery


After using Nan HA gold for my first child with success I had no hesitation to start my second child on it. Worst thing I could have done. I trusted this new improved formula would be the same as the old HA, but after 5 weeks of a baby projectile vomiting on every piece of furniture and clothing in my house, dark green foul smelling poo explosions and the worst gas ever, I trusted my instincts and stopped giving it to her. I was in tears every day and thought something was wrong with my baby. I almost nearly put her on medication. Nestle state that the new, improved formula has no major changes, but I beg to differ.

Jonah s Dad

Jonah s DadRouse Hill

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Should be recalled from the market


Unfortunately, there isn't a zero star rating so I could gave to this product.
Green runy nappy, only once every three days. The baby is screaming from the pain in his stomach. The only slightly good thing is little reflux compare to the Nan pro gold.
I will return back to the pro gold or I will check another product as the pro gold make him reflux alot. Maybe it can work with other babies but thats my experience with this product.
It's the first time I regret to buying a Germain product. We thought its good Germain product especially its pricy and one of the most expensive in the market.

Bring back NAN H.A. 1 Gold


My 2 week old baby, has been on this new formula since birth and has been so unsettled and is still very constipated, I originally used the old formula with my other child (who is now 2 yrs old) with no problems at all. I'm very disappointed with this new formula and have had to change to another brand, which is more gentle on babies tummies. Don't understand why they would change the original formula with a formula, that is obviously affecting babies, parents are meant to be enjoying these first few weeks but I have found them very upsetting.



  • 2 reviews

Works for my baby


I've had to give my baby Nan HA Gold since birth. Never had any issues with the product.

I've recently transitioned to the new version of this formula. Again, no issues for my baby.

I'm only rating the product 3 stars due to the price increase which, after speaking with Nestle, appears to be based on greed rather than a change in ingredients.



Very upset with change in formula


I have a 5 week old newborn whom I was feeding the original ha formula with no problems. Since nestle changed formula she has had terrible reflux, constant stomach aches, constipation, green poos and been hard to settle after feeds. I am terribly disappointed in nestle and am changing brands

Thank you Nestle for making my


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Can use 3 to 4 years old baby?

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Hi I would like to know where I can purchase the Nan comfort one rtf

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Nani N.

Nani N.asked

Hai I am using nan ha 1 my son often has smelly fart and greenish poop does this cause any problem to his digestive system and will this help in causing reflux problem

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