Nestle NAN OPTIPRO 1 Starter Baby Formula – 800g
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Nestle NAN OPTIPRO 1 Starter Baby Formula – 800g

Nestle NAN OPTIPRO 1 Starter Baby Formula – 800g

188 reviews

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188 reviews
reviewgirlGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC7 posts
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My baby loves it!

Mine started on this at the hospital when she was just born as well as breast milk. She has loved it ever since. I mix feed my baby with formula and breastmilk, she loves this milk! We let her try another formula but she wouldnt drink it. She has grown very well and is a happy and healthy 3 month old. I feel very comfortable with this product and will be staying with NAN. Show details
Harvey Wilson
Harvey WilsonSouth East Queensland, QLD202 posts
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No complaints

My 4 week old baby used Aptimil in the hospital as a supplement but after coming home we started using NAN. Had no side effects of changing brands and the baby mostly keeps it down. Burps well afterwards.

The formula is easy to prepare. There is a care line you can call for other information and they were very polite and informative when i had some questions regarding the formula.

It isnt the cheapest, or the most expensive and I have never had a problem finding it in stores. Show details

Value for Money
Michelle Saad
Michelle SaadSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts
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Baby very happy

Baby very happy- no adverse reactions or negativity of any kind. No regular diarrhoea or reflux. Baby always brought up his wind soon after feeding ended too. Baby basically happy. Show details
FesuSydney Surrounds, NSW5 posts
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Great formula

The NAN optipro HA gold 1 was recommended to my and my wife by the midwifes at the hospital when baby was born. She never had a problem with feeding. Easy to prepare and affordable price. I recommend it. Show details
amirGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts
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The best formula milk for my baby

Thanks to NAN1, as it is easily digested by my son. My son used to spit milk soon after feeding. I have had many formula milk changed for my son and after much effort, I found NAN1, perfect solution. Easily available at superstores everywhere in Australia. No side effects at all.

WartsandallMelbourne14 posts
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Great product and price!

We changed from Bellamy's where my son had a lot of issues with gas and constipation, which caused him to be really irritable and cry all the time.

No more issues since changing to this formula. Son loves to drink it and it's easy to buy as it isn't sold out all the time. Reasonably priced, even better when on sale.

Easy to prepare and the product has two safety seals on it, which ensures that the product hasn't been tampered with.

QuratulAinAU8 posts
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NAN Baby Formula

This is the baby milk my nephew is suited to and digests easily without throwing up. Quite easy to prepare and widely available as well everywhere in Australia. I have not witnessed any sort of side effects for the baby. We tried some other baby milk as well but have now settled on this one for good.

Stephy R
Stephy RToukley4 posts
  1 Starter

No problems

We tried 3 different formulas for my 5th babe

This is the one for us

I can buy it anywhere

And it’s reasonably priced

Very happy

Regular poos

No reflux

She is happy :)

We tried a2 platinum and also s26 she didn’t like the s26 and trying to get the a2 was a worry

Bree S
Bree S7 posts
  1 Starter

Quality baby formula

Our baby loves this formula and we haven't had any problems with constipation or tummy issues. Both of our girls have had this brand formula now and out hospital also stocks it for new babies. I always suggest nan when friends are looking for formula for their little ones. Not a too bad price either.

JulieMelbourne6 posts
  1 Starter

Very digestive

Its very good for babies and never upset their tummy. Never had problems with constipation and they show u all the instructions how to prepare it. I used it to my both kids never had any issue with it. They just drink it and fall a sleep with comfortable tummy

IqraSydney6 posts
  1 Starter

It cause bloating and gas to my Bub

After having a good feedback I start from this formula for my newborn with breast bottle per start it cause reflux and bloating seems that it’s heavy on stomach but with 2 weeks my baby start crying due to gas and baby was very didn’t work for my baby.

AnitaIllawarra, NSW7 posts
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Not the best formula for our baby

Formula was easy to prepare and our baby seemed to enjoy it. He started on S26 and because that was constipating we started using half half which worked quite well. At around 4 months we decided to just stick with the nan bit this gave our baby an upset stomach, as well as many very watery bowel motions a day. Watery that it was all absorbed in the nappy.

brookelwebbBundaberg7 posts
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Excellent formula. Wouldn't use any other as it doesnt clump and block the bottle. It is very gentle on bubs tummy since transfering from breastmilk. Even formulas that claim to be gentle on bubs tummy doesn't measure up to this formula. I would defiantly recommend this to others with newborns.

RinatMelbourne8 posts
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Best formula

we have been using this formula since day four. My bub never had any issues drinking it. We have been mixed feeding (breast and formula) easily digested and we are very grateful for this formula. I will not be changing this formula any time soon. Easy instructions, easily mixed, easily fed.

MillyvanillyHervey Bay3 posts
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We love Nan pro Gold!

Have had my daughter on Nan Pro gold from 6months, couldn’t recommend it enough. I’m now pregnant with my second and I’m finding it incredibly difficult to come by? This was perfect for us and our daughter- have switched to cows milk for her of an evening now, I’ll be so disappointed if I can’t buy some for our second baby if we need it.

Krysten G
Krysten GPilbara, WA13 posts
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Best formula

Great formula for my baby who suffered with incredible wind pain in the beginning but moved into this formula and she was much more content.

Baby girl is regular, burps easy and seems to enjoy it.

No side effects whatsoever. I will definitely use this if I can't breastfeed my next.

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SarahGippsland, VIC16 posts
  1 Starter

The best formula on the market!!

I was unable to breast feed so my daughter was on formula right from the start and she had colic we tried many different formulas and none of them agreed with her except for this one!! Highly recommend nan formula to any parents needing formula for their little ones. If we ever have children again I will definitely use nan again.

ShawneeF4 posts
  1 Starter

Great for supplementing breastfed baby

Formula was easy to prepare with easy to understand instructions. My baby is mainly fed breastmilk but takes this formula as either a night supplement or for days when I am back at work and I havnt expressed enough milk for the day. I have been supplementing for few months and have not noticed side effects yet.

SelMelbourne6 posts
  1 Starter

Didn't suit my Bub!

Bought Nan pro Gold 1 for my newborn he he was bloated & gassy all the time. I'v heard good things about NAN from my friends but it didn't agree with my bub. He was highly constipated & was in pain. My nurse then said every baby is different & I may have to switch to another brand. I did put him on another formula & had no issues since.

ClaudiaPerth4 posts
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I have used this formula for both of my babies. It is the best one out there in my opinion. I had one very hungry baby and it was sufficient enough to keep his tummy full and my second had slight reflux but this was gentle enough on his tummy. I have two big healthy boys and would only use this formula.

MarySydney8 posts
  1 Starter

Good formula, no issues

We have been using this issue since birth with our baby. Easy to prepare (one scoop per 30ml water), comes with scoop. Baby has no problems, enjoys formula and is gaining weight. I am doing mixed feeding (breastfeeding and formula) and baby is happy to accept both breastmilk and nan formula. Occasional reflux when given too quickly

KRISHNA14 posts
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Baby girl like a lot

When my daughter was born, I considered putting her on formula. But i did a bit of research and my health nurse told me that S26 Gold can actually cause constipation, try NAN pro1 Gold. So i just used normal NESTLE NAN

PRO newborn and she didn't have another problem, until we found out she had reflux and we just switched to NAN PRO 1 GOLD .Now she is 11months old and ongoing progress is really good.

MustafaVic8 posts
  1 Starter

So helpful!

It is easy to prepare! It helps to get the baby to sleep a little longer as they will feel pretty full! You'd notice that your baby would drink a lot more formula than just regular breast milk so this will keep them fairly full and will help them sleep longer.

WenSydney4 posts
  1 Starter

My baby loves it

Our daughter was put on this from the hospital, upon discharge we tried to give her the bellamy formula thinking that organic products are better but she just kept on having loose stool after the formula swap. Back on the nan now and she is as happy as can be!

kristinaSydney, NSW9 posts
  1 Starter


Very easy to prepare baby loves it !

puts baby to ease with good food !

No side effects at all the product is full of great nutrition great product highly recommended.

will Keep purchasing product for niece as much as I need it wouldn't use any other brand !

Zues Lives on!
Zues Lives on!Western Australia, 606017 posts
  1 Starter

The Baby seemed happy enough drinking it

My youngest baby seemed happy enough when drinking this formula and yet to see him bring it back up, which is all that matters, as it is easily to batch up that any mere male can do it. It's always available at the local Wooworths, so no drama there of missing out or having to change brands.

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CalamondinSydney4 posts
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To baby's taste, but not stomach

Initial formula used but baby would get bloated after feeding on this which would make him grumpy. Then briefly switched to a specific low allergy formula Aptermil allerpro as recommended by doctor but baby didn't like it at all. Have now resorted to mixing low allergy formula with this one.

  1 Starter


I could not breast feed from 4wo so tried the aptimil gold and was so frothy it gave my baby so much wind and was in heaps of pain screaming a scream I had never heard :( switched to this formula and she loves it, regular bowel movements and quite content in herself! Highly recommend and not frothy once prepared!

  1 Starter

Great product

I found this formula really suited my babies, and because of my family history of asthma and allergies it was recommended to me by my community nurse. It was easy to prepare and I didn't have any problems with constipation or diarrhoea that I found with other formulas before being recommended to use this brand

CaycaySydney9 posts
  1 Starter

My baby loves it

I have tried a bunch of different formulas - which is not good for baby. But she kept getting tummy issues. I finally settle and on nan pro gold. I found the comfort made her throw up quite a lot. She didn't really like s26 and blackmores gave her uncomfortable gas pains. I'm super happy that I found the pro gold as my baby is now happy and comfortable. With the next I will not have to try different formulas as I've found the winner! Price could be a bit better.

AliMelbourne9 posts
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Seemed to cause a bit of constipation

Our son was having Nan since birth, originally supplied by the hospital because there was no lactation from the breast. During this stage he was fine with it and passing stool as normal. However, after putting him on another formula (one tin worth) and then switching back to Nan, we had noticed after a few days of Nan that he wasn't as regular with his bowel movements. During nappy change he would tense up and strain to poo (turning red in the face) but to no avail. He would only pass stool once every 2 or 3 days. Every baby is different but I guess it wasn't so great for our son.

LeanneSouth East Queensland, QLD8 posts
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Depends on the child and the circumstances

My grandson used this formula. He was regurgitating quite a bit of the formula up. I tended to think that their stomachs weren't originally designed for formula so that was why he was bringing so much of it back up. He seemed to only have a bowel movement every few days; the movement was small in quantity and the stools were firm.There is a review where a lady says that the formula literally saved her premature baby's life: She used it before she was able to breastfeed and it had been recommended by the hospital. It is obviously appreciated by other Mum's; however, I don't think it was appropriate for my grandson.

JasNsw, 27056 posts
  1 Starter


Just changed my bubs formula to this it's amazing no side affects no constipation my baby loves he's food and always seems to polish off a bottle even though he's bloated lol this formula keeps me sane and bub happy too. Buy this product it's amazing everyone should give it ago there's obviously a reason why this product is still going.

JulieanneSydney10 posts
  1 Starter

An important product for my son

My son was born 5 weeks early, and this product sustained him in his first week of life while my milk supply was coming in. No issues at all with digestion, and was recommended by our hospital. I ended up exclusively breastfeeding when he was around 2wo, but it was a lifesaver, literally!

UnderwoodGold Coast5 posts
  1 Starter

Gave my son very very bad constipation

Formula was easy to prepare and baby son drank it happily but it gave him terrible constipation. He was crying a lot trying to do a number two and when he did his number two was green! My mum thinks it was due to the iron content. Had to give him coloxyl drops to help him and had to change to another formula. Didn't suit my baby son at all.

MyeSydney, NSW36 posts
  1 Starter

No Major Issues

My daughter has been drinking Nan Pro Gold since 1 month old. She is now 9 months old and drinks Nan Pro Gold 2. No major issue with Nan Pro Gold 1. But has occasional mild constipation with no. 2. I was also feeding my son who almost 3 years old now Nan Pro Gold from 4 months to 2 years.

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MaddiMelbourne6 posts
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Started on the comfort but my baby responded much better too the gold. Easy to make and clear instructions. Baby transferred to stage 2 well and I have had no vomiting at all since changing to this formula. I would like the scoop size to be larger so that you don't have to count so many scoops, hard for a tired mum to remember how many scoops she has already put in and then when you loose count you have to tip it out and start again

Mark Takla
Mark TaklaSydney5 posts
  1 Starter

It worked for us

After stopping breast feeding our baby settled very easily with this formula, we have tried many others in the process of finding this to be the most compatible with our baby. One thing that may not seem that important to some is how easy it is to scoop out and scrape the top of the scoop withou the need of a knife.

RoziMelbourne10 posts
  1 Starter

Love it

I have tried many forums since I was low on breastmilk I needed to supplement my baby with formula but ny ds hated all other formula after trying almost all of formula out there finally got the one he likes. I myself tried all as well and by far nan is the best it taste good than other formula out best of all my ds enjoys it

  1 Starter

Really happy I changed to this

I was originally using Nan HA Gold at the hospital as I could not BF. I found that Bub was very windy and constipated. I changed to this and my baby loves it, not as windy and no more straining to go to the toilet has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links.

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