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Nestle NAN Optipro 3 Toddler

Nestle NAN Optipro 3 Toddler

4.3 from 36 reviews

Fishy smell

Ran out of Anmum pediapro toddler from NZ and its not available in Australia. Purchased NAN optipro as I found it less carbohydrates compared to other brand and its affordability but my daughter did not like the taste, she wouldn't take it. I tried it myself and tasted like a fish.

Really Good

My baby wasn't very keen of trying this formula but once she did she enjoyed it very much. It's very easy to make and I believe it aids in digestion. I will definitely recommend it. It dissolves easily and has a nice tasting vanilla flavor. I will continue to use it.

This is prefect

This is prefect and never any issue . Always can buy in local supermarket like coles or Woolworths. And always discount . No drama . My son drink milk like water it is good keep it cheap and easy to find in supermarket. I like it and good choose .


The pediatrician advice me to use nan pro 2 gold when i was still breastfeeding and after she turned one we keep going on with nan pro 3. Now, that she is 3 she s still love her formula and it definetly give her all the vitamins she needs and we love it.

Totally love it!

Bub manage to transition very well from NAN 2 to NAN 3. And she still loves this milk. It is easy to make and dissolves very well in warm milk, thus can make it anywhere without any hassle. Most importantly, the formula is full of nutrients and good for my baby.

Great formula for toddlers

Decided to give nan toddler a go as it was on super special, and bubs took to it no problem. (Previously he was on bellamys organic formula). It's easy to prepare and comes in smaller scoops so there is less wastage (30ml water to one scoop). As this is the only toddler formula I've tried, I can't compare to others.. but it has less bubbles than the bellamys stage 1 and 2 formula. Great that it has added probiotics in it.

Easy to prepare, toddler loves it

Baby was given top ups of Nan Pro at the hospital and we have stuck with Nan. Have been giving Nan Pro to my toddler for a few months now and he loves it and I am happy knowing he's getting essential nutrients through his milk still. I particularly like that it's got probiotics in it.

Nan formula assurances for all my children & Grandchild

NAN formula is used in my family for over 16 years and it's easy to use understand and prepare at home or on the move. All my own children & grandchildren all use NAN at birth and I would not try any other brands on the market. After using this product I can safely say none of my children or grandchildren have ever suffered side effects during use.


This formula is easy to prepare. My baby seems like the taste of it very much. This is one of the cheapest formula in the market and it is on promotion very often. I do not notice any side effects in my baby and it is a very good formula.

very good formula

my son seemed to only like to drink this formula. It was good value for money from our local shop. The instruction were clear and easy to follow.
my son seem to enjoy it, this formula has not side effects in my baby. I would recommend to my friend who has a baby.

My daughter doesn't like it

My daughter seems to not like the taste of it so i ended up giving it away. This is one of the cheapest formula in the supermarket especially when on sale but unfortunately my toddler hasn't liked it compared to other two formulas i tried so i think i will stick to the other formulas.

My daughter has no issues with this

We started with Nan Pro 1, then change to Nan Pro 2 after 6 months, and then to Pro 3 after 14 months ,
The formula is easy to prepare, and easily dissolves into lukewarm water as my daughter will not drink if hot.
easy to prepare, and easily dissolves into water.
No side effects in my baby & the price is reasonable and always i get in when there is sale

Liked the most

Our son seemed to only like to drink this formula. It was good value for money from our local shop. The instruction were clear and easy to follow. There was never any issues with clumping or going hard. We live in a very humid climate and the tin was never stored away.

Still my baby favourite.

My baby has consumed Nan Pro since he was just a newborn (Nan Pro 1), then change to Nan Pro 2 after 6 months, and then to Pro 3 after 12 months. He is 13 months now and still really loves Nan Pro milk as much as before. The formula is easy to prepare, and easily dissolves into water. Baby really loves it and definitely enjoy it and always expects to have some more once he finished his milk. No side effects in my baby & the price is reasonable. Definitely highly recommended.

The only milk my baby accepted!

I have been using nan since he was 8 mos old. From.comfort to pro... He loves nan so much tjat at 2 years old he can drink 4 bottles a day! Easy to prepare and the cost vs. Other brands is significant but you know you are givibg your baby one of the best formula available in the market. We love it!

Good product but expensive

I occasionally buy this brand and type of milk powder for my bub because you want to do what's best (read: most expensive) for your baby. Baby likes it, however baby likes other cheaper brands (from Aldi) as well and there is absolutely no difference in response to these brands.

Perfect for my bub

I weaned my 19 month old son from breastmilk at aged one and tried several types of formula but he suffered from constipation until I tried nan pro 3. It agreed with him and he absolutely loves the taste. I also like that it has a ledge inside the tin which is handy to place the scoop.

Love it

It is dry and easy to prepare. My kids enjoyed it for about 2 years. The spoon can be put on the top of the jar under the cover, as there are room between the two covers. The other brands I bought are not designed in this way, the spoon has to be put in the powder, it is not so clean.

My kids love it !!

Its very easy to prepare. Saving time for breakfast! My kids enjoy it a lot since they were babies !! It's good for them because they don't eat much proper food ,I believe it keep them healthy . They have been take it for a few years already !! Really !!

good, economical

This formula was easy to prepare, it didnt clump up like some other brands towards the end of the tin. Our little one seemed to have less perks from this one rather than other brands we tried so we stayed with this brand. Good thing was this was one of the cheaper options on the self! Handy when you're going through so much.

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Questions & Answers

Hi.. can i give my 10 months old baby nan 3?
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hello is nan optipro 3 can make baby pass his stool easily?because my baby is 13 months and he is using similac gain plus but he is crying everytime he poop because of the hard stool.im planning to change his milk to nan optipro 3!
No answers

My baby is 11 months old but she will be 1 year old after 4 days. Can i give her NAN 3 now? Or should i wait for her to turn 1 year old? I really need your help. Thanks
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NAN Optipro 3 Toddler
Price (RRP) $19.99
AgeToddler (1+ year)
Contains Cow's Milk Yes
Contains Goat's MilkNo
Contains Soy No
Contains GOS prebioticsNo
Release dateMay 2008
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