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1, 2 and 3 Toddler
4.0 from 241 reviews

Best formula

we have been using this formula since day four. My bub never had any issues drinking it. We have been mixed feeding (breast and formula) easily digested and we are very grateful for this formula. I will not be changing this formula any time soon. Easy instructions, easily mixed, easily fed.

Very good

Has been using this formula for my daughter since 4 days after she was born. Highly recommended, never has had any issues , good for immune, easy to prepare has been using this for international travels. Happy likes the taste. Nil side effects noted. My daughter is 2 and half still consumes formula once a day

Great product

Great product and never had any issues with the milk. my toddler enjoys it and it's easy to prepare. Measure with the provided spoon and add lukewarm water and you're good to go. Prepare on the go with no issues. Would use again if we happen to stumble on our next baby!

This is prefect

This is prefect and never any issue . Always can buy in local supermarket like coles or Woolworths. And always discount . No drama . My son drink milk like water it is good keep it cheap and easy to find in supermarket. I like it and good choose .


The pediatrician advice me to use nan pro 2 gold when i was still breastfeeding and after she turned one we keep going on with nan pro 3. Now, that she is 3 she s still love her formula and it definetly give her all the vitamins she needs and we love it.

Good product

Formula is very easy to make. I love the packing too - it has a seperate space to keep the scoop for the hygiene purposes. My DS is very fussy with formulaes only prefers Nan. Have tried others but so far Nan is a win. Definitely recommend it. No side effects so far.

Totally love it!

Bub manage to transition very well from NAN 2 to NAN 3. And she still loves this milk. It is easy to make and dissolves very well in warm milk, thus can make it anywhere without any hassle. Most importantly, the formula is full of nutrients and good for my baby.

Bub loves it!

Been using NAN since my baby was born. She just loves it. We moved from NAN 1 to NAN 2 without any issues. It dissolves in warm milk, so easy to make when you are out and also at night. I feel good knowing that NAN has good nutrient for a healthy baby to grow.

We love Nan pro Gold!

Have had my daughter on Nan Pro gold from 6months, couldn’t recommend it enough. I’m now pregnant with my second and I’m finding it incredibly difficult to come by? This was perfect for us and our daughter- have switched to cows milk for her of an evening now, I’ll be so disappointed if I can’t buy some for our second baby if we need it.

Best formula.

Great formula for my baby who suffered with incredible wind pain in the beginning but moved into this formula and she was much more content.
Baby girl is regular, burps easy and seems to enjoy it.
No side effects whatsoever. I will definitely use this if I can't breastfeed my next.

Great formula for toddlers

Decided to give nan toddler a go as it was on super special, and bubs took to it no problem. (Previously he was on bellamys organic formula). It's easy to prepare and comes in smaller scoops so there is less wastage (30ml water to one scoop). As this is the only toddler formula I've tried, I can't compare to others.. but it has less bubbles than the bellamys stage 1 and 2 formula. Great that it has added probiotics in it.

The best formula on the market!!

I was unable to breast feed so my daughter was on formula right from the start and she had colic we tried many different formulas and none of them agreed with her except for this one!! Highly recommend nan formula to any parents needing formula for their little ones. If we ever have children again I will definitely use nan again.

Easy to prepare, toddler loves it

Baby was given top ups of Nan Pro at the hospital and we have stuck with Nan. Have been giving Nan Pro to my toddler for a few months now and he loves it and I am happy knowing he's getting essential nutrients through his milk still. I particularly like that it's got probiotics in it.

Great for supplementing breastfed baby

Formula was easy to prepare with easy to understand instructions. My baby is mainly fed breastmilk but takes this formula as either a night supplement or for days when I am back at work and I havnt expressed enough milk for the day. I have been supplementing for few months and have not noticed side effects yet.

Nan formula assurances for all my children & Grandchild

NAN formula is used in my family for over 16 years and it's easy to use understand and prepare at home or on the move. All my own children & grandchildren all use NAN at birth and I would not try any other brands on the market. After using this product I can safely say none of my children or grandchildren have ever suffered side effects during use.

Didn't suit my Bub!

Bought Nan pro Gold 1 for my newborn he he was bloated & gassy all the time. I'v heard good things about NAN from my friends but it didn't agree with my bub. He was highly constipated & was in pain. My nurse then said every baby is different & I may have to switch to another brand. I did put him on another formula & had no issues since.


I have used this formula for both of my babies. It is the best one out there in my opinion. I had one very hungry baby and it was sufficient enough to keep his tummy full and my second had slight reflux but this was gentle enough on his tummy. I have two big healthy boys and would only use this formula.


This formula is easy to prepare. My baby seems like the taste of it very much. This is one of the cheapest formula in the market and it is on promotion very often. I do not notice any side effects in my baby and it is a very good formula.

Toddler not a fan

Unfortunately, my toddler is not a fan of this. Everytime I have tried to mix this formula there has been refusal. I can get away with mixing in some food but it defeats the purpose of buying this as a supplemental feed. Will try another brand and hope for more luck.

Good formula, no issues

We have been using this issue since birth with our baby. Easy to prepare (one scoop per 30ml water), comes with scoop. Baby has no problems, enjoys formula and is gaining weight. I am doing mixed feeding (breastfeeding and formula) and baby is happy to accept both breastmilk and nan formula. Occasional reflux when given too quickly

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Hi.. can i give my 10 months old baby nan 3?
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What is the difference between nan pro nd nan optipro?
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We are using Opti Pro for our 11 weeks daughter. From last 3 or 4 weekd we have noticed milk comes up even after burrp . Beause of that she remails very unsettled. Is this somet related to formula or something else? Should we change to another formula
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Price (RRP) $24.50$24.50$19.99
AgeInfant (0-6 months)Follow-On (6-12 Months)Toddler (1+ year)
Contains Cow's Milk YesYesYes
Contains Goat's MilkNoNoNo
Contains Soy NoNoNo
Dominant Protein WheyCasein
Contains GOS prebioticsNoNoNo
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