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295 reviews
SafaSydney8 posts
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BBy formula

Baby love this formula. There are no side effects from the products. My baby gets weight from the formula. Very easy to prepare. Baby loves and enjoy drinking. Packing put safe amd freah formula for long time. Easily avilable in stores. Love this product. One of my friend refers me this product.

E.T26Tinonee8 posts
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really great!

Have had my five month old on this formula since 3months because he started to get bad eczema on his forehead and since we have no rashes! The only bad thing about this formula is that it makes his poo very green and really smelly but he is fine and doctors and nurses have informed me it’s normal. Very easy to prepare and love that the scoop can sit on top so I never have to put my hands in the formula.

LitaLake Macquarie6 posts
  Verified 3 Toddler

Great brand and formula, used all stages since birth

After having latching difficulties at birth, we were offered some nan formula to use by the hospital so I could build up a breast milk supply.

I ended up exclusively expressing breast milk for 8 months.

We went along with the hospital’s recommendation and used Nan as a back up to expressed breast milk.

After returning to work early when my son was 9 months we had to up the intake of formula as I could no longer express as often.

My son is now nearly 2 and continues to use nan. It has worked perfectly for him and was nice and gentle on his gut.

RipuMelbourne3 posts
  1 Starter

Perfect food for Babies

Formula is very easy to prepare with no side effects at all. Using since this formula was given to my daughter when we were in hospital and we have been on it ever since. I have studied about this product along with it's benefits in relation to nutrients provided to new born. I would recommend this product to family friends.

ShereenSydney, NSW8 posts
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Beat for my babies

I have tried many brands of formula over three children I have had but always come back to Nan HA as it is super gentle on the tummy and doesn’t give your baby reflux or Collic which can be very upsetting to a little tummy. Highly recommend to any new parents

VicSydney, NSW6 posts
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Good formula for newborn

I used this formula as it was what was given to my child when we were in hospital and we have been on it ever since. There has been no side effects and I feel comfortable giving my baby this formula daily. We will definitely stick to the NAN brand.

Nikita Pallister
Nikita PallisterSunshine coast4 posts
  3 Toddler

My 2 year old Loves it!!

Easy to mix, easy on my toddlers tummy, have tried other formulas when the bottle was first introduced but had issues with wind and tummy cramping, have been using since a friend recommended it when my daughter was 6 months old and have not even once considered changing since that day!

BlondieCessnock nsw6 posts
  3 Toddler

Excellent product

My baby loves this particular formula over a few others, it seems to keep bub fuller than others for longer. My baby has had no side effects and I've been using this product for a few months now. Nan is an easy formula to prepare, my only criticism is too many little scoops in one bottle, time consuming when bub needs a feed.

AshleyKilmore11 posts
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Son likes formula

The formula is easy to prepare and my son loves it, he drinks it all and tries to drink it so quick. However, it gives him reflux and wind- that’s the only reason I’m giving 4 stars. We also used this with my daughter when she was little and same it gave her find and reflux.

KeishaCroydon6 posts
  1 Starter

Perfect for my kids

Feed this formula to both of my children after I was unable to breastfeed. Kids took to it well without upsetting their little tummy's at all. Been able to store and easily prepare for kids, instructions are clear and simple.

Definitely a great formula that I would quickly recommend to all friends.

Jagga4 posts
  1 Starter

This is excellent

Our Baby seem to enjoy drinking this formula. My baby have not side effects or reaction to drinking formula. The formula very easy to prepare .My baby very much seem to enjoy drinking this formula . My baby never have any side effect and reaction to drinking this nice formula

Tired mumma
Tired mummaCentral West, NSW
  1 Starter

Very sick baby!!

We changed from another formula due to constipation and under instructions from our GP and Paediatrician we changed to this formula. Once we started this formula, a few days in, baby started to develop eczema, excruciating gas pains (pulling legs up) and poo went dark green and foul smell! She became unsettled and wouldn't sleep! She had all signs and symptoms of severe colic - until we read others reviews! We have changed to another formula now and she's an angel - no colic symptoms AT ALL!

We seen this product has changed it's name to "supreme" now - "Supremely horrible" more like it! Nestle need to review their product as majority of comments are the same and making our babies VERY sick!

ZoeSydney, NSW16 posts
  1 Starter

Good baby formula

I was having a small amount of milk for my baby at the beginning becouse he was big baby and asking for more milk than usually newborn need. We start using this formula as top up after every breastfeeding and my baby was happy and enjoyed drinking this..it is easy to prepare... and does not makes any problems to baby stomach

AliSydney9 posts
  2 Follow-On

Easy to digest

my 9months old son is using this formula. we started with HA1 gold and change to HA2 when he turn 6months. he is digesting this formula without any issue. no issue with the product except sometime I have to search in different store due to limited supply. overall best product for toddlers.

smcPerth6 posts
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Made my baby stink

My baby didn’t mind it, however he smelt like he had a dirty nappy constantly. I couldn’t feel him farting so it seemed more like it was leaching out his skin. It was awful and embarrassing. We changed formula after Two or three days. I wouldn’t recommend it - sorry Nan

sam7 posts
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very good

Formula is easy to prepare but find the number of scoops needed is annoying to remember when dealing with a newborn and suggest a bigger scoop instead of using so many. Baby seems happy on this formula and have had no issues. Can sometimes be difficult to source as it seems to be very popular.

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Grace J
Grace JCromer4 posts
  1 Starter

A good start then different problem exist

My newborn use this as top up. At first it was ok then after after 3wks of using my baby having colic,runny poop & gassy.Her face develop some rashes. She cry a lot & she keeps her head up and when I touch her tummy it's a bit hard. She can't sleep properly and always wakes up and cry in pain. We changed the formula and bought Munchkin and still BF on me. Now my baby have no problem & sleep without pain in tummy.

Mad Mira
Mad MiraMoe11 posts
  1 Starter

Only one that satisfied

I tried other formulas not gunna mention names but my baby just didn’t seem to be satisfied from it after advise from the nurse I switched to nan was much easier to make up was left with no unmixed formula and my baby was finally satisfied. I found it to be a lot thicker then another formula I had tried so I’m not sure but they may have had something to do with baby being more satisfied and settled. It’s very distressing when your a new Mum and your feeding your baby how you should I fed on demand but my baby was feeding every half hour to hour and still not settling once changing to nan baby didn’t have that constant hunger and settled like a dream my baby grew happily with nan.

Maudesydney4 posts
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My son had a reaction to s26 formula and i tried this formula and didnt have a problem at all. Affordable. Easy to prepare. My son loved it. No reflux or any reaction. Will recommend to friends and family and use again in the future! i have used this for both my kids

VanessaSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts
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Great for transition from breast milk to formula

Our baby had a very sensitive tummy and quite fussy moving from breast milk to formula. After 3 different brands of formula, our baby took to this one quite easily. You can also stay on this one for the whole baby/ toddler time. A drop of organic vanilla essence in the bottle also helped with the smooth transition for a week, and then we didn't need the essence anymore.

L.Lesydney5 posts
  1 Starter

Good Weight Gaining but A little bit of contipation!

I like the formula, It’s easy to prepare, My bub love it, easy to buy at any supermarkets compare to other brands

Smell of this formula is quite strong, smell abit metalic

Mu bub did not have any wind pain or reflux when using this formula

The only reason that I stop using because of contipation, otherwise my bub gained weight very well.

EveGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC6 posts
  3 Toddler

Good nutrition for busy toddlers

been using nan pro formula since birth and then they replaced it with this one. Flavour is not the same so baby wont try it. Toddlers are fussy and want the exact same taste. But otherwise good nutrient base and no problems with poop. Just some problems with nails, maybe not enough calcium in it.

MussGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC15 posts
  1 Starter

Good for the first 2 weeks

Our little one has been on formula since day 1 due to complications and being a preemie,but after 2 weeks, We noticed it did not agree with our little one,caused constipation, sulfuric smelly poo's & Stomach pain,Wind & Gas (Colic type symptoms).

He would become blue around the lips and noticed a rounded tummy and would scream and pull his legs in with pain.

We moved to Bellamys Organic and have been happy with the results so far.

Skye S
Skye STAS, 70198 posts
  1 Starter

Used as a newborn then changed

This was the formula recommended by the midwives when I couldn't breastfeed. At first we thought it was a good item but our son was very spitty and our paedtrician recommended nan comfort. He spits up only occassionly now. The price point of this formula was abit steep seeing as the comfort is about $6-9 cheaper and our son is happier on it

Dashing Dachshunds
Dashing DachshundsTallai3 posts
  2 Follow-On

Both babies love it!

Both of my babies loved this formula, it is easy on digestion, unlike some other brands that can cause constipation. NAN HA Optipro is easily dissolved when making up bottles, scoop rests on top of lip inside can, for easy use next time and it's often on special in leading supermarkets chains.

Lisa Lor
Lisa Lor
  3 Toddler

Formula that is closest to Nature

The formula is definitely easy to prepare and instructions are easy to follow. The only changes I would make is to change the scoop size! My baby drinks 150 mls and this requires 5 Scoops! Takes more time especially at night when my baby wants a feed. However would still recommend for mothers who are seeking recommendations on formula brands for their babies.

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Georgie_Best125 posts
  1 Starter
Mary Rose Allen
Mary Rose AllenWide Bay-Burnett, QLD11 posts
  1 Starter

A good product

Had an 11 week old baby, we tried this milk for her as I went to surgery and I couldnt breastfeed for few days.

My daughter loved it and instantly got used to the taste I guess.

Would probably advise the mums out there not to use the "gold" one if you are breastfeeding as well as formula, as my GP stated that it may cause some constipation which did happened to my girl.

But overall its a good formula, I should just have purchased the refular NAN.

TinaBaldivis7 posts
  1 Starter

Really recommend

After trying so many different baby formulas this has to one of the best not to expensive filling for my baby helped alot with her reflux issues and best of all doesn't even taste gross like most formulas hard part was weening my 3 year old off this formula as she loved it so much

LeahRockhampton7 posts
  Verified 3 Toddler

First time formula

My baby was exclusively breastfed her whole life until we went away for work (I run my own business) and I had forgotten to pack my pump! My husband ran down to the shop and picked up our first ever tin of formula, Nan Optipro HA 3. I was worried my daughter would reject it being her first time with formula, but she absolutely loved it. It was very easy to switch between this and breastmilk too.

TeenGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC7 posts
  1 Starter

Easy on little tummy

My bub arrive little early. So hospital feeding her nan optipro gold...so continue that one...its Soo easy to make as mentioned on pack and like others same process.

Not only my baby enjoyed it it also easy on little baby tummy..easy to digest and provide all nutrients

My baby didn't get any side effect and planning to use for second baby due in Oct.

BlwebbBundaberg5 posts
  1 Starter

Look at labels

Make sure u look at the lables on these formula tins. There is little to no difference between the gold and the regular HA formula . . . There is however $ 10 difference in the price of the 2 formulas despite the very small difference in what is in the actual tin itself.

  1 Starter

Only Formula that my Daughter did not vomit with

After several attempts of various formulas with my premmie baby this is the only formula that was similar to breast milk in consistency and the only milk she could hold down. The formula is easy to prepare, the lip at the top helps flatten the scoop to get even scoops highly recommended

Jess P
Jess PAU4 posts
  1 Starter

Great But Pricey

This is the formula my son started on from day one. He seemed to really enjoy it from the start. However when he did a poo he grunted really loudly and it seemed like he struggled to poo it out. Although it was a normal poo, he doesn't do this with the other NAN product. Also found its a really pricey tin especially when we were paying for 2 time a week. Which comes to $60

Easy to prepare.

DeaIllawarra, NSW8 posts
  1 Starter

My bubs loves it

I have been using nan formula for ages now and my new bubs loves it too !! It fill his tummy and the recommended amount in the chart is on point! Easy to use scoop with a lip in the tin to get an even amount of formula in the bottle

KumSydney Surrounds, NSW5 posts
  Verified 1 Starter

Baby love it

This is good formula and easy to prepare and comes with all the necessary instructions. My baby enjoyed it since he was 2 months. he has not get any constipation with this formula. we have not noticed any side effect with NAN. Its valuable product for money and i would like to recommended for other moms.

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Sandy D
Sandy DBrisbane5 posts
  3 Toddler

Not a bad option

Little person liked the flavour however is very sweet and he now doesnt like other ones. Scoop was a little small making it time consuming to mix. Otherwise easy to prepare. Mixes easily for good consistency. Good price from supermarket too. Have found other brands better but this isnalways available which suits lifestyle.

AllyPerth4 posts
  1 Starter

If formula is your choice this one seems good

Our baby didn't like it and we only bought it as back up until Mummy milk fully kicked in.

It was the brand the hospital proved sample bottles so this is why we choose it.

I cannot give it 2-3 stars just like I cannot give 5 stars as we didn't preserve, we were way to exhausted at the time.

The price was a little less than other brands.

All speaking with other Mums their baby's favoured Nestle NAN Gold more than another on the market.

So if formula is your choice this one seems good.

Sharyn35Brisbane8 posts
  1 Starter

Great Formula Recommended by Hospital and Pediatrician

Our pediatrician put our Bub on this formula after we discovered I had no breastmilk and he took to it so well. It is easy to prepare and I love the smaller scoop size as there is less wastage. I noticed that his poops were a good consistency and well timed on this formula, which was great. The price was high, so we switched to Aldi formula after reading some great reviews on it. Big mistake. Bub suffered Reflux and poop changed to once every 2.5 days. I've switched back. It is worth the price you pay!

Margaret Lay
Margaret LaySydney5 posts
  1 Starter

Good formula

I used this at the hospital before my breastmilk came through and found it to be quite good for my baby. Continued to use this as I was getting use this when I was home until I started breastfeeding full time. Great if you cannot or choose not to breastfeed your baby.

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