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295 reviews
LeemaSydney, NSW11 posts
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Bubs growth is good except constipation

This is the formula suggested by our pead.We did not try any other brand so far.

Bubs growth is fine , no issues with the feeding.

But looks like they are constipated.They pass motion once in 3 days.Not sure if it's because of formula.they are exclusive formula fed.

SidMelbourne3 posts
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Horrible taste!!

My daughter was exclusively BF till 3 months. I tried few different formulas (Nan, Mamia and Bellamy's) before trying Karicare. Nan optipro was the first formula I tried and it tastes awful. No doubt my daughter would scream and spit it out. The only good thing about this formula is it's packaging.

I am now using Karicare which my daughter loves and is very light on her tummy as well.

ShazSydney, NSW8 posts
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Great formula from birth

We used this formula from the day my son was born as my milk supply was very poor and luckily this formula worked perfectly for our son. Whilst there are so many different types of formulas out on the shelves we found this particular formula gentle and light for our baby and at the same time nutritious. The price is also quite reasonable compared to some other brands. We highly recommend this formula to all new parents :)

DennySydney8 posts
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Expensive but baby loves it

We knew this formula from when we were in the hospital. My baby liked it ever since. It is easy to prepare, the powder is not clumped when mix into the water, the instructions given are very informative and easy to understand. My baby liked this formula and have no other side effects like gassy. However the poop was dark green and my doctor said every poop is different for different formula brand, so it was not really a problem. My baby is now 8 months old and continue drinking this brand for follow-on.

Sharyn35Brisbane8 posts
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Solved Our Bub's Constipation Problem

Our Bub was on another stage 2 formula and got constipated. After reading most of the reviews on this website, we gave NAN Optipro HA a try. No more issues with constipation. Love the formula as it is 100% whey based, no casein, so helped with our Bub's poop problem. Most other formulas are 60% casein, 40% whey and this combo can result in constipation in some Bub's. The partially broken down milk (HA) was another factor for us in choosing this formula.

CindyMelbourne2 posts
  3 Toddler

Perfect Nutrition

Yes, the formula is easy to be dissolved and prepare. The foil is easy to remove and it does not cut fingers.

Yes, my grandson enjoys it and seems full. He does not bloat too much and quite bouncy, then sleeps a lot. Seems contented after finishing his milk.

None at all

KGCSydney3 posts
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DeanPerth7 posts
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Rebranded but still the same high quality

Comes with a security foil seal which is easy to open. The little scoop included is easy to use and measure the right amount. Bubs was given NAN at the hospital and since he didn't have any bad reactions or regurgitated it we continued with it. 11 months later he has never had problems with NAN. Only wish it wasn't so pricy.

ChristineSouth East Queensland, QLD11 posts
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Perfect for our Bub

We use a tin of this each week for our 8 month old son. Our son has been on Nestle NAN since he was born as my supply unfortunately decided to never come in. He has not had any problems while on this formula and he is strong, healthy and at a good weight level.We still use 3-4 bottles a day as well as roughly 3 feeds of puree.

StaceyGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC5 posts
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No Issues

It dissolves easily, leaves no residue on bottle and no constipation. Bowel movement is quite regular and consistency is good. My baby has eczema so we also tried Aptamil Gold+ HA and Aptamil Gold+ Allerpro but my baby kept passing gas and the poo smelled terrible. We don't have this issue with NAN HA.

KristyNewcastle6 posts
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The best

Baby loves this milk, its so eash to prepare and isnt gluggy at all. It doesnt leave residue on the bottle and is highly rates by paedeatricians and speciaist nurses.

After trying 2 other formulas beforehand i finally found this one which agrees with my baby and you can purchase with ease, i get it from woolworths or my local chemist.

WeissVictoria15 posts
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pretty happy

We started using this from the hospital and have been using it since to top up breastfeeding. Baby was a little gassy but not sure what the cause was. Baby transitioned to 2 and 3 and cow’s milk with no issue. Baby is now 1.5yo and has not had a cold.

AliceSydney11 posts
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Not for us

Our baby was being introduced to this formula in the hospital, and we just continued it as she seems to accept it fine. However we realised that she seems to be very irritable and colicky, passing lots of wind, and was very distressed when doing so. Her farts and stool were very smelly too. Her symptoms resolved pretty quickly once we changed formula.

AmyCorlette5 posts
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Great for a growing bub

Easy to make up, 7 scoops Into 200mls warm water, shake and serve. We had a fussy baby that turned her nose up t9 a number of brands but seemed to like this one as no complaint. No side effects. Full of all the nutritional requirements, doesn’t make baby windy or with upset stomachs.

DeanPerth7 posts
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Great infant formula

We were first given NAN at the hospital and bubs didn't reject it so we decided to stick with it when we got home. It is a little bit more expensive than other brands but it is very good quality and easy to prepare with the little scoops and information on the side.

NinaNiranMelbourne4 posts
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Good to have NAN handy

I've been using NAN Optipro Gold since my baby was born and I'm thankful that we've got this baby formula handy. It is handy when you have to go out and you don't want to bring breast milk along with you. It is easy to prepare and my bub absolutely enjoyed it. So far so good and I don't see any side effect to my baby at all. I would definitely recommend this formula to my friends.

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DsayBayswater12 posts
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Works well with my baby

Works well with my baby. I used other brand but my baby won’t take it. But when it used this Nan formula milk my baby able to drink it. No negative side effects observe. I recommend it to all mummies . It is really good especially to your delicate babies .

brookelwebbBundaberg7 posts
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More expensive but not better

We use the NAN formula that is slightly cheaper than this gold formula as its much gentler on bubs stomach. It is generally quite a bit more expensive than its counterpart. Reading the contents of this formula as opposed to the NAN optipro, the NAN optipro is not only cheaper but for the most part has more vitamins etc. Always check the ingredients as more expensive isnt always better.

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AimeeGrafton3 posts
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Easy to prepare, baby didn’t seem to quite like the taste of it but if I had run out of Breast milk she would eventually take this but would never have a complete feed... and am using the 2-4 week measurements and she is 8 weeks. But over all my baby is being fed and it would make her have a bit of reflux and some belly pains. Will be trying NAN comfort next.

RonakMistryGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC15 posts
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Happy Baby = Happy Parents

i think its the most expansive in local market coles / Woolworth / chemist warehouse.

but very light to digest for new born. we did try other NAN but optipro HA gold is the best. for out both child.. no more crying - not stomach / poo problem.

so Happy Baby = Happy Parents

ThanuCranbourne North8 posts
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caromelbourne4 posts
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reliable product

This is a substitute for breast milk which my daughter actually likes the taste of! Amazing! I as a Mum am also pleased with the product, it has a varied nutritional content, is widely available in stores and fairly affordable. For my family, this is a reliable, go -to product.

JadeRichmond-Tweed, NSW8 posts
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Really happy with it

It was the suggested transition from breast milk (from my mid-wife) and my bub had no complaints. She's been on this formula since soon after she was born and all going well. Very easy to prepare and it's great to be able to pre-make the bottles and head out for the day. Happy baby = happy mum!

Tahnee Bananee
Tahnee BananeeByford5 posts
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Fantastic, helped so much

Nan Optipro Ha 1 Gold is very similar to breastmilk so my baby could switch between the two with no issues or complications. I have found the formula extremely easy to prepare and all the step by step instructions easy to follow and understand. Nan Optipro always seems to leave my baby full, content and satisfied.

JessGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC13 posts
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Finally, a formula that works for my bub

The only formula that doesn't make my bub constipated :) it is easy to digest too (less gassy baby) and dissolves easily. My bub is still on stage 1 at 8 months, because stage 2 is lumpy for some reason. Very thankful to find this formula. I also like the space at the top where i can put the spoon on, it makes the powder more hygienic.

The only downside would be it is a bit pricey ($30 for 800g) but i think it's worth it. Sometimes it's hard to find in the supermarket because it's sold out..

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SamSydney12 posts
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Perfect formula for babies with eczema

It was very hard to find formula my baby would like after being breastfed for 10 monthes. Also baby has eczema. But Nan HA 2 was recommended by a friend and after trying it, it’s very good no side effects, baby loves it and smells good compare to other formulas. very easy to prepare. A bit expensive but worth it.

Mrs B
Mrs BCaboolture3 posts
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Watch out for constipation

My little one has been having the formula for a while now. It has been great except for occasional constipation which I heard can happen with all ‘gold’ formulas. Other than that little issue, it is easy to prepare and my baby is satisfied and enjoys it. This is the only one that has kept him content enough overnight to sleep through.

Kae A
Kae ASydney9 posts
  3 Toddler

No issues

We started our little one on formula at 10 months after being exclusively breastfed. We’re now on NAN Optipro HA 3 after using NAN Comfort 2. We’re lucky she isn’t a picky eater - she finishes her bottles and seems to enjoy NAN.

I quite like the canister too. There’s a little inner ring that you use to scrape the formula for portioning - handy!

LouiePerth6 posts
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Bub says yum!

Easy storage and preparation. Our baby is thriving on this formula. Only draw back is it’s more expensive than most other brands and I’m not sure why - I’m not convinced the higher price is justified. But our bub likes it, tolerates it well. No problems with reflux or constipation. Sleeps well when has some before bed.

TashPerth4 posts
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The only formula that worked

We tried several different formulas with our dear son and we found this one to be the one that had minimal side effects such as reflux and wind..it was very easy to prepare...sonalways happy to drink it ..others he would try and not continue. Very happy with this product n have continued to purchase the others in higher age

Lauren6 posts
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Good for my baby

It is super easy to prepare. Just add certain amount of warm water into the formula, shake it well and you are ready to go. I have not noticed any side effects in my baby. My baby drinks the formula twice a day and she seems really enjoy it. Good choice.

Vickster7 posts
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Recommended by midwife

I bought this as it was recommended by my midwife. Apparently it's easier for babies to digest. I have no problems with it, it's easily soluable, great for supplementing breastfeeds. I haven't noticed any side effects, however I hardly had to give a whole bottle in one feed as I mainly use formula as a top-up.

TorySydney4 posts
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My baby does not love the smell, although it is provided by the private hospital

After using for only first 3 weeks, we decided to change it, as baby does not love the smell and wont drink it. I know it is quite different from baby to baby, someone may loves it, but not for us. Prefer Amtamile formula instead. Dont know why it is provided in private hospital.

Angel L
Angel LPerth, WA9 posts
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Bub did not like it

I bought the formula from Chemmart chemist after my baby was losing too much weight. My Midwife recommended me this product. It is easy to prepare and dilute very nicely, however, but did not like it at all. She got constipated and ends up crying for hours. I did not even use the whole can, I had to give it away. I was not totally pleased with this but I believe it was not my call after all.

AMC4 posts
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So far So good

I had to stop breastfeeding suddenly for medical reasons so was concerned about changing baby to formula suddenly. We went with this brand as it was recommended to us at the hospital.

Our baby loved the taste, and it is easy to prepare. So far there have been no significant side effects. We really like how easy the formula dissolves in the water.

It is more expensive than other formulas but tends to go on sale.

Our baby started drinking at 5 weeks.

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Aileen4 posts
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Excellent quality, always have stock and good price

My son was born in private hospital. In the first a few days, the hosipital provided this brand to new born baby. we trust the hospital so trust their choice. we all know there is formula war. there is no point just follow others and buy the hot brand. NAN always have stock and easy to buy.

SravanMelbourne6 posts
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healthy formula

I have been using this formula for my baby since July 2017 as it was recommended to us by our mid wife and we are very happy with this. My baby never had problems with this until now. She happily drinks the milk. No side effects, no indigestion problems. Fingers crossed and so far so good.

RPaudelNSW, 22104 posts
  3 Toddler

My Baby loves this product

It's easy to prepare and my baby loves it very much.

My baby never have any side effect.

I don't have any complain about his product till now.

Hope I don't have to hear in future too.

The only complain I have is with the company. They changed the name and without letting know in the old product.

We know they advertised well in the new product, but if you have know you are changing, you can let us know before hand.

BhattGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC8 posts
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One of the best baby formulas We have in oz

My son likes this powder, easy to make so wifey is happy. Sometimes you can find it on supermarkets specials, even better for us, not too much damage on the pocket! We use it when we go out for shopping, or longer period of the day, when milk may not be an option.

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