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296 reviews
BhattGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC8 posts
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One of the best baby formulas We have in oz

My son likes this powder, easy to make so wifey is happy. Sometimes you can find it on supermarkets specials, even better for us, not too much damage on the pocket! We use it when we go out for shopping, or longer period of the day, when milk may not be an option.

YasAuburn6 posts
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Bub is happy

This is formula straight away i used for new born and he is happy new formula to digest easily it has ha but can be used for normal babies. I love it. I used for two of my kids and nan 3 is also good the follow on formula. Easy to prepare

MelbMelbourne10 posts
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Peace of mind

Have used this formula since day 1 and baby seems to be thriving. No constipation and easy to prepare, dissolves readily. A bit of smelly wind and dark green poos early on but that has greatly improved. I like it as the company has a proven track record with baby formula.

Mandy Y
Mandy YBrisbane5 posts
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So far so good

I have used this formula for over 6 months. This formula is easy to prepare and very soluble in water. My baby enjoyed it very much. She did not have any problems such as constipation. Now I am going to proceed to next stage two. I will recommend this products to everyone.

Dan W
Dan W4 posts
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Baby loves it

My baby has been on this formula since birth, and exclusively formula only since she was 9 weeks old.

She had no problem at all adjusting to it from being breastfed. She seems to love it and it has never given her any constipation, reflux, or other side effects.

Its easy to prepare and doesn’t leave residue in bottles.

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Only take this brand, never change

My baby takes this brand since I quited breast feeding. She loves its taste and won’t try fresh milk. I never try other brand because I don’t want to take any risk if my baby doesn’t like new one. And I always buy it from supermarket easily, I think they have enough stock for customers.

Good mum
Good mum4 posts
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THis is perfect, my son loves it

This formula is easy to digest.

Had poo problem with other brand, become much better after stwiching to this one

One spoon, 30ml water. Easy to melt in the water.

And it often has promotion, the price will have 20% off

Always have stock, easy to buy.

Strongly recommend. Perfect

DeborahTownsville5 posts
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Great for little babies but a little pricey for the budget

I first got this formula when I moved my baby on from the breast to the bottle. It was great for his little tummy and did not cause any constipation in the changing process, it also helped to settle him quicker as he had less wind and less lower belly pain. It was more pricey but compared to some of the others formulas so once he was a little bigger and use to the bottle we changed to a cheaper formula.

ceziiMelbourne4 posts
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Great product!

I used this formula for all my 3 kids and had no issues at all. I went from breastfeeding and topping up with NAN to full formula feeds from 1 month and this had been a great product all along. My eldest is now 3yrs old and still enjoys a bottle of NAN 3 every night. It is easy to prepare and dissolves easily with warm water. It can clump a bit if the water is too hot so I recommend dissolving with cool boiled water first. Overall, great product!

Sal4 posts
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Baby is happy

Formula is easy to prepare baby loves it and there has not been any noticeable side effect at all. Will continue using this brand till baby no longer needs formula. This brand is more expensive than other brand but as long as there is no complain from the little one I’m ok

jayCalamvale5 posts
  3 Toddler


This product once had a very bad review that some harmful ingredients were found in the news. And I bought this because i could not find the one i usually buy and it was on special. I bought this before i heard the news in the newspaper. I was not happy at all...

JyuellePerth4 posts
  1 Starter

Good formula no issues with it

I used this with bub from day 2 of birth and have had no issues. I'm a first time mum and bub is now 3 months old. My friend uses this with her 3 children, her youngest is 1month, and have had no issues either which is why we bought this in the first place. I find it easy to prepare formula with the instructions printed on the tin, baby seems to enjoy the taste, and shows no allergic reactions. The formula powder dissolves instantly, doesn't get clumpy. I chose this formula also because other brands seem to experience supply issues but I don't have issue with this brand. Last thing I want is a hungry baby because his formula is sold out!

LeleGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC6 posts
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No issues here!

Started my boy on nan optipro HA gold 1 with no issues and he transitioned to 2 with no issues. No stomach upsets, no reflux etc (I have also given him a small dose of probiotics from my Naturepath since he was born). His poo was smelly for a few weeks but after talking to many mums using different formulas, they had the same issues. It took 1.5-2 months for them not to smell as bad. It’s 100% whey based which is easier on their stomachs which is why we chose this one.

Maisy H
Maisy HSydney4 posts
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Great product but smaller cans would be great

Needed to use this early on after birth to supplement. Was easy to prepare which was important being a first time mum. Baby took it well and no side effects was noticed. Only downside is that it doesn’t keep long after the can has been opened so can lead to waste if used more for supplementing breast milk.

natalyvealAdelaide5 posts
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Good formula

I’ve had two babies who have used this formula. They were both mix fed and so required formula top ups. We had no issues with using it following stage 1. Both are growing strong and are healthy. No allergies or side effects. I would recommend this product to other families

ahademaustralia4 posts
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Good formular

Preparation is easy. Just follow the instructions on tin. It's well written and easy to follow.

Seems like a good formula for my baby with no side effects. I highly recommend this product and will buy again. The consistency is good and soluble for easy mixture with little effort s

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JJJSydney, NSW9 posts
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Great formula

The formula is easy to prepare, details to prepare are on the side of the tin. My baby seems to enjoy the product and she has not had any side effects. It also is 100% whey protein which I have heard is much easier for babies stomach to digest. I will continue to buy this product.

MagsMetropolitan Adelaide, SA8 posts
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No side effects formula easy to prep just mix with spoon and shake the bottle well before severing. Also no constipated baby. Use it everyday i think it make my baby sleep very at night time. Its worth spending that bit more for amazing product. My paediatrician recommend it

Mel M
Mel MFairfield west9 posts
  1 Starter

Great formula

Man optipro ha 1 was a great formula that baby newborn baby loved. I was advised to use this formula from the nurse and my doctor (gp) as is a thinner formula for the baby to digest and has great additives that help the baby grow and be healthy as I couldn’t breast feed enough. I highly recommend this product.

Aman6 posts
  1 Starter

Very good

My bub love it and she is no more gas problem since i m using this product easy to prepare and no side effects of this product even i use this for my son 7 years back but that time product name was different Nan pro gold i use this product for him about 2 years.

Db1988AU2 posts
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Thank god for simple labelling

I loved this formula as it suited my little one. He had a slight dairy allergy but he definitely showed improvement on this. It was easy to prepare and didn’t leave a bad residue on the bottle. i loved the smaller scoop as it allowed more flexiblilty in the amounts we could offer.

The only negatives were probably the price, it was rarely on sale either. Also the tin size most formula are 900g this was only 800g but still on the same size tin so a little deceiving especially with the price on the higher end

JTLSydney, NSW10 posts
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Great product

Nestle NAN optipro is the only formula my baby will have, we had a look at many other brands before we chose this one and we haven't turned back since. Our baby enjoys drinking it and has no issues with it whatsoever. It comes with a scoop which is easy to to measure our bottles also.

Mick2 posts
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Only formula to use

Easy scoop measurements

Both daughter and son have used this, my son is 11 weeks old and has never chucked up from this formula. My daughter is almost 4 and we have this to her years ago and it does not seem to have changed from 1 baby to the next. It may be slightly more expensive but you get what you buy. And we have not had any issues

Chuckles01South East Queensland, QLD8 posts
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Good for sensitive tummies

My now 2 year old was on this formula. We tried another brand first however she vomited which was stressful so the pharmacist suggested trying this one since it’s hypoallergenic. It was successful! However I’ve been trying my baby (8 weeks) and she’s been refusing to drink it. I will try a few more times before I try another.

It’s easy to mix just by shaking the bottle.

Silent Enigma
Silent EnigmaBris11 posts
  3 Toddler

Great stuff

Has no sucrose also with added bifido probiotics. Probiotics are very important for gut health and immune system health, as most of the bodys immune system is located in the gut. I can confidently recommend this formula to anyone who wants there children to have a healthy immune system, being sucrose free is another advantage not always found in these formulas.

R.singhSouth East Queensland, QLD16 posts
  1 Starter

Good product

We used nan milk from day one. Its the best stuff.my daughter had no problem with this milk.nestle known to be good food company. No comparison with nestle products. Formula easy to prepare.you can get nan 4 as well.wich normally not many companies make.my daughter loves the taste. Once tried bellamys formula she didn’t like.so nan gold our choice

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JoAnnaRockhampton4 posts
  1 Starter

Easy on my babies belly

I have been Comp feeding my baby and tried another brand and he got a really upset stomach. Switched to NAN and it has been amazing. Easy to prepare enough room in the tin for the scoop so you are not fishing around the tin. My son has not had an upset belly from the moment I started using it.

RobbieWPerth, WA7 posts
  1 Starter

Used on 2 babies and no problem

A little more expensive than other brands but worth it. We just grabbed extra tins when they were on special. Easy to prepare. When prepared no problem with formula clumping in the bottles. We also choose to use this brand as my daughter did suffer from eczema. It seemed to make a difference.

RummatMelbourne7 posts
  3 Toddler

Best in the market

We have been using this since our son was borned....we didi started with #1 & now he is on #3....best product I have ever seen/heard off....we have overseas background but suited 500% with the Aussie climate. Thanks Nestle with this new product, it was recommended by our doc on his birth & he is healthy as a horse till today !!!

HdfSydney5 posts
  Verified 3 Toddler

Baby number 1 favourite food

My baby boy has consumed Nestle Nan since he was 2 months old and he still loves it until he is 18 months old now. Previously the name was Nestle Nan Pro Gold. This formula is easy to find in most stores and it is not really expensive. It contains probiotics and easy to prepare. This milk always makes my baby happy and happy baby makes mummy and daddy happy too. Thanks Nestle.

Joe blow
Joe blowFairfield19 posts
  1 Starter

Excellent formula

The nan optipro gold ha 1 formula is the only formula my daughter would drink as a baby. She had a slight reflux problem and i tried all different formulas and then i got told by a pharmacist that this formula is not thick to drink so wont clog the teat but when it goes to babies stomach the formula thickens up so help reduce reflux, and it worked perfectly for my daughter.

Joe blow
Joe blowFairfield19 posts
  2 Follow-On

Excellent formula

After using nestle nan optipro gold ha 1 for my daughter would suffered from reflux, and the optipro 1 was the formula which i found help, i decided to continue to use the optipro ha 2 which my girl seems to love. It also helps to develop her body and brain alot better as to the additives they use. Love this formula.

Joe blow
Joe blowFairfield19 posts
  3 Toddler

Excellent formula

After using both of the other nan optipro ha gold formulas I decided to stick with nan optipro ha 3 gold. I am currently using this product and my daughter loves it and she seems to be very bright for her age and started to walk early. After using all three nan ha formulas i had not noticed any negative side affects at all. And these formulas help alot with her reflux as the formula thickens up in their stomach.

ManpreetMelbourne7 posts
  1 Starter


Its the first thing aftermy breast milk which my baby consumed. It is tooe asy to prepare just a luke watm water and a spoon of powder thats it. Everything jas been ni ely mentioned on the box about the quantity. My baby just loves it. With no side effects

AtikaSydney, NSW7 posts
  1 Starter

nan optipro ha 1 gold

easy to get from any supermarkets and easy to prepare but a bit pricy compared to other nan formulas. my baby was not comfortable after the feed as it seemed to have made her constipated. so changed back to nan opti pro gold 1 which was better in terms of price and with her tummy.'

KateReid5 posts
  1 Starter

Great formula

Our little one has been on the NAN OPTIPRO HA 1 Gold since 3 days of age as a top up for a low breast milk supply. She had no adverse reactions to the formula and she has thrived on it. It is pricey, but it is totally worth it.

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Chris S
Chris SPerth6 posts
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Good everyday formula

We used this formula for the first six months with our reflux baby and then moved on to the stage 2. It is a quality product and was easily available from the supermarket (and often on special), which was good. It sometimes seemed to make my baby's tummy upset, but she also had reflux so it probably wasn't all down to the formula.

ARXYZWinchelsea22 posts
  1 Starter

Expensive but worth it

My baby was started on this formula in hospital & so i continued using it at home. It had a great effect on my baby so am very pleased with it. I've now moved on to stage 2. The scoop/measure spoon is small so is a tad frustrating keeping count vs larger scoops like the S26 that uses less scoops but i used S26 for my first & he was always unsettled after a feed. This so far has been great for baby 2. It can be so confusing finding the right formula but I'm glad we got onto this one as it's been perfect.

belinda9 posts
  3 Toddler

would not use anything else

I have purchased this brand of formula for both of my children my oldest is 5 and she absolutely enjoyed this toddler drink and all of the other stages of Nan formula they recently changed their name to optipri HA and my 12 months old son really enjoys it to i find its the best on the market i refuse to use any other brand NAN optipri HA has been a trusted brand in my family for years

ARDSydney6 posts
  1 Starter

No issues

This formula was provided to us in hospital to 'top up' bub when breastmilk supply was limited. Bub continued to enjoy it for 6 months before transitioning to the 'NAN OPTIPRO HA 2'. Simple to prepare and no side effects noticed. The cost is on the expensive side but it wasn't worth the risk to try cheaper alternatives when this product has been so good, nutritious and bub loves it.

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