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Nestle Nesquik

Nestle Nesquik

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I can't live without it

I LOVE nesquik so much. It has changed my life,without nesquik I don't know where I would be. I fell great when I drink it because I know I'm getting my calcium. I honestly cannot express how much I love it. My daily routine would be once in the morning once in the afternoon and once at night. I'm not fat don't worry I just love nesquik


I would still give this to my kids once in a blue moon. I refrain from giving them too much of sugary food - moderation is always one of my house rules. The kids are happy with the taste of Nestle Nesquick. They have no complain.
It tastes good. The chocolate flavor is delicious; not too sweet. The round shape of the cereal makes eating exciting for the kids. A medium sized bowl of it with fresh milk is enough to fill the kids up. They are always looking forward to having Nestle Nesquick whenever I have it in the pantry. My daughter loves adding fruits in her cereal. With Nestle Nesquick she loves eating it with strawberries and blueberries which tastes blend well with the chocolate flavor of this cereal.
I am just concerned about the sugar content. But I think that would not do harm for the kids who are active and eat other healthy food.

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Release dateJun 2010
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