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Nestle Ski Activ

Nestle Ski Activ

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Same Price Smaller Product

Thanks for sticking it the public again. Charge the same amount for a smaller product :( not happy at all we will not be buying your product again.

Where is it

This yoghurt was the best yoghurt in a snack size container. The other digestive yoghurts I have tried really emphasise the artificial sweetener taste. So. Many good things seem to disappear from the shelves. If you are on a good thing stick to it.

My Life Saver!

This is a life saver! I am so happy that this actually works. I was been hospitalized 2 years ago because of discomfort constipation due to drinking slimming teas daily. After giving up on the teas, I gained irregular bowel movement and my stomach digested the food I eat slowly and gave me a bloated tummy. It was really horrible and took me weeks before my waste come out.

So I asked again my doctor and recommended this tablet. I took it like every after 2 days so I can get rid of my waste and it worked but caused terrible stomach cramps and felt like having a severe diarrhea. I just tolerated the pain for a year now because if I won’t take it, I can’t get rid of my waste. My bowel movement became dependent on it. I gave up on it and search for alternatives because on the next day after I took it, my stomach was really in pain that forced me not to work because I can bear it anymore. I did my own research and found this product and its 14-days challenge. Promise, I got my regular bowel after the 14th. I was so happy. I was really looking forward then on their money back guarantee campaign but haven’t availed it because it actually worked! This product was a life saver. I thank God that I found this.
fruity, effective, reliable
quite expensive for a daily consumption

Ski Activ Yogurt - Vanilla Creme

Ski Activ Yogurt was advertised for people with bloated tummies. The Ski Activ 14 day Activ challege has a 14 day money back gurantee , designed for people who suffer bloating to simply eat just 1 small tub (125g) of yoghurt per day for 14 days and they gurantee you will feel better.

I didn't suffer from bloating but I bought this because I had terrible stomach cramps everytime I would eat something on first bite. I couldn't even go out to a restaurant without heading for the loo. My social life was really suffering and it had an impact on my day to day life. This went on for months and I was tested for negatively for Gluten intolerance and a range of other ailments. I'm not a yogurt fan in any sense and usually take a fermented milk drink if I felt a little inbalanced or a probiotic capsule but I don't find they work and thought I had nothing to lose by taking the challenge.

I must say that this has become a staple in my fridge. I felt better within a couple of days and it has been a month since I have completed the challenge and stopped eating it and only notice recently I had regained my stomach cramps. The taste is rich and creamy and could easily be substituted for custard or cream in food. The only downside is the tiny little grains in the yoghurt, but I just thought it may be the live cultures. The active probitoic in the yoghurt is called "Pro Digestis" and that is only a trademark name but the company hasn't divulged exactly what probiotic strain it actually composed of.

The yoghurt is not any more expensive than other yoghurts and find it is most economical in the larger tub though you can purchase it in smaller more convenient 4x125g tubs.

It comes in a variety of flavours including Vanilla Creme, Strawberry, Passionfruit & Mango and mixed Berry.
Taste, Price, Live Cultures
A little bit grainy, but it may be the live cultures

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy activ yoghurt? I can't find it anymore
1 answer
Thank you for your query regarding the availability of Ski Activ Yoghurt. Unfortunately this particular product is no longer available. We trust this resolves your query and would like to thank you for your interest in this product.

Nestle Actvi Yogurt (blue tub). Require selling location in Geelong? Victoria Not available from coles, safeway or iga. Thanking you, E.Ferfoglia
1 answer
Hi, Fontera foods who manufacture on behalf of Nestle have advised me the product has now been discontinued-I couldn't find it anywhere recently either and now I know why. I have gone back to the ski divine yoghurt which has less fat, and less probiotics, but still approximately more than a million, so maybe that might be worth a look. All the best.

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