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5 Sars for the sticks......................... 0 STARS CAUSE U BUGGERS TOOK THEM AWAY


Please bring the Space Food Sticks BACK :( all the good things get taken away this is the pits. Why the heck did u take them off the market.

Please Bring Back Space Food Sticks!!!!


My 8 year old daughter loves them and is devastated, as am I that we can't get these anymore! They are the best snack ever!!



Surely there is enough demand to warrant a revival of the much loved space food stick(CARAMEL)?
Just do a trial restock and see how sales go through the roof once people see them back on the shelves............

Space food sticks


I am horrified that you have discontinued such a wonderful product. My boys loved these Space Food Sticks forty years ago. Their children were also given the chance to try such product, they liked them, but we now find they are discontinued. WHY!!!! I always had boxes in my pantry, Now I have nothing as I don't like all these health bars. So the next generation goes without. Thank you so very much for not listening to customer service.

Losing history


I just wrote started my journey of, what will be, a long list of complaints to Nestle. Hopefully they care enough about customer service and our opinion to bring back these goodies. If spatial storage on the shelves and money is a problem then why don't they take another product off the shelf and bring these back? There are a lot of complaints Nestle and frankly you have a lot of people who don't need to buy from you now and probably won't buy from you. This is appalling it's like losing history, I relied on these snacks for running and skiing long days and now i have to buy a single protein bar for $8 each? I'm sorry but you have pretty much shot yourself in the foot, Good job!



  • 5 reviews

No longer made in Australia


Very handy snack. Durable, didn't need refrigeration.

great for camping, fishing, beaches, etc.

Tasted great. Chocolate was my favourite.

Discontinued by Nestle Australia in April 2014.

Jennifer Lyne

Jennifer Lynetweed heads

  • 3 reviews

Where can we still buy them - 40 year old kids getting desperate!!


where can we still buy them - 40 year old kids getting desperate!! Please bring them back if they are discontinued.

Heather Reid

Heather ReidMelbourne

Make a grown man happy!


Since my son has married, for Birthdays & Christmas I always gave him several boxes for an extra present that he really loves - always was just for fun but I know he really liked them. but this year I have hiked all over Melbourne and not able to find them anywhere! I know he will be very disappointed to find that you have stopped making them, please tell me that you are going to bring them back..

The black hole where my tastebuds used to be...


Where to start. I feel like those brave men and women who travel to space deserve better tasting food than this. I also think that a mass merchandised adaptation of space food should be an improvement on the original. I got really excited at the prospect of feeling like Buzz Aldren at lunchtime but the result was a protein bars sans protein.
The packaging was exciting.
It looks like a granually old poop and tastes about the same.


sallyCoffs Harbour



Hi, I live in the Coffs Harbour area in NSW and can not find these anywhere in any store, l would love to see these come back onto the shelves, they were sooooo yummy . I was wondering if you could let me know what stores close by still sell these as l'm keen to buy some!!
loved the taste
you can't buy it anywhere

Love them


Our whole family loves the chocolate sticks. I started buying them over 25 years ago, when my son was a young boy. He is now 40 & still loves them as does his daughter.
Just wondering why there is a picture of a bike rider on the front of the box & not a spaceship.
Also, as the box is so small, sometimes it is hard to find as it tends to become lost among the muesli bar boxes.
They are tasty & easy to eat.



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Best thing ever!!!


I remember eating these as a kid, none of my friends didn't know what they were (good for me I guess, hehehe) have just bought a heap from Coles/woolies. Have noticed that woolworths only stock chocolate and Coles stock both. At $3.99 it's a bit steep for a 6 pack compared what they use to sell them for ages ago. This is defiantly a product that needs to stay on the shelves. Whenever I buy them I feel that I'm the only one who will, lol. Have introduced some work peoe to them here's hoping it catches on. Can't decide on a favourite so I always buy both flavours
Taste, chewy, sweet, just like when I was a kid.



I just tried these and had to tell someone! I cant believe I never had these as a kid at 35 i'm just finding these for the first time and wow they are a great afternoon snack. i love all types of fun "kid" friendly snacks and these are my new favourite. i do have concerns they'll stop making them or the big supermarkets will stop stocking them (like everything else these days).
Yummy, good size to tuck into a handbag or lunck pack


popsindoodleQueensland, Australia

Love them!


Mmmm yum, Space Food Sticks! Reminds me of when I was a kid, munching them back in school holidays. Good solid sugar hit for that afternoon slump at work! Kids love them, adults love them! I don't know what that other review is about, these things are great! Top stuff!
Delicious, hits the spot

lifelong friend


Despite the cost - why are they so expensive at around $4 in Coles for 100 gram box? i snuck a box in the trolley each fortnight while shopping with the misses. I remember as a wee lad my parents buying me a box for long holiday car trips. The last few boxes i brought (caramel) seem to have changed flavour - the flavour reminds me of the smell of pencil shavings... I hope its just an odd batch that was produced where the flavouring was a bit off...

I love space food sticks!


I love space food sticks!!! I ate them I was younger now at 28 the only problem is I can buy them & can never stop at one!! They are awesome! They should be properly marketed & I think they would go off! Like a frog in a sock.
They are working there way to the bottom of the shelves! I hope they don't take them off the shelves at my local woolworths! Come on people try space food sticks!!
I love space food sticks! A great handy snack
Absolutely none!!!



This stuff is great, just hard to find.


I love Space Food sticks, loved them since I was a kid and still do 20 years later.

The other review is absolute bollocks, this strange woman and her weird kids obviously have taste bud issues, I suggest you see a doctor about that.
Tastes great
hard to find


cakeladySouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 5 reviews

Tastes awful!


This chocolate looking bar, looks and smells very appetising, but be careful, unless you are used to long-life military energy food, it tastes disgusting. I packed one in my daughters lunch box, and she and her friend bit into it and they immediately spat it out and ran to get water. Even my 2 year old tells me its disgusting. I dont know how a reputable company like Nestle managed to make something so terrible.
Can be taken on a long space journey.
You need a strong stomach and no taste buds.

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U can still get these. I thought they'd been cncelled. I'll be trying to find them . I love these things. I agree ith lok, cake lady is wak, and should stick to milk arrow roots!

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Please bring back the space food stick! Pleeease! Or......Can we please have the recipe???

No answers

Lisa D.

Lisa D.asked

Can you still buy space food sticks?

No answers

Michael P

Michael Pasked

Can Nestle provide the recipe for space food sticks if it is truly not interested in producung them. Will Nestle give the brand away if they are sure there is no profit to be had?

1 answer

I miss them as well.. im thinking they were high in carcinogens and extreme trans fats ...
They where soooo good lol

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