2Netcomm AC1600 NF18ACV

Netcomm AC1600 NF18ACV

2Netcomm AC1600 NF18ACV

80 reviews



80 reviews
80 reviews
ReasonsAdelaide23 posts
Ease of Setup
Anthony2 posts

Don't waste your money

Do not buy this modem. Total waste of money. Your better off with a potato.
Very poor WiFi range.
Xbox doesn't connect a lot of times.
Phones keep dropping off WiFi.
Gets really hot.

Disgusting piece of equipment. If your happy with the above issues then buy it. But a friend's one was the same. So yeh. Show details

Build Quality
DanMelbourne6 posts
honkasSouth East Queensland, QLD26 posts

easy to use but poor wireless coverage

Received this modem with our NBN HFC connection. Solid speed, no dropouts and bonus that it also has VOIP functionality.. has the features expected with modern routers ie; gigabyte, usb, dual bands etc.

Easy to setup out of the box but the netcomm software is a little bit decrypt with port forwarding, adding static ip's etc.. maybe i am used to ddwrt configurations possible so it took a little bit getting used to.. will do most functions well.. However, given the lack of external antennas wireless coverage in our 3 bed house is an issue.. so if you have a large area to cover then you'll probably need additional assistance to cover the deadspots..

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INQ001Metropolitan Adelaide, SA28 posts

Great Product Suits Our Needs

I have had this modem now since coming over to the NBN from my RSP back in November 2018. It was pre configured and has worked well with no dropouts encountered so far. It was simply a plug and play when NBN was enabled. I also have VOIP active and the wireless connectivity has been great. Suits our needs nicely, the modem seems well put together. I have had Netcomm modems in the past with no issues. I have no hesitation in recommending this to others.

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Faiq K
Faiq KSydney, NSW14 posts

Very smooth

I received the modem with NBN sign up with Aussie Broadband. Modem came pre-configured. I just plugged it into the NBN box and had all my devices set up to wifi within minutes. I have a one bed unit and I have no signal range issues. Very smooth and easy.

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sad costumer
sad costumersydney10 posts

Very reliable - easy to use

The connectivity from the modem/router to the devices is excellent quality, the speed is fair and since I got in July 2017, I haven't had to reset it yet, it is so easy to use I forget is there! if I have to switch it off & on, it just takes one or two minutes to pick up the signal - and I have internet again, I am very satisfied with this product

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Monique10 posts

Does its job

The range is quite short, as it can drop out in about at 5 m radius, but it rarely drops out. It came pre-set up so all I had to do was plug it in. I don't understand the specific specs, but Mate Communicate sell this to make the transition process easier.

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Boojum3 posts

I got this when I joined Aussie Broadband, my NBN provider

I got this when I joined Aussie Broadband, my NBN provider. I lie in a household with three laptops connected by WIfi and a PC connected by ethernet. Our connection is 10o mb per sec and it handles this with ease. The router has a USB connection for a hard drive. I thought that this might work as a cheap media center but the r/w to the drive is so slow as to be useless for that purpose.. Over all I am very pleased with the router. woks as advertised.

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ShardsPerth7 posts

So far so good

So far everything is perfect, we’ve had this modem for over a month now. Easy to set up, quite instantaneous and it wasn’t hugely expensive. We’ve had No drop outs as of yet and the signal strength is very good. We are very happy with this product and would recommend.

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DevP4 posts

Good and no issues so far

I ordered it through Mate and it has been perfect for me the last few months. it came pre-configured so i didnt have to do much to make it running. Though sometimes i have to turn off and turn on to make my internet stable, it is more to do with the service provider than the modem itself

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TravellerHunter Region, NSW16 posts

Wifi range is not good

Got this modem as a part of the Exetel NBN setup. Setup was easy and it appears to be very stable. The only issue I have with it is the wifi range... it is so bad. I had to get a AP to extend the range of the WIFI to reach the other end of my house.

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Katerina Markellos
Katerina MarkellosMiddleton4 posts

Easy to use

My connectivity has been great with this modem and I found it really easy to set up and personalise your connection via the IP address. I haven't experienced any dropouts yet or had any need to reset my modem. I have always used Netcomm routers as they are super reliable.

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Larry King
Larry KingAdelaide, 50004 posts

Easy to set up and works well with nbn

We got given this modem by internode on the nbn and had to set it up ourselves which was pretty easy apart from having to enter in the nbn login details it was really simple menu system. The speed is good and has multi band so it supports our older and newer devices too

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Mika11 posts

Too easy!

Modem was ready to use, just plug and go. Also there was a great step by step on what to do when I ordered the modem from mate communicate, it was the first time I used nbn and had no issues with connection especially being in an apartment- signal was very strong!

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Zesty Lawyer
Zesty LawyerPerth4 posts

No promblems

This router is decent I have a very big house and we need internet connections in all rooms they are 1 or 2 dead spots but we don't use those room this modem is good for a small to big house it also covered our basement which was surprising would definitely recommend

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TanyaSydney5 posts

Reliable and no drop outs

Had a problem with my previous Netcomm and would not pick the range easily, this one is great and gives me very good wifi reception and always 5 bars, the a=range is over 150 meters easily, I would recommend this product, it is great and very reliable, no dropouts at all.

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FrankPerth, WA19 posts

Have not had a problem with this router at all

I received this modem as part of my NBN setup with Aussie Broadband but it suddenly dawned on me today that I have had this modem running since the day I bought it (over 3 months ago) and I haven't had it disconnect once yet. The speeds I am getting are almost exactly the same as the day I set it up so no drop off.

I haven't used any of the advanced functionality like setting up port forwarding so can't speak to how it performs there... but as a modem that you just set up and away you go it is great.

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NikkiCaboolture8 posts

Expected it to be much better

Bought this to replace my dlink modem so my daughter would receive better connection in her room on the Wi-Fi,its made the Xbox better but her phone still doesn't connect much better but yeh she has a apple so maybe it's just her phone....either way I got a great price on, around $100 cheaper than any where else but it doesn't meet the expectations that I was promised from the net work provider that I switched to....anyway I'm still learning this technology stuff and it seems to be doing the job that I need

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Victor Liu
Victor Liu5 posts

Excellent start modem purchased through Amaysim

I know nothing about modems but I do know that in the past I've had a lot of issues with previous models bought/rented through the internet companies. This model was purchased through Amaysim for $100. It works great and over the last 7 months I've only had to restart it twice. I've experienced quite frequent dropouts, but attribute this to the poor connectivity Amaysim gets in rural Victoria. Overall it works great, looks good, and I haven't had any troubles with it. Setup was quick and easy. Would recommend to anyone that is looking for affordability and tech expert as I'm sure there are way better options available.

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big steven
big stevenMelbourne3 posts

high speeds and easy to set up

I've had this item for around 4 months and I couldn't be happier, the speeds it produces even in the bust times of day are amazing. I'm not great with technology but it was very easy to set up and it took me around 20 minutes to set up. Very impressed with it and would advise others to buy!

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KellyMurray Mallee, SA40 posts

Easy to use

Very easy to use and set up ! I'm not at all tech clever but was surprised I worked out how to set this up on my own! Really pleased and would recommend it highly to others! Great speeds and hasn't dropped out once! So glad I took the chance

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Barry R Reef
Barry R Reef
Mickgriffiths2 posts

Its pretty good

I've had to reboot all my other modems a lot more than this one so I reckon it's got to be a lot better than all the others I've had, i dont think it's any faster but handles my connection a lot better, I'm waiting to be connected to the nbn so i,ll see if it handles that ok

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BillMelbourne7 posts

Very reliable dual band modem

We bought this modem from our provider. It came in the box preconfigured and with two years warranty. There is 2 channels 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. We have all our phones, ipads and tv’s connected on the 5Ghz which gives you the maximum speed. It has been very reliable with the connection and we’ve never had any issues.

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DougGriffith4 posts

reliable modem

I bought this modem when I first connected to the NBN using FTTN. It does it's job well, connecting at a good rate and is very stable. For me the biggest plus was the built in WiFi. It is far Superior to the old modem I used for ADSL. I have good coverage all through my house.

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Anthony S
Anthony S6 posts

Super value modem

Purchased this modem reconfigured through tangerine, very happy with performance, covers 4 bedroom house without any problems, multiple devices use it daily and no connection issues whilst streaming to furthest point from modem site, excellent value for a 1600 modem at $99, I highly recommend and has 2 year warranty

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Country NSW buyer
Country NSW buyernsw, 24529 posts

Good solid router

This is a good router it is also ATA for VOIP services, a modem and and a media sharing centre, Allowed me to combine 3 devices into one. The media sharing works by being able to plug a usb HDD into the router and share files. It is dual band 2.4 Ghz/ 5 Ghz so gives high speed on 5Ghz mode but can Switch back 2.4 Ghz which has longer range for when a long way from the router. We have a 2 story house and get signal all over the house including down stairs which requires the signal to pass through a 5 inch concrete slab. The ATA adapter for VIOP is very clear and not experiencing any issues with drop out etc. Also the instruction manual for it is very detailed and runs to 131 pages.

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RonPerth, WA25 posts

Very happy

I got this modem as part of the deal with my ISP provider over 6 months ago. Have been very happy with its performance, highly recommend. I get 42 mbs (my plan is 50 mbs), very solid performance and easy to set up could not be happier. there has be 2-3 drop outs due to NBN problems but have been connected very quickly.

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Andy kiwi
Andy kiwi
gumbyIllawarra, NSW3 posts

Voip dropped out on first phone call

Received FREE from Exetel.

I can see why it was FREE.

Previous Netcomms from Exetel had to be returned due to constant VOIP drop outs.

This new netcomm modem seems to be plagued with the VOIP drop outs like the previous netcomm modems Exetel used.

Exetel tells me to ring Netcomm, they will guide me through updating firmware and resetting modem.

WTH...it's brand new!

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GaryGeelong10 posts

It performs well

I purchased the Netcomm modem from Aussiebroadband when switching to the NBN. I find it reliable with excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house. I've been using the modem for almost 2 months with speed constantly in the high 40's on a 50/20 plan. I've been running my smart TV through the 5ghz frequency with no buffering whatsoever, but for some inexplicable reason the Wi-Fi speed dropped by half when I experimented with an Ethernet to the TV. After returning the TV to Wi-Fi all is Ok again. Other than that strange quirk I can recommend this modem for anyone updating to the NBN.

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Modem OK but terrible USB speeds

The modem itself works OK for internet access but don't get one if you intend to attach a USB drive to it to use as a basic NAS. USB transfer only operates at about 1-1.5 MB/s max. which in actual use is so slow as to be near useless. If you try and stream video from it, the video stutters and trying to back-up anything but the smallest files is completely impractical. I contacted Netcomm about this and they say it's a hardware issue for this model and not a fault with mine so won't get any better until they ship new models.

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NoushinSydney, NSW11 posts

It is okay but not great

The modem is not very expensive. My internet provide is "Mate Communicate" and I'm quite happy with their service. However, their modem (Netcomm NF18ACV) is not the best one as it gets disconnected quite frequently and it doesn't cover a broad area. I have a one bedroom unit but sometime, I need to get closer to the modem to have a better connection.

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TomAdelaide21 posts

Well - It works

Purchased as a recommended unit from my new NBN provider (Mate Communicate).

Works well enough. Few drop outs here and there however none of my internal walls are under 2 ft thick and all stone or brick.

Has lost connection with my laptop more than a few times however. Not hugely happy with this.

Its a step up on what I had and for the price, happy enough. Its technology - can always spend more.

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JonBrisbane5 posts

Works great and does the job

I bought this modem as it was recommended by my internet service provider. It was pretty expensive, but it does a good job. There are two bands, the faster band doesn't have a big range, but the other range (slower) covers my whole house. I would recommend this product - nothing special, but does the job.

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RobbieSydney6 posts

Not quite getting the coverage we'd expected

Obviously the strength of your wireless connection comes down to many things, like the placement of your router, the layout of your apartment, and so on. I just feel as if this should be more than enough for a small, two bedroom apartment, and it just isn't. While it could theoretically be better placed in our space, we still have felt a bit let down by the strength of the signal.

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Brandon J
Brandon JGladesville, Sydney6 posts

Great when matched with the NBN :)

This modem was the one recommend by amaysim for their NBN service and they sold them for $109 with the settings preconfigured so you can essentially just plug n go which is great, I remember when helping a friend get their TPG ADSL2+ setup they hadn't even preconfigured the modem they sent nor did they send the details out! I had to call up TPG myself and ask for the configuration settings. The modem has been great so far, speeds are as suggested by the ISP so no complaints there, only problem is the white stands out on all the dark furniture I have so it's hard to hide :(

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AshGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC11 posts

It's good so far

I just bought the router 2 days ago to go with my NBN.

The setup was really simple. I bought it because of the 802.11ac, and the speed that i got is good for my 100/40 NBN.

The wireless range is good.

However, there was a frequent drop out. Which I am not sure whether it's the router/ISP's fault.

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SimonPGTasmania30 posts

Fast VDSL modem for NBN

I was using a FritzBox on NBN FTTN VDSL and was getting a slower speed that I should have. Whirlpool forums indicated others that had the same problem and some recommended changing to the NetComm NF18ACV, which I did through Mint Telecom. Speed went from about 26mbps to 44mbps out of possible 50mbps. The web interface isn't quite as good as the FritzBox but having said that it is quite OK.

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