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Lots of bad reviews for the M1

Seems that battery failure after two months is a fairly common complaint. This unit was provided by Telstra on a plan. It is an internet access solution due to lack of ADSL slots in the area and broadband connection pending. It costs $100 a month to maintain a service with adequate data allowance. Ours is basic use (e-mail, internet - very little streaming and no movie downloads) and we seem to keep within the purchased allowance. Poor value compared to countries like The Netherlands where they pay ten euros a month for unlimited full family access.
Our Nighthawk comes with clipped wings apparently because it's going to need a range extender to service the other devices on the second level of the house.
Battery charge is depleted very quickly so it's necessary to keep monitoring the unit so internet access doesn't suddenly drop out. If using the unit all day, the option is to keep it connected to the wall socket through the approved charger supplied with the unit. This probably impacts on the battery life though.
The commonest complaint is that the unit suddenly shows no charge and will not accept a charge. This just happened to ours. Various user forums recommend removing the battery and the SIM card then reinserting them. I removed the battery only and put it back in and the unit started charging but indications are that this is usually the beginning of the end for the battery.
The performance of the unit itself, apart from range difficulties, is not comparable to wired access. It does have to be restarted if there is a break in it being accessed. This means going back to the computer's network settings and then waiting for the unit to bring up its network ID again to enable connection. Two or three minutes doesn't sound like much until you need urgent access to e-mail or internet.
It's better than nothing but that's a rationalisation that should not be necessary for telecommunication quality in an advanced nation.
One thing I did do when I gained access again - I got onto the Nighthawk web site and downloaded the M1 PDF manual. If I do lose internet connection due to unit problems I can still access the manual and trouble-shoot up to a point.
We need to be escalating Telstra complaints to the TIO when they don't comply with Australian Consumer Law to rectify product problems fairly. It's only downward pressure from a high volume of complaints that's going to get the franchised and contracted providers achieving a reasonable and fair Australian customer service standard.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

This will be excellent when Telstra releases an unlimited 4G data plan

Works well, but unfortunately our local tower does not support 4Gx, so not much faster than I get from a tethered iPhone. It still has stable upload and download speeds, and is very useful when our landline broadband fails. I was able to use this device to feed data to my network by simply plugging it into the WAN port in my broadband modem. Our D-Link broadband modem has automatic failover, so this is now our backup internet connection for our office. I'm wary that this device could eat a fortune in data, especially as it seems to use lots of data each day even when sitting idle. I will only sleep well when the Telstra data fees become much more reasonable.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Terrible - doesn't work in some areas

i hope i can save some of you some money we live out of town & purchased this as we do have mobile coverage here. It didn't work. Everytime the connection fluctuates you lose internet. I've been back to telstra - taken advice from one and all and cannot get it to work correctly. Telstra made me pay over a $1k to get out of contract. Don't sign up until you are sure it will work well in your area - it is the most disappointing response we've ever had from Telstra. I can't believe they would not return item when it doesn't work properly. It constantly needs to be restarted & devices cant be connected unless close to unit. Very expensive to have something that doesn't do the job intended. Beware everyone - look for other options

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Reliable coverage

The nighthawk is great value to buy outright or to pay on a 12-24 month plan. I use this as a back up if my main system goes off line. I find the modem helpful when going on a holiday where no internet is provided. The speed and overall startup times have some valid points and overall the product is a big improvement on similar modems.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great for mobile internet access or ADSL replacement service

I purchased this unit on a plan with Telstra with it intended as a replacement for an unreliable ADSL connection at home. The first Nighthawk M1 was faulty out of the box, with the unit rebooting constantly to the point it was unusable. Fortunately this was replaced with a new unit by Telstra. After 3 months the second unit had been working reliably. Access speeds are great and dependent on your mobile providers service in the area - with Telstra i am getting 25-30Mbps in a urban area. I am accessing the unit via the wifi feature which provides about 10-15 meter radius of access within our home (will vary depending on the shape of your house). The only issue with using this unit, is not actually with the unit, but due to being on a mobile network, the monthly data allowances are low and expensive, compared to hardwired ADSL solutions. Overall, a great unit for internet access, as long as you don't get a faulty unit, which there seems to be numerous reports of.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Looks good has some issues

The modem looks great. It does also work great if all devices are in close proximity. It does have a short range and needs to be restarted regularly as sometimes the WiFi network cant be found by new devices (a restart seems to fix this). If used regularly as i do at home you need to have it plugged in constantly as the battery drains quickly even when not in use.

It does have great speed and apart from the above minor issues it does work well.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Faster than the nbn they say

And I don't know the answer to that but it connects in about 15 seconds and most sites and downloads marginally longer. Takes awhile to charge but you don't have to disconnect to use it. Very compact fits in my laptop satchel easily, oh and it has color indicators to let you know battery and data life. Best router I have used.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

MR1100 Netgear Wifi Hotspot 4G LTE

Another update as of 8th Feb 2018.
To avoid the frustrating switch off problems when plugging the device in to recharge overnight you need to quickly press the power off button after plugging in the cable to recharge. If you do this within a second or two of plugging the recharge cable in then the device will switch off first time every time (but it still takes several seconds to switch off).

Still no sign of a krack patch from Netgear. Unbelievably poor form.
Update after several months of use. downgraded from 4 to 2 stars. I wouldn't buy again and this device reminds me why I stopped buying Netgear equipment in the first place.

The good: it's fast and has a pretty reliable, solid connection, not a single drop out (see note about range though). The web based admin page is easy to navigate too. I regularly hit download speeds of nearly 50Mbs and have not seen less than 15Mbs. Connection dependent on access to Telstra 4GX n/w though and how stacked the local mast is. The UI is a bit better than the old Netgear interface but still not fantastic. Better speeds when access via my VPN provider than Telstra, especially the case when accessing non .au web sites.

The bad: the off button. Frustrating to power off as the device seems to interrupt the shutdown process. On average it takes 4 attempts o switch the damn thing off! Make sure the device is off and not just pretending! The router seems determined to stop the shutdown when the charger is plugged in, or it has an alert, or even more annoyingly when it has a pointless message for you to read (via the UI). Originally knocked off half a star for this but it is so damn annoying that deducted full star in the update as this sort of IT drives me nuts ... an old fashioned power switch would be much better.

The really bad: the range. Mentioned in other comments. Drops off real quick past just a few metres. Lost another star for this. Mobile WIFI is not that mobile or wifi if your device has to sit on top of the router. IQ3 box could not connect to 5GHz when the device was just a couple of feet away.

The really, really bad: Netgear support is (IMO) ordinary at best a for all intents and purpose non-existent. As at time of writing the original review this device was still waiting for a firmware patch from netgear (refer to https://kb.netgear.com/000049498/Security-Advisory-for-WPA-2-Vulnerabilities-PSV-2017-2826-PSV-2017-2836-PSV-2017-2837) for the WPA2 WIFI krack problem long after the likes of d-link and tp-link have issued patches. At the time of writing the update (January 2018) the patch for the krack problem is still, unbelievably, outstanding. Netgear claim it is only a problem when data offloading, neither I or my network buddies are 100% convinced of that claim given the nature of the krack problem. Anyhow given Netgear's utter lack of support I knocked off a full star in this update (was originally half star).

That said there is a decent user group blog that is active and if you hit a problem then they will help you. Chicken and egg though ... active user support because official support not good?

Lastly, if you are told by the Telstra shop that you don't need to change the admin password as the device has it's own numeric password, ignore them they are talking rubbish! You must change the default password via the admin page to reduce the risk of getting jacked by a botnet.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Reliable connection where ever you are

I wish i had found and brought this ages ago. So reliable no matter where you are, good signal strength can connect up to 20 devices, great battery life, charges quick. It is portable, light weight. It is a device you didn't realise you needed until you buy one. I need a consistent internet connection The nighthawk M1 is a product i tell people about when they are looking for a good device. Highly recommend + they have a good deal going with this device. Money very well spent.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Best 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot in 2017

I had followed this model since it's first presented to public by Netgear Wireless. And from the beginning of 2017, the Nighthawk M1 was available in the market for some specific network providers. I was looking for unlocked ones to use with my network providers and for oversea travel. Finally i got one from the online store https://www.4gltemall.com/netgear-nighthawk-m1-mr1100.html, where i had purchase one 4G Router Huawei B890 for my home use last year. The Netgear Nighthawk M1 is really a great pocket WiFi. Comparing with my previous 3G mobile WiFi Huawei E5, the Nighthawk M1 provide much much faster speed for internet connection, and the Ethernet connection is also great when 4G network is not available. The powerful battery makes it charge other devices such as smartphones. It's now my best partner to go outside or travel. It can do whatever you expected from a high-end mobile pocket WiFi. Highly recommend it!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great for the family on the go

Purchased the Nighthawk M1 about 2 months ago for the youngest child and myself whilst waiting at sporting events for the other children's sports training 5 days a week. Can connect up to 20 devices which is never needed but nice to know it's got the capacity. Netgear claim it can download 1 gigabit/ sec speeds using multiple bands. Haven't tested this in metro centre however half an hours deive out best I've managed is 250mb/s which is plenty for my use.
Handy also that it can be used to charge other devices and I like that it has a usb type c cable as my new phone uses that too.
Only thing I don't like is Telstra don't do data share with included sim rather have to pay for additional monthly sim share card. Come on telstra be fair.

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Is the Night Hawk data hungry because it it counts the Wfi download and then the upload to your device? I was told when using a phone as a hotspot uses lots of Data for the above reason.
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Bert, it really depends on the type of usage. I have the Nighthawk M1, and we (my wife and I) have so far not exceeded our 30gb data limit, but we very seldom stream etc, just fb, eBay, e-mails etc. Infact our data usage/ month hasn’t changed since we changed from going solely to the Nighthawk, when we cancelled our ADSL-1, about 6 months ago. Cheers Trevor


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