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HI Looking a buying our first caravan we think a New Age Manta Ray 16ft off road would suit our needs We will be towing the van with our 2011 STR 2.5CR Nissan Navara. Would the Navara be sufficient to tow this van Cheers Bernard
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bernsal the finish on my my MR18ES3 is good some issues with water and fridge not working on 12Volt these are minor but took a long time to get them sorted no quality control at the main head office not into pure offroad if your near Newcastle do not buy it from Beresfield dealer cheer grameCheers thanks for your replyYes, my wife and I recently bought a Manta Ray Enduro 18ERS2 and as we passed through Victor Harbour on the coast below Adelaide we met another couple with the same caravan. It is well built and is like towing your own unit on wheels. It is also good for free camping. Both couples have found it very good for purpose but both of us initially found that it requires Electronic Stability Control (ESC) because it is 3.1m high and has a high centre of gravity. I have written to New Age to say that ESC should come standard even though it costs $1200 to install. Safety is our No.1 factor so we also have the E2 Hitch, which was installed in Newcastle. The Great Southern RV Caravan Team in Adelaide at Clovelly Park did a very good job on ESC installation. We sold our 18 year old Nissan Patrol 3L Diesel and bought a late model Landcruiser V8, which has all the power you need to tow a tandem axle caravan.

I have a 2013 Manta Ray 19bc. I'm going free camping ie non powered site. How do I use the battery? Is there a switch somewhere that I have to flick? I can see the battery is fully charged when I've got it hooked up to power at home but as soon as I unplug the power the screen goes blank and I don't know how to use the battery. Is someone able to assist? Thanks. Darren
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Darren the switch on the control panel just inside the door has to be on refer your manual and the pump switch also and for the hot water to run on gas the switch is in the cupboard with a red light

What height is the tow ball coupling for NA mantra ray 19 er for weight distribution system?
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james my manta ray 18 is 415mmto the bottom of the hitch when the van is level sugest you set the van at level and this should be the height when bars are fitted in positionThank you very much Gra ugh appreciated. Jim

Side window came off how do I put it back in?
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Tell me, what is it that I put in my review that makes everyone think I’m a New Age Guru. I’m a New Age owner who happens to be impressed with the dealership from whom we purchased our van. I haven’t a clue on how to repair anything.

Hi I have a 2015 manta Ray 19e I have try everything to stop it swaying I tow it with 2012 Mitsubishi triton 4x4. Tyres pressure right,weight up the front,or is it just me I have had 3 vans this is the biggest one I have had is it normal to move around when sitting on 100 km. Any ideas? Thanks Trevor
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I wouldn’t have a clue. I’m just a New Age owner, just like you. Why don’t you ask someone from New Age.Trevor, our Manta Ray 18e Enduro was also swaying all over the place and we too had tried everything, not that full water tanks helps once you've free-camped. We asked them to relocate the spare tyre from rear to front due to lack of ballweight. It was done under warranty and the van now tows like a dream. Try to aim for between 8-10% ballweight.

Where is the fuse for the air con for a manta ray 19E?
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I don’t know. I own a manta Ray, but rely on the dealership to answer any questions.

Why do we have only luke warm water in van. Have turned the regulator under van, and taken off brass fitting and cleaned with no luck. Manta Ray 2016.
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I don’t know. Perhaps you could ask the New Age dealership, or the people who deal with the water heater in the van.Ours is a 2018 and we have hotter water (and more instant) than I can get at home on gas. You may need to talk to dealership or even head office? If you are on the New Age Caravan Owners or Manta Ray.. facebook page, there is a Mandy Newage person that is often very helpful when people have questions.

Hi I have a 2015 new age manta Ray 19 e tare 2140 ATM 2540 I got it weight I have 2 batteries,2 solar panels the van was empty water tanks full and gas bottles. It come in at 2520kg so that only gives me 20 kg that I can put in the van. What is going on here I need help. Thanks Trevor
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Trevor. Your water will form a decent proportion of your loading allowance, (around 150Kg 120KG for the tanks, 20KG for the hot water system plus whats in the pipework etc). The Tare weight stamped on your compliance plate was the vans weight with no water in tanks or gas in cylinders (18Kg) , as it rolled off the factory floor. I have a Manta Ray 19E myself and your Tare weight appears fairly standard. My guess is that you had the solar panels and extra battery fitted after the van left the factory and so this weight was not included in your tare. This means that you have 2 panels at around 15KG each plus a 20Kg Battery to come off your loading allowance also. I wrote to new age and asked to upgrade my ATM to the maximum that my axle group was rated to (as caravan builders do not offer this as standard due to wanting to keep their vans weights down and so appeal to more people with lesser tow cars) They upgraded mine to 2750Kg and I paid $100 for a new compliance plate which was all sent within a week. Living in NSW I then had to empty the van completely of everything I could and take it to a weighbridge, gain the certificate and then have a blue slip inspection so that the registration details could be changed by services NSW. New Age did write me a letter which I believe in Victoria, covers all the needs for the services/rego people there.

Hi I have a New Age Manta Ray 19ft and am having trouble with the hot water system its not lighting up when i try and light it off the gas all the other appliances are working on gas. Would you have any idea why it would not be lighting? thanks Doug
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Doug. If your waters is already hot (from electrical element) then the gas will not light until the water cools down. To ttest this if your water was hot, just run the hot tap so that cooler water replaces the hot inside the cylinder and try again

We have a new age van do we need sway bars?
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It all depends on what you're to vehicle is I tow a 19ft MR and tow with a 2018 Ranger without the need of away barsWe dont use sway bars as we have the fancy breaking system on the van. Cant remember what's they called.We dont use sway bars as we have the fancy breaking system on the van. Cant remember what's they called.

Can anyone tell me how to keep the hot water flowing during a 5 min shower? We have a manta ray & the heat doesn't last.
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Our Manta Ray is fitted with the Suburban hot water system with a 22.5 litre storage tank which is so hot we need at least 50% cold to save being burnt. We never run out of hot water. Maybe your storage tank thermostat is not heating the water to the correct heat. If in WA I suggest you ring New Age Perth as they are always very helpful.Hi, If you are on facebook there is an awesome group called "New Age Mantra Ray" , Everyone is very helpful with lots of questions asked and answers about every little thing. Great group, I highly recommend you join. Happy and safe travels :)5 Minutes...…. Really. Only Joking, but many people think that there caravans are homes. As mentioned the water tank is 22.5 ltrs volume and as the hot water comes off the top fresh, cold water replaces it so the temperature will drop. As a rule when n in the van and "off Grid" we shower every two days and when we do its water on for a 1 minute wet down then water off while we soap up. Water on again for a 1 minute rinse and that's that. Two of us can shower on one tank. If connected on mains then we can be much more generous but it will take 10 minutes to reheat the water. You can also run your Suburban hot water system on both 240V if you are connected AND gas at the same time which will apply more heat and so keep you running hotter for longer.

Having trouble with the interior blinds/screens. Any advice?
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If any one has any questions about their caravan, I'd advise you to join the Facebook group "New Age Mantra Ray" as this is a great group were you can ask questions and learn lots about your van Cheers

I have purchased a new age manta Ray series 2 off-road caravan and was wondering if there is any way to fade or mute the outside speakers. Any help would be lovely? Thanks. Barb
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If you have a clarion radio push the button with the music note icon until you see the word fade on screen if you turn the knob on the right side to the right it will come up with R this should be turned all the way to the highest number, if you turn the dial left F will come up and this is the outside speakers. You need to try both ways as your internal speakers could be wired front or rear.

Low mains pressure to van? About 40% of normal outflow at inside taps. How do I fix this? Please advise Thanks
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Sounds like your pressure regulator is dirty or faulty. Try tapping gently with a mallet or hammer to free up the valve. Its situated under the van just below your water connection. If thaqt doesn't work it might need to be replaced but don't be tempted to "upgrade it'. Its there for a reason!

Hi, We have a MR19BC and cannot get the outside shower to work. No water comes out either from tank or when connected to mains. Any ideas anyone? TIA
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We have the same problem with our oz classic. Keen to hear from anyone who knows how to fix.

Does anyone know where the solar junction box would be?We had it installed brand new.
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In one of the cupboards above the sink area that where mine is on the MR19ER

How do we open the roof vents?
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Just had our van serviced headed off on our trip first night switch hot water on no hot water any ideas?
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What model water pump is fitted to the manta ray caravan 19er? thanks Tim
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NRV Quick Flow 42 Seriesthanks Ian

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