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Correction to wrong information

Johnno, You have it all wrong or you have not bought a MR deluxe. The Web site says 16" tyres and my December 2016 purchased van has them, Mickey Thompson MTR. My Fridge is Thetford N504.3r which is 164ltrs. So I don't know what you have fitted.
My opinion is the van is very well appointed. There are no cheap parts or fittings. They are mostly industry standard supplied to the caravan market. I have only used it for a two week shake down trip staying at a caravan park, where I became familiar with the workings testing the van both on the grid and off. My only gripes are the lack of prep space in the kitchen area if you use the stove, and washing up requires a draining rack with a drip tray as there is no bench space to drain the dishes with one. The other gripe is I need to fit foot rests on the dinette benches. Otherwise the fit out is exceptional. The Washing machine requires careful loading as it only has a small capacity and clothes need to be well balanced. This took 3 washes to work out how it works best

I found the van easy to tow behind my 2016.5 Discovery 4, both on highway, twisty roads and some unmade roads. No 4WDing as yet. The Van was very stable but I made sure it was properly weight balanced. The Van in my opinion needs weight in it to keep it stable. The Disco does not need torsion bars etc to help with sag as it has self leveling air suspension.

Great van but a couple of teething problems, hopefully New Age will rectify these!

Our 2016 New Age MR18ES2 2nd Owner, has the same problem with the water filter, cracked at the thread, most likely from being over tightened and siliconed up to prevent leaks. I believe the pump is operated by a pressure switch similar to our previous van. Our 12V pump runs continuously and we only get a dribble from the taps. Maybe an air lock on the suction side I thought! So as the suction line goes up over the axles I thought I would fill the tanks to get water flowing in the suction line, Unscrewed the hose from the filter housing and filled the tanks. Water was running out from a hose beneath the van, checked under the van and there was a cut or burr from a tool or some such in a host connecting both tanks at the top, unsure what this hose/pipework is for, it T's off and runs away somewhere, maybe for the water gauge. Have sent an email to VA Caravans, will see whet their response is. The van is just 6 months old and still subject to Australian Consumer Law Rights.


Floor PlanES2

Fantastic van

Purchased a Manta Ray 19E SE (special edition) earlier this year from New Age caravans Gold Coast.
I could not be happier with the service we received from Scott and the rest of the staff.

April 5th 2018 Update: Quality is far better than that in the Junko sorry Jayco vans

Happy with the Manta Ray 19er se

Only thing is that the staff at the dealer New Age Gold Coast need more training in how to set up the WDH's that they say oh you will need as WDH and cant set it up correctly.

Still trying to find some one that can help me set it up correctly some places will only help out if I buy a new WDH from them.

Floor PlanManta Ray 19e Special Edition
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Follow up to the above review from 12 months ago. Whilst we are happy with the Manta Ray 19e Special Edition. issues with dealers who don't return phone calls after promising to do so. We have also realised that when you ask for something to be done nothing is ever written down and we have been told this as when we ask why something wasn't done they admitted they don't always write things down. Sorry I now rate this down from 5 stars to a 3 star.

Ticks all the boxes for us!

This is our 2nd New Age van after upgrading for more off-road capability. This van has great ground clearance, and a rugged exterior look, yet inside has luxurious fittings and layout. NA Gold Coast have provided great after sales service and promptly attended to some minor warranty claims after our 10,000km shake down trip to Birdsville and Cape York. I would definitely recommend this van to those looking to go a bit further.

Floor PlanMR 16e Deluxe

Problems with van rolling at the top seems too high off the ground unstable

Van not towing well rolling from side to side looking at getting heavier shocks fitted this should have been done on manufacture the shocks are under engineered for weight of van causing a dangerous rolling from the top you can push on the side of the van and the whole van rocks easily will not be towing this van until problem is solved.

Floor PlanManta Ray 16E Off road

Purchased Manta Ray MR18ER 4 months old. Second owner.

Notified New Age dealership of change of ownership.
Asked if new van warranty changed with van, ans: no, no warranty from here on.
After last trip found the 12v water pump filter housing leaking, upon inspection what I found amazed me. The bowl was cracked at the thread ( put on too tight) so it had been siliconed up inside and out (Could have used this for drinking). Naturally replaced the $30 part.
The plumbing leaves a lot to be desired, sink drain pipe joins with the shower, vanity basin and Washing machine.
When you discharge water from the sink it all comes back up in the shower!!
Looking underneath you see the problem, pipe connecting all drains has a T into a goose neck then straight into the holding tank. Should it not have had a Y piece separating the drains?

Looking at the washing machine discharge hoses where they enter the pipe, they have been stuck in with a tube of silicone, how unprofessional.

The amount of silicone used on this particular van beggers belief it is literally every where.

Under the van the water pipes are tight and rub on the sharp cross members etc. I have had to apply protection to these areas.
The under carriage wiring is poorly attached with low slung ( no Support on wires crossing the van, wire joiners not water proofed etc,

Oh the list goes on.

So it goes without saying that the quality fitment is poor the finish inside is adequate.
So far reliability is up in the air with what I have found underneath and all the silicone.
The design is what convinced me to purchase but if I had known or bothered to take a look under neath, it would still be in the Van Yard.
It is easy to tow and looks good
But the silicone oh my what happens when this starts flaking of from the extreme weather conditions we experience.

Attention to detail ( Not )

We purchased our Manta Ray Deluxe MR16E in October 2014, with a delivery promised May 2015, ended up getting it late June. From day 1 we new there was some issues. New Age had 9 months to think about this van. They knew it was being registered in NSW with laws on location and height of number plates, yet it turns up with a spare tyre rack mounted plate and light as an after thought, boogie ! The rest of the under floor wiring was similar, wiring to tight, insufficient supports so part of the wiring loom hung below chassis rail, not water proof connection on ESC and electric brakes ( this will cause cables to corrode and eventually fail), cable gourmets falling out of the chassis rail so the wiring was wearing on the chassis. I have had to re route the hand brake cable so that it no longer rubbed on the wiring loom. The best was ESC wiring to the Anderson plug was about 200mm short and just taped with insulation tape that fell off by the timeh we got the van home. When I reported this the comment from New Age was that I should move the ESC socket closer to the tow hitch ! Mmhh. The rest they would not consider fixing. Inside the cupboard doors and draws rub together when opened. The fridge trim panel on kitchen bench fell off, the cafe dinner table leg rusted as did the SS hinge on the table. The vanity basin had a star crack in it that someone has tried to fill, they were not interested in that either. The water pressure pump nuisance cycles at the most odd times. The water tanks get an air lock so they can not be filled in one go. The welding work I suspect has not been finished properly because we have rusting problems bleeding through the paintwork. I have read this other reviews and it appears to be a common problem. Another major problem for us was the uninsulated floor. We first used the van in Western NSW mid winter where we experienced several sub zero nights. The problem was the floor, uninsulated is was unbearably cold to stand on and you could feel the cold just seeping up though it, for an insulated van it was very cold with condensation problems. I have since insulated the floor to fix this problem.
The positives are that the road clearance height is great for the areas we go and the van tows extremely well, it behaves well on and off the road. The suspension is good and braking excellent. The service department at Nowra NSW has been excellent and have really tried to have these problems addressed, many thanks guys.
The negatives apart from what has been detailed previously is the attitude of all I have spoken with thus far from New Age themselves.
I have been told straight out by one individual that works for them that quote " our vans have the best finish in the market " if this is true probably does not speak well for the industry as a whole in quality assurance.
Would I buy another, probably not given the poor care factor of New Age in after sales matters.

The towing frame (floor frame) poor rust prevention quality

No complaints regarding the interior finish, but lacking in certain areas 1 being the undercarriage frame, weld splatter left on prior to touching up the frame, rust appearing on welding joints and water tank mounting straps, they use Dura Gal tubing, it's means a constant maintenance issue to prevent the rust overtaking, for the money you pay why they don't provide a hot dipped gal frame is beyond me, after all the vans cost enough, I have also replaced the bolts for the foot corner stands, they used cheap chrome plated bolts that have rusted they don't last long, my van is under two years old, the window blinds bind up a lot and are hard to operate, they cut corners on certain items that puts the van in a status of not the top quality vans built. One of my issues that I complained about was the height of the number plate being ilegal regarding NSW RTA REGULATIONS, admitably New Age agreed to sent me a kit to fix the issue, but I would be left with a hole to patch where the light and wiring was previously fitted, and I was expected to do the rectification myself. It appears that since the caravan industry has boomed, mainly because of the baby boomers, customers are not given quality for price, a lot of people are unaware of these issues as they are not familiar to theses failings of constructions, taking advantage of elder people, the warrenty is no where long enough, 12 months, I'm not the happiest customer due the the skimping in these issues mentioned above, Would I buy from New Age again? Probably not.

The gift that keeps on giving!

With any product of significant investment comes the purchase cooling period. New Age Caravans "Manta Ray" or any other model of caravan in their portfolio is no different than buying a new or preloved vehicle. Great luxury and functionality are always the key to their sales success! Most reviews list the pros and the cons of New Age caravans but omit the reason why the investor went with the New Age model they fell in love with in the beginning at the point of purchase. Our investment has and will never be without challenges but I can assure you as the reader, we know without a doubt that we made the right investment decision for both our lifestyle and most importantly our well being! We have only had 6 caravanning adventures since we invested in our new lifestyle but we are planning more and more trips as we go. If you need a new lease on life with endless possibilities then invest wisely in a New Age caravan and tell them Philly sent you. By the way the only thing I wish our New Age caravan had is a hot tub!

Not all perfect

Mmmm where to start. Our Manta Ray deluxe mr16e has had issues from the first trip, as of December 2015 it is a month old. While many of the inclusions are welcome, some are over kill. There are 18 seperate lights in the main cabin, I think that's over kill as it makes the roof look like Chinese checkers. A few well places led strip lights would have been just as effective. Although storage is good, most of the cupboards are completely different sizes, resulting in kitchenware being stored all over the van, rather than in a central location. Despite being a light duty four wheel drive, it's way to high, the ride height could come down 6-8 inches and not effect overall performance. A round sink with no where to put washing up is a pain, resulting in storage of dish drainers and trays to capture excess water. And yes this was one of the compromises we knew about but still struggle with.

One month old and its issues.

Bathroom door fell off its rollers, it was held on with metal threaded screws rather than wood screws?
Tap on the drawbar was mounted so high it can't be turned on without fouling the front tub.
Cheap Chinese out side speakers distort even at low volume
Scratches on the door at pick up, over a month now, still waiting for a response fom new age?
And the most serious, the ALKO esc doesn't work, and was told by the dealer, connecting it whilst faulty could result in the brakes locking on!

Mostly happy but new age need to respond to customer and warranty enquire. Sydney RV mostly hopeless.

Manta Ray MR16E Deluxe (Offroad)

Bought this van 4 months ago and done a couple of trips now. This van is faultless! Everything works perfectly. The cabinets are better quality than 99% of homes. The fittings and everything on the van is all brand name and not cheap chinese copies. The layout is well thought out, the independant suspension comes from a quality supplier, the Marine BBQ works great (done the odd roast in it now) the full size ensuite with that great 3kg front loading washing machine has my wife excited!
The only thing we might alter is to fit a grey water tank.

Just a follow-up on our original post on the Manta Ray MR16E. Only problems after 7 months is with the plumbing. Had 3 leaks from hoses on the water tanks because somebody used plumbing tape on plastic barbs is a novel way of making a 27mm hose fit on a 25mm barb. So I redid all the tank connectors and used sleeves to correct the hose/barb mismatches and it's all fine now. Fixing it myself was an easier solution than taking back to the dealer. But everything else on the van is good.Another 2 years have passed since I wrote that review. The caravan has had a lot of use and has been fantastic - it is a solid well made van.

Just a suggestion to think about

Given that 90% of people my wife and I have spoken to while caravanning never cook inside the van, including us, have you ever considered installing a pull out kitchen work area similar to the better quality camper vans?
I know some vans have pull out BBQs but I think a small kitchen workspace area would be very popular and just might take off.
I realise they would still require a cook top inside for times of bad weather or a quick cuppa on the road but most cooking is done outside requiring the need to carry additional cooking facilities and bench space, eg. tables
Our previous van before the New Age Manta Ray 18 Series was a 2004 modem 23'6 Regal Super Cruser and the rackets in the oven still had the original plastic rappers on them, never used.
Just something to think about.

2013/14 new age manta ray

Our family have been caravanning now for over 30 yrs ,our family has now purchased two new, New age Manta Rays , which we brought from the Brisbane show .
We spent many weekends , looking for a new van , saw so many different brands , heard so many different stories , went with what we thought was the best , haven't been happier .
The New Age caravan mob , are like family , they still are interested in you once you leave the yard .
Don't look back , go and buy a New Age Van .
the finish and detail on the interior and exterior is of a very high standard
havent been able to pick any faults with our van yet . oh needs another light above the mirror in vanity

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Questions & Answers

HI Looking a buying our first caravan we think a New Age Manta Ray 16ft off road would suit our needs We will be towing the van with our 2011 STR 2.5CR Nissan Navara. Would the Navara be sufficient to tow this van Cheers Bernard
4 answers
bernsal the finish on my my MR18ES3 is good some issues with water and fridge not working on 12Volt these are minor but took a long time to get them sorted no quality control at the main head office not into pure offroad if your near Newcastle do not buy it from Beresfield dealer cheer grameCheers thanks for your replyYes, my wife and I recently bought a Manta Ray Enduro 18ERS2 and as we passed through Victor Harbour on the coast below Adelaide we met another couple with the same caravan. It is well built and is like towing your own unit on wheels. It is also good for free camping. Both couples have found it very good for purpose but both of us initially found that it requires Electronic Stability Control (ESC) because it is 3.1m high and has a high centre of gravity. I have written to New Age to say that ESC should come standard even though it costs $1200 to install. Safety is our No.1 factor so we also have the E2 Hitch, which was installed in Newcastle. The Great Southern RV Caravan Team in Adelaide at Clovelly Park did a very good job on ESC installation. We sold our 18 year old Nissan Patrol 3L Diesel and bought a late model Landcruiser V8, which has all the power you need to tow a tandem axle caravan.

I have a 2013 Manta Ray 19bc. I'm going free camping ie non powered site. How do I use the battery? Is there a switch somewhere that I have to flick? I can see the battery is fully charged when I've got it hooked up to power at home but as soon as I unplug the power the screen goes blank and I don't know how to use the battery. Is someone able to assist? Thanks. Darren
1 answer
Darren the switch on the control panel just inside the door has to be on refer your manual and the pump switch also and for the hot water to run on gas the switch is in the cupboard with a red light

What height is the tow ball coupling for NA mantra ray 19 er for weight distribution system?
2 answers
james my manta ray 18 is 415mmto the bottom of the hitch when the van is level sugest you set the van at level and this should be the height when bars are fitted in positionThank you very much Gra ugh appreciated. Jim

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