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New Life Fitness Centre

New Life Fitness Centre

2.8 from 12 reviews

Poor Hygiene and deleting reviews

I just joined New Life Fitness Centre. This morning I asked the lady at the front counter for disinfecant spray and paper towels. She responded with ' We dont do that here' We wipe down the machines regularly!'
I was stunned at her response.
Absolutely no regard for their customers.
I then went on to ask for my money back as I have not signed the paperwork.
She refused.
I had no choice but to put this review on their 'visitors posts' it was promptly deleted. Leaving only posts from their directors and/or staff and family.
I genuinely have not seen a more unprofessional gym. Cleanliness during such a bad flu season is the bare minimum I would expect from a business with such a high turnover of people.
Just had a friendly call from the staff at New Life Fitness Centre being distraught over being 'slandered' and blaming me for not using a towel in the ladies gym.
Explained to Lola that people are dying from the flu and they need to be vigilant and help promote a health enviroment. She went on to tell me that i am fault for not using a towel.
She also told me that I had been a member previously and knew their standards.
I explained to Lala that I brought up the same issue last year, in which the management made disinfectant spray and towels available for a short time.
Guys give me my money back, put the welfare of your customers first.

Best price. Best equipment and classes

I have 5 gyms in my area within a 1.5km radius. Can not fault new life. Great staff, great equipment and now 24hours. Aircon works great! heaps of classes!

Great equipment

I've been to many gyms and I must say for the value of this gym it has the latest machines it's just fantastic it's always busy but I never have a problem getting the machine I like to use there is plenty of them.

Best gym

I recently rejoined New Life after moving back into the area and I really dont understand the negative reviews at all. Im very fussy and can honestly say this is the best gym I have ever been to and I have tried many over the years. It is an excellent gym with great facilities and awesome friendly instructors and cost effective memberships. The creche is free with no bookings required and staff are fantastic. My three year old asks to go there and they are so good with my 11mth old whereas when I was at Goodlife my son hated it so much I had to forfeit my membership shortly after joining. New Life is the best gym!


I would not recommend this gym to anyone. The management are unprofessional, aggressive, unapproachable and arrogant. In summer it is unbearable up there as the air conditioning doesn't work. Half the walkers are unsafe and have been for at least 8 months, with many complaints been put in still nothing has been done. Classes drop off constantly and car parking is a night mare. Located in a very inconvenient location.

Join KickBox with Peter

I have just renewed my membership with NLF. I spent a year exercising with Peter three days aweek and I will keep going through another year. I sometimes join Stella on Saturdays when I am free and she's brilliant too.
The Kickbox is a full body exercise. If you can endure coming three days esp. in the morning, then you will get all that you want. I do not join other classes or do the weights, so I can not type more than I am happy being in that place in general.

Dont bother.

Half way through my membership they tried to charge me $2 an hour for a locker. I needed one for 1 to 2 hrs 5 times a week. Total approx $1000 a year. Dont think so mate. I had an argument with the pr guy who couldnt care less so i left and went to goodlife at hindmarsh which was a great move. Not only did they give me 4 months free for leaving newlife early but i can use the membership anywhere in australia including the sushine coast where i was a couple of months ago. Goodlife treat its members so well and will do anything for you. If you are at newlife now do yourself a favour and check out goodlife at hindmarsh. Its a very well set out gym. It costs nothing to look and i know you wont be disappointed. Ive seen quite a few ex newlife members at goodlife and they tell me they should have been out earlier. Get out now !!!


There is that manager who seems to be angry all the time and sets an unpleasant and uncomfortable atmosphere to train in. There are however some friendly staff but having the manager there everyday that doesn't like smiling or communicating to you. Eurgh, really bad

Absolutely terrible...

No communication.. unprofessional and egotistical owner.. Highly recommend not joining... and never give them your credit card they will abuse it!
The manager... she was nice
Extremely unprofessional and cold. Not an establishment to be frequently visited or trusted.


This gym seems to be far more geared towards fitness classes than weights training. There simply isn't enough free weights or training machines to consider this gym for serious training. There's only 1 or 2 machines per muscle group and almost all of the machines (and free weights) are in use all of the time (from 6:45 - 8pm).

Maybe I'm spoilt having coming from a gym with much more equipment and less people, but either way I wouldn't consider going back unless they at least doubled the amount of equipment they have.
Clean/New facility
New equipment
Air conditioned
Plenty of fitness classes
Not enough weights training equipment or bikes/treadmills during peak periods
Not enough car park spaces


Promises promises promises. This is coming, That is coming, but nothing ever does. Car park is a nightmare. Gym memberships now lower than prior opening get in first special!
Everything is new. Equipment and premis.
Needs more equipment.


Overall a friendly atmosphere and great facilities.
I too was an ex club fitness member and had joined prior to it closing. However my membership was honored and i am now loving this new fitness centre.
Brand new fitness centre with state of the art Nautilus equipment. Plenty of gym room and great size group fitness studios.
no pool or spa

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