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New Wave 6-in-1 Multicooker NW-800

New Wave 6-in-1 Multicooker NW-800

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New Wave nw800 Pressure Cooker YES Support NO

Date PurchasedJan 2015

worked for 3 years ONLY


Loved this cooker when it worked.... used it for Pressure Cooking and Browning.
The slow cooker option is terrible.
Seal keeps blowing out now and I cant get a replacement. So in the bin it goes. Tracked down a website and an office in Melbourne, but the phone is disconnected, and the web form submisssion goes nowhere.
Not happy! Going to buy a brand that I know I can get replacement parts.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Good while it lasted.


Worked well for a while and I loved it but then steam started coming from around lid which was dangerous. Rang and sent several emails asking to purchase a new seal and a new bowl to see if that would fix the problem.. I have had no reply to my last two emails. I think I will buy a different brand from The Good Guys or Harvey Norman. Would suggest others do likewise.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

The best thing I bought ever


I love it! It's how you use it. It works great for everything, nothing burns in it rice or no rice. Love it. I have stopped using all the there pots. Cleaning is so easy. It's my everyday cooking tool, I tell everybody about it. I have made rice, whole chicken, steamed veggies, pulled beef soups, chilli, broth.

Slow cooker, hardly....


The unit has never worked correctly from the start but we make it work for us.
The slow cooking function seems to cook everything at raid speed and boils, its that hot. We manage to cook a half lamb leg in 3hrs which is clearly not slow. But once we worked it out fault and all, the food does come out amazing so its well used. The instructions are pretty useless.

Excellent kitchen aid


Got first one in 2012, and used abroad. Once had error message and they replied to my email advising me to cool off unit in between sauting and slow cooking. Worked great, considering I was in super hot environment it sounded reasonable. Unit is still running fine after 3.5 years, left it with my friends abroad. Hope to find same again in Australia. As all I see is new model 5:1.

Versatile and easy


This is easy to use, easy to clean, set the timer and forget for roast/stew/casserole type dishes. Also great for rice, frying. Pressure cooker is such a life saver when you're stuck for dinner idea, pop in ingredients and 30 min later you have a delicious meal.I recommend this. Price friendly too.

Denise S

Denise SPort Macquarie NSW

  • 10 reviews

I hate it!


I bought this specifically for our caravan and the slow cooker option boils so quickly it burns and toughens everything! Skmilar with the rice cooker, boils too quickly, rice not cooked before all the water has been absorbed and the rice burns and sticks. Needless to say, I didn't even bother to use the other cooking methods. It's now up for sale, $FREE. Such a waste of money!



  • 3 reviews

Understandable Customer Support


I just received my new 6 in 1 cooker which is covered with large stickers which have to be removed before use - I tried every method I knew to no avail they are still stuck - so I called the help line -after a long wait a man took my call who had very limited English and after asking him to repeat himself a dozen times I finally came to the conclusion that maybe he was trying to say eucalyptus oil - maybe still not to sure - why put the large stickers all over the machine that need a specific product to remove which I am sure not all households have in their cupboards - and surely this could be printed in the instructions



  • 3 reviews

The least ugly of a super ugly range of options


Awesome product, saves me heaps of time


I really love this machine and pressure cooking saves me so much time in the kitchen. Takes 45mins v 3hrs to make delicious chicken stock, 6mins v 1hr for butter chicken, 20mins v 1.5hrs for rogan josh, etc. I nearly always use the pressure cooking function but the browning, steaming, rice + slow cooking is good too. It lost a star because the deep frying function doesn't seem to work well.

I got both the stainless steel bowl and the non stick so once one dish is done I can just stick the other in straight away so I can get a lot of cooking done on the weekend.

Tam W

Tam WMelbourne

  • 5 reviews

Wonderful Machine


Have just got out of hospital and hubby bought this. It is the most wonderful machine. Put the ingredients in.. pressure cook food. have the most wonderful flavorsome food. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Will be using it most days.

Tam W
Tam W

It's now October 2016 and I still use my Cooker regularly. Still think it's the best thing I ever bought for my kitchen.

Tam W
Tam W

2017 and it still working perfectly... love it.



  • 4 reviews

Terrible do not touch this product


Used slow cook function, 90 minutes into the cycle all that was left was a dried out sluge. Contacted supplier got asked to test the pressure cooker function? Speaking of the pressure cooker function, a 8 min. receipe well an hour of restarting the function and the dish was cooked. Useless product.


FrustratedCampbelltown, New South Wales

  • 2 reviews

e1 and e4 errors.


Used our unit very regularly and loved it, until error code e1 appeared. Now it doesn't work. Good luck getting any assistance from New Wave. Any repairs are at your own cost and the manual doesn't explain the codes. E4 is another one that comes up. It seems the bloody thing can't make its mind up.
very convenient.
error codes e1 and e4 stopped it from working. Can't get any explanation of what they mean and how to fix it.



  • 12 reviews



I received this as a fly buy reward wasn't sure about it as I am no cook but with this I sort of can, the instructions may as well be in a different language, I had to resort to the internet and YouTube to figure it out... Overall I impressed having never used a pressure cooker previously and was a bit scared it would explode, every kind of meat comes out tender and yummy, the browning fuction is great, don't have to use multiple pans, the slow cooker works well too... If you are time poor as I am, get one of these it's just too easy ...
Minimal effort for maximum results
Instruction manual is shocking

Love, love, love this product.


It's great but food catches on the base.


Love this machine but get very frustrated as each time from the start, food catches on the base. I would prefer a smooth base note a corrugated base.. Have tried spraying, always have plenty fluid in it but it catches and it's not easy to clean. I prefer it to cook rice and have put my rice cooker away.

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Buy the stainless steel insert. It is smooth and can be thrown in the dishwasher.

the missing instruction






I bought this with high expectations of it taking over from my tired old slow cooker but have been nothing but disappointed. Pressure cooker meals turn out quiet dry as did the rice. I expected that at first and hoped with a little experimentation it would eventually work out but no such luck. After having bought this a little under 6 months ago I had hoped to get a bit more use out of it but today it died! Turned it on and it blew a fuse! Not at all impressed with performance or durability. Never buying New Wave again!
I liked the functions. Able to cook different meals.
Did perform or last.


Anneke I think the 6 in 1 is a different model to the 5 in 1 and therefore may have had different results. I could live with the slow release but the fact that it short circuited my house before it was even 6 months old was hard to accept.

After sales


I loved my 6 in 1cooker when it was working, used it every day. However, now the board has gone in it and there is not a repairer in WA, (won't sell me the part either). I would have to send it, at my cost, about $40.00 each way, plus $25.00 repair cost, (total cost $105.00). The unit only cost me $150.00 on sale. Won't be buying any more NW products.
Great when working
Bad after sales service

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Questions & Answers

Diana T.

Diana T.asked

The cooker only seems to be able to cook for in high pressure for
A maximum 30 min then the timer resets to zero.
I want to cook for 1 hr 45min??

No answers



I have a newwave pressure cooker and wondering if I can purchase a new removable inner bowl. 6 litre capacity. /thanks,,, Jen.

No answers

Sue J

Sue Jasked

Can you buy the inserts for these?

1 answer

I bought an extra stainless bowl for my model that came with a stainless bowl, so now I can cook one dish, swap the bowls, and cook another. It was from somewhere like kitchen warehouse, or the pressure cooker website people - sorry, memory fails! However you could buy them.

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Release dateAug 2012

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