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New Wave NW-300 Portable Induction Cooker

New Wave NW-300 Portable Induction Cooker

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Not as good as the first on I had

Replaced a excellent NUWAVE which I bought years ago but managed to break the glass.
This one isn't a patch on the first,
I have a sensing thermometer and the temp control on this one is just hit or miss, sometimes nothing between 80 - keep warm, and 160 - burn if not watched.
So I have to stand over it when using it.And it switches itself off so you cant ever use the 80 as a slow cooker! Bought this to replace a $45- eBay special which had lousy temp control but this one is functionally identical so save your money - what was one a quality brand now just the same junk you can buy an Ebay for a third of the price.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

This is a wonderful addition to any kitchen

We have a very nice gas cooktop that does almost everything we could want... except very slow simmering (curries et.). So we bought one of these induction cooktops a couple of years ago to cover that need. From memory we paid about $109.00 for it from a Hotel Supplies outlet. I have to say, we have used this plug-in induction cooktop weekly ever since and would be lost without it now, it's so good! In fact it offers way more control over temperature, power and timing than most built-in units that are 10 times the price. Being plug-in we can use it anywhere, which is handy in our compact but busy kitchen, and cleaning it is a breeze. You can buy this unit with confidence!

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Easy to use

I purchased this cooktop to use in caravan annexe. It is so good I will be using at home as well. Super quick, easily controlled with 10 settings. Just turn on and set required heat. (Mine comes on with default setting of 1400 W.) I find 1000W is good for bringing to boil, and 800W for simmer. I don't find the fan noisy at all, much quieter than a microwave. Have seen other cooktops where settings are more involved. This is so easy. Plus a timer which turns power off after a set time. Mine came with a free lidded pan which is very handy. You have to use pots 12-22 cm in diameter. would recommend to anyone.

Not a bad unit

Was in need of a temporary hot plate while we did our renovation and decided on getting a portable induction cooktop. I wanted a dual cooktop like you can get in the USA, but no one has them over here. So we ended up with a New Wave induction after looking for quit a while for a unit. Why anyone would want to spend $2500 on a built in unit is beyond me. After using this unit now for a month or so I'll be buying another one to put in the new kitchen so can have 2 portable induction cooktops that I can move to anywhere in the house to cook on, even on the deck. For $260 I can get two units and save myself a fortune.

This cooktop boils water faster than an electric jug! Now when using this unit the fan is going at great speed so it can be a little bit on the noisy side, but you do get used to it. It's a great design and very easy to use my only problem with cooking on it is it's hard to do a good sunny side egg on it(frying) still trying to figure that one out.

If you ever wanted to try induction cooking this is a great way to try it on the cheap.
Size, speed at which it cooks, shut down timer.
It is a little bit noisy, temperature is only 20'c increments.

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Where are they available
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Where can i purchase these products
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This is old tech now. You can get better ones from Aldi when they come on sale.

Where can i purchase the new wave induction portable cooker from?
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Aldi have much better ones for sale from time to time.Hi, I bought my New Wave NW-300 induction cooker from my local hotel supply company in Hobart, but here's heir website link to this model including info on where to buy in your area: http://nwka.com.au/portable-induction-cooker.html


NW-300 Portable Induction Cooker
Cutout Height6
Primary Element1 x Induction
Control PositionFront
Price (RRP)$129.95
Release dateJun 2012

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  • GTIN14: 09329093000232

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