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New Wave Thermochef Natura NW-100

New Wave Thermochef Natura NW-100 Questions & Answers

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Is there a big difference between the turbo chef and turbo cook
1 answer
I have no idea....sorry

My thermo chef wont go past 5 in the blending mode. Any hints?
2 answers
Sorry, no.I learned to hate that machine with every fibre of my being

We've thoroughly enjoyed our NW TC and have had it for over 6yrs, tried turning it on and the LCD screen is all frozen no error codes. any idea as to how to fix or a repairer in Melbourne VIC. Thanks Georgie.
No answers

Hi how much for replacement butterfly paddle pls?
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Sorry but the whole set is for sale, not separate pieces.Pretty sure I have one you can have for the cost of postage.

Hello.Would like to be able to buy a part for my thermochef the part iam looking for is the butterfly bar . Where to buy? Regards patricia webber
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I'm not sure where you would be able to get one, the only thing I can think of is to contact Kogan or whatever store you purchased it from, did you lose it or did it break? Is it still under warranty?When you find out please let me know as I am also looking for the same part. I have tried contacting the company, but I have not had any luck.HELLO,the butterfly bar broke ,regards trish webber

Hi. My thermochef bowl keeps sticking in the base, and I'm finding it difficult to unlock. Any ideas?
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Have you put it in the base properly? The button should click into the hole. When was the last time you wiped the base. I find sometimes I need to jiggle the jug as I am pulling it out.Try wiping around the latch area and jiggling as suggested. It is better that the latch is a bit tight because the operation of the whole machine hinges on that bit working.

How can i remove the blades? The unlock lever will not move from locked position
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Turn the jug upside down put one hand inside the jug, with the other hand turn the unlocking mechanism on the bottom anti clockwise. I found it hard for the first few times. And putting it back together is lining up the notches and then turn mechanism clockwise. May take a bit of practice.Agree 100% with the above - hold the spindle instead of the blades if you can avoid.. If not use a towel or similar on the blades to avoid a cut. :-) Also found that if you turn it all the way sometimes the jug wont seat properly back in the base and the lock will not engage (click). If so turn it back very slightly (loosen direction) maybe 1mm or so.Tried this butstill wont budge.

I purchased Thermochef in 2012. Dont use it every day, but when I did, only for pestos, veggie patties etc.. Never cooked in it because it would not feed my whole family due to size of cooking jug. I was using the Thermochef the other day. The machine stopped half way through and E2 error message came up - apparently overheating. Strange - I was only blending chickpeas and vegetables for 15 seconds. Now, I turn on my machine - E2 still appears. Tried to email NewWave but emails bounced. Where do I make contact with somebody who can assist me with repairs in Queensland (Sunshine Coast) - or is the machine stuffed. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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Sorry to hear you are having problems with your machine. Mine was a problem from the get go and definitely disappointed me in every way. Apparently New Wave have gone into liquidation so I don't think you will get a response from them in regards to your machine. Good luckThanks Nanna Nic - I guess mine will become a piece of expensive upcycled junk in my garden!! Its not good when there is no backup from companies who sell product and then go into liquidation, and leave customers in the lurch. I have now gone back to the old faithful Breville... again, thanks. x

Hi - bought one new - in box still in plastic - saying never used - now find out plus button dont work ?? any where to get it fixed in melbourne ? tried website email - error failed tried 1300 number - back of reccipie book failed Cheers Husband with very dissapointed wife : x
1 answer
They have gone into liquidation. I have heard from other people who actually sent the machines back to be fixed over 6 weeks ago and cannot get a response from them.

Liquid runs out of the base of the jug..have made sure the blades are very secure..the seal around the base of the blades is very loose..this is a brand new machine...what could be the problem
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Sounds like you got yours before they changed the fluid in bottom of blades mine did that as well but the company replaced mine way back.

Can i order the thermo chef accessory?
1 answer
Go to the new wave website. www.nwka.com.au

Have been considering purchasing a Thermochef, HOWEVER just about all the reviews I've read are fairly negative. Not one totally positive review! Does anyone fully recommend buying the Thermochef? What are its benefits? What are its good points? Is it worth buying one?
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I personally wouldnt buy this machine. Customer service isnt the best for something that has so many problems. In all honesty I'd buy the thermomix again and again. Hope this helpsThank you, Nanna Nic, you've made up my mind for me. It has been a consideration for a number if years, however the reviews have always put me off. This old nana is going to stick to the 20th century methods, with knife and pots.....I had the opposite experience. The customer service was excellent however I do live in Melbourne. They collected the unit with a replacement and when I inquired when I would get mine back they said just keep the one I have. I also ordered at a later time a paddle as I'd misplaced mine. $9 and they posted it to me. The only negative I have is that there is no Pause button, which would be helpful when making dough etc. I have had my machine 2 years.

My TC has completely frozen. Lcd screen is non respondent. Any ideas? Its out of warranty and cust.service are hopeless. Is it a throw away?
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Customer service is disgusting. I would think if customer service arent being helpful then yes its a throw away. Mine was still in warranty but it just wasnt worth the frustration it caused. Good luck with it

Where in WA can I get my Thermochef repaired?
1 answer

I own another brand thermo cooker and have had the base unit replaced 3 times and the unit is only 6 months old. I am not happy with it so do not want to make the same mistake. I especially had problems when the machine had to labour a little when making pumpkin soup. The motor just couldn't handle even a small load. Can the NW 100 handle this sort of situation? Also, with just 1 blade, how does the food not turn mushy but remain in chunks?
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Hi, the way to ensure it retains the food and not turn it into mush is to cut the meat in bigger chunks. Like 2 by 1 inch. If you use chicken breast, it will disintegrate a bit so best to use chicken thighs that are deboned. Meat like lamb and beef - same principal applies, cut bigger chunks.No - I invested in one of these and its broken after very little use in just 2 years....just long enough for the warranty to run out so they dont have to offer any assitance (which they wont). Not happy with this product - its not the 'lifetime' investment its promoted as.

My soft blend ( whisk) part unfortunately unclipped during mixing batter and its now unable to be used as it has a broken piece and the rest is jagged ..really need a new part where can I source a new part? Please help.
2 answers
You can call the manufacturer, details are in the recipe folderPlease can you put the manufacturer details on here so we can all have that information. I think a lot of people would appreciate that. Thanks

Hello, my thermochef is giving out the error E0 which i believe is lid not locked in place so have changed jugs and lids but the same error msg. Is it oossibly the little click button that connects the two on the rh side of the handle which as a base connnection and jug connection to lock it in place?
1 answer
Yes had the same problem. What did you do to fix it

I wish to cook Beef Stroganoff in my Thermochef....I am new at this...I have a recipe from a friend's ThermoMIX book which says to cook it for 20 mins at 100C at REVERSE + SPEED SOFT. Does anyone know if the Thermochef has an alternative funcion. Appreciate comments. Thanks Judi
2 answers
Oops, I meant 'FUNCTION.' I believe you must use the butterfly, but at what speed pleaseI always use slightly lower temp than tmx recipes as my tc seems to brown on the bottom if it's too hot, so I would put it on 90 degrees for 20 mins speed 1 and then check. It may need another five mins.

I have just bought a thermochef nw100 on an impulse buy which I am waiting delivery. I've always wanted a thermomix but couldn't justify price especially that I hate cooking but unfortunately the family insists on being fed regularly. Reading reviews on the thermochef does anyone know if the new nw100 has addressed and improved the issues that people are disappointed with like the burning of food and butterflies coming off?
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I've been really happy with mine :) Haven't had any problems with the butterfly attachment. As long as it's click over the blades properly it doesn't come off. Haven't had anything burnt yet! When cooking with milk/creamy (custard/mash) etc there has been a little build up but nothing I haven't been able to wash out (really no different issues than the thermo).

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