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Couldnt live with out it

I have ghad my TC for almost 2 years, in that time i have grown to love it we use it almost evryday and we even take it away with us when travelling. I can't think of another product or kitchen appliance that does so much in the one appliance. Really you don't need to have a bunch of different appliances the one TC is all you need.

love our Thermochef

We bought our 2 months back getting a free jug thrown in which is great as you can cook even more quicker.

We love the Thermochef for the price it does what the Thermomix does for a 3rd of the price.

Reading the negative viewa below sound lime they are written by Thermomix resellers as this is whar they say in their demos about competition.

Anyway they are great value for money.

Sure beats spending $2000

We're very happy with our ThermoChef, we purchased ours on ebay for $650 and have used it almost everyday since. It takes a little getting used to but once you understand the programming it works really well and you can use it in almost every dish from preparation to an entire meal.

We have called their support line a couple of times to ask simple questions on how to use and everytime they've answered and been great. We lost our butterfly and sent us out a new one free of charge!



Useful, but not essential

After attending a thermomix demo with a friend a year ago, the desire for one had been percolating for quite a while. My friend recently purchased a thermo chef and offered me the use of it. In the three days that I had the machine, I made biscuits, scones, creamed rice, risotto, chocolate mousse, lemon sorbet, caster sugar, almond meal, beef stroganoff, soup and cauliflower rice. I enjoyed using the digital keypad to give precise instructions, and frequently left it to do it's work while I did other things. I found the bowl easy enough to clean, and miraculously didn't cut myself on the blades (which were easy to remove, clean and reattach). The butterfly fell off the first time I used it (for risotto) but didn't any other time, which leads me to think I didn't attach it properly the first time. On the negative side it is really noisy, and not just when crushing ice or nuts. After using the machine pretty solidly for three days, I've come to the conclusion that if I had one, (either ThermoChef, or ThermoMix) I'd use it, but would still be keeping my other purpose build appliances (Stick blender, hand beaters, bread maker etc). If I was a grey nomad travelling the country, I'd love to have one working away in the caravan on dinner while I was outside.

Worst customer service

I purchased a thermo chef, I paid $155 for a service and pickup, when the package returned there was a damaged machine in side the box with the electronic facia peeling off and marks all over it and when contacted newwave, I was told it was the machine I sent them. The offered to fix the machine or replace it with a refurbished unit.

Unbelievably noisy!

It sounds like a compressor sitting on the kitchen bench.
It's just too clunky. I was cooking bolognaise sauce and the butterfly blade came off.
I was lucky I bought it from TVSN so I was able to return it within 30 days. I had to pay $100 return postage.
When I spoke with the agent at TVSN she sounded surprised when I said I was returning it because of the noise. She said it could be a fault, but I doubt that. She didn't say to send it and not pay for the postage.
I think I will stick to my conventional way of cooking.
My other disappointment was the lack of recipes supplied.


I have had my Thermo Chef for a few years and it has broken 4 times. It is NOT worth the pricetag. It can only take tiny portions or it freezes up. I would not recommend this product!

Love it :D

Great machine, does what it is supposed to do. Happier still I bought mine 2ndhand for only $400 with an extra jug. Previous owner never had any issues either and only sold to upgrade to the new TM. The Curried chicken with rice which has become our new favorite "can't be bothered cooking tonight" meal. Makes very easy soup too. Made banana bread that was a huge hit. I have eggs in it now as I type, cooks the eggs to perfection. Only real complaint I have heard from other TC users is it struggles with bread dough so I will stick with my bread machine for mixing the doughs and do the rest by hand. If I can get 2 yrs out of this machine I would happily buy another one, just can't justify spending over $2000 on a machine that can do the same job - not enough difference in the products to justify the huge difference in price. It is loud but no difference to my Kenwood Chef so that is not an issue. This is a machine that is best used once you have read the manual and watched the DVD so you have a proper understanding how it really works.

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Just an update, I had an issue with my TC about 2 yrs after writing the above review, I contacted the company and was fixed at minimal charge without any issues what so ever. I am still happy with this machine. Easy to use. I have since picked up a used Bellini Intelli and find the jug easier to clean due to being wider but other than that I am more than happy with my cheap alternative to the TM.

Lacks power, overloads and extremely noisy

The unit is extremely noisy and stops or has a burning smell with moderate amounts of food in it or when processing something like nuts. It looks nice but I have power tools and grinders quieter than this thing. Each unit should come with a packet of ear plugs. We thought this was a fault with the machine, but the company said this was normal (noise, overloading, smell etc). For the cost of this product I'd recommend you save a bit more and buy at least a second hand of the real deal or save your money and buy a competitors one for half the cost (which we did prior to this and it lasted a couple of years).

So glad I bought a Thermochef!

I've had my Thermochef a couple of months now & love it! I use it everyday, usually a few times through out the day. I was a bit unsure about buying a thermochef as I'd read a few bad reviews?? I loved the idea of thermo cooking but didn't want to spend $2000 on a machine I wasn't sure I'd use enough to justify. I haven't had any issues at all :) I make Sorbet, custards, dips, salads, easiest scones, the best mash potato, risotto, variety of desserts, mill almonds, love that I can cook my rice, while steaming veggies & fish etc all at once. I purchased mine from Myer during one of their sales so brought down price to $560 (inc extra bowl from company special ending November) I also bought the book thermo struck book which I found useful.

Waste of money

It doesn't work as stated. Frequently overloads, even with moderate amounts of food it in. I would recommend either saving up for the real deal or just saving your money. Very disappointing

So un-user friendly

I regret spending $700 on this. From the upset, it has been a battle as it so diddly to even assemble. The parts do not align easily to try to get the basic set up. It is an exercise in frustration and cut fingers. It is equally hard to get it off again. This has ll been such a hassle that on the rare occasion it does set up, we have only made a simple smoothie.

Looking at the instruction book, it is very hard to wade through. Attending classes would probably help a lot.

But this one is going to be jettisoned to anyone who will take it. In this day and age, technology has to be usable and easily assembled. This fils that basic test and I am just over it.

Hard to assemble, jug won't into place easily.

Why would you spend $2000

We have our ThermoChef for 2 months now and bought it after attending a ThermoMix demo, we love the idea of Thermo Cooking but paying $2000 is crazy so we bought a new wave one, it is great, does everything it says it does, we cooked risotto the other night and it was perfect, creamy risstito just as if you had bought at restaurant. We then used it later that night to make Hot chocolate, incredible using the butterfly bar.

We've also got the New Wave 6 in 1 multi cooker and its great too!
Easy, great recipes that are easy to follow, price!!!! reliability
The ping noise when you press the button

Does what its supposed to do!

Those people should be happy they did not spend $2000 and be disappointed with their results as they would have been the same.. When I went to a Thermochef demo I was told that it does not replace you stove or oven. Its a prep tool and the fact that I got rid of many other appliances is a bonus. Why would you cook a main meal in a jug???? I use my unit every day and it does what its supposed to do. No big deal. Its just an appliance.
Value, Easy to use. Never gets taken off the bench. Love the scales
A little bit noisy, Cleaning can be annoying on some dishes.

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You would cook a main meal in a jug because that is what the product is advertised to do! It is not merely an expensive food processor as you seem to be alluding to on everyone's comments. Why are you under the impression that the thermochef is "a prep tool." Direct quote from their web site "The best way to think of the Thermo Chef Natura is as a compact cooking station" and "And this needs to be abundantly clear: you can cook in the ThermoChef."

Was excited, then realistic

We thought we were on a winner - and had not been caught up in the thermomix palaver. The chef would do it, for sure. To be fair the stocks and soup we made were by and large great. Not so the risotto but the taste was still ok. Custard and porridge were easy but tasted better stove top. However, within a month we had multiple issues: scales, cutting out and lid not going on. New wave support was very good and they fixed these issues promptly and with out drama. but then the returned machine shorted the entire house 4 times in a row. and it was back to the retailer. The thermomix is a sophisticated machine and the cheaper machine just doesn't cut it.
We thought we had a bargain.
So many things! Do not be fooled, this is not a viable alternative to the thermomix. I think the real question would be can you make do with a food processor?

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I would love to know if your machine is a 2014 model. The old model, which I couldn't get repaired (the manufacturer had not repaired anything for several months) and had to inform the retailer that he must return the money paid, on the instruction of Consumer Affairs. If I thought I would have success with the new one I would try it but the last model was a disaster.

Thermochef - Disappointing! Broken Jug!

I bought a thermochef and was excited to test it out. I tried first melting some butter in the pot on a low temperature but it ended up burning as the temperature got too hot. I tried cooking other things porridge's burnt, meats turned to mush. I tried ringing New Wave on their support hotline several times, but they were always attending other calls. Eventually I rang the store I purchased it from. They eventually contacted New Wave and New Wave contacted me. They believe the heat element in the jug is broken (seems to be a common fault in brand new thermochefs!) and said they would post me a new one immediately. After a couple of days I emailed them to doublecheck when they estimated delivery would be. There reply was did I give my postal details to the person? Which I responded of course I did, and they also had my mobile number if they wanted to check anything as they called me. They asked me to please restate the postal address. Obviously they had done nothing about it and had not posted it. You would think when I had purchase a new expensive machine that had a fault, the least they could do is try to rectify it in a prompt manner. I am currently waiting to hear back from them about when to expect the new jug.
FYI - I bought a Jamie Oliver home stirrer with cutting tower. The cutting tower is rubbish, but the home stirrer is a fantastic time saver, doesn't stick and works perfectly. Got it on special for $199
Jug has broken heat element (brand new), mushes up food

I don't think a Thermo food process is the right product for you! It looks like you have the same problem I had. Goods must be suitable for the purpose for which they are sold. If not, and unable to have it repaired, return to the store from which it was bought and demand a refund.

On the fence....

I want to like this machine, really I do... But!! Every time I try to use it for something different I end up disappointed. I've had this machine for two years now and I will admit I don't use it that for some things, just because I have been disappointed with the results.

First, I'll list what I like about it:
It's great at cooking rice - but who needs a $700 rice cooker?
It's good for steaming veg
Good for steaming meat and fish (but this is not something I do as they are so unappealing to me)
Quick for making breadcrumbs.
Good for purees, smoothies etc..
Quick for chopping veg eg. if making a zucchini slice or something (but even then I just often use a grater)

Cons that i have found:
Terrible at kneading
Things are always burning on the bottom (and I have two jugs) i.e. i made a chocolate custard the other day and it burnt so badly even though I had the speed up and temperature not boiling. I cursed and cursed and wished I'd just done it on the stove, as it took me so long to clean it. I would love to be able to whip up a custard for my toddler in this machine, but clearly not...
I thought it would be good for baby food but often I found the volumes were obviously too small and it took so long to purees things as they just kept splattering up the side.
Same with the almond butter i tried to make - it was so laborious and I don't know how many times I had to take the lid off to scrape down the sides.
Most soups I make are too large in volume to make in the TMC jug.
I find i don't use it for baking - i prefer my mixmaster.

Note: I read a review about TMC vs TMX and the angle of the blades being different. This may explain why I find I have so much trouble with food either splattering up the side or not stirring/blending/chopping properly - which to me is the absolute No.1 important function of this machine.

After two years of use occasionally I will try something new in it, and afterwards I always just wish I had done it the traditional way. I have tried a few meals in it, but even then I think I prefer to cook the traditional way.
Meals aside though, I would love to be able to say this machine is great for other things, but I can't. Is it better or worse than the Thermomix - I can't say. I wish I could. I would love to try a TMX but unfortunately did not fork out the $2000 for one.

All i know is that for me I have an expensive, underused, somewhat disappointing machine taking up precious space on my benchtop. Do I wish I'd bought the Thermomix instead. Absolutely!! My husband wouldn't have liked the cost, but now I'm in an even worse position having bought the cheaper TMC which I'm not that happy with to then go and outlay more for a TMX. My advice, save up and buy the real deal!

Good and bad

I have a thermochef now for over two years and while I love the many things it can do I too have come across similar issues. The bowl does burn every time I make custard and this wasn't sorted with a replacement bowl so maybe it is the actual element. Hence I don't do custards anymore. The butterfly does come off at the weirdest times and I have bought replacement ones. Having said all that my machine was used daily for lots of things and served us well. These days it has taken a back seat as fluid leaks paste the shaft that is now sloppy and into the base the bowl locks into making a brown mess. I may look into buying new blades to see if that fixes it. Needless to say it is out of warranty


This machine is good for making soup and blending. Cooking food in the jug is a disaster unless you like baby mush!

My machine broke and the after sales service is not great taking over a month to sort the problem, which is still not sorted.

I would advise buying the Thermo Mix or a good blender and food processor.
Good blender
Expensive for what it does well.

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Once again its all down to knowing how to use a thermo food processor. Why would you cook a main meal in a jug!!!


This machine does not have a reverse mix option. All food ends up as baby mash. Risotto gets stuck and the machine always has an error. My husband didn't want to spend the money on a Thermomix so he bought me this machine. I am disappointed and now angry with my husband for wasting money on this machine.
good for baby mash
no reverse mix option

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Buying a Thermomix would not make any difference. The error is a protection against overloading. It come down to the user knowing how to use a Thermofood processor regardless of the brand.

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Questions & Answers

Is there a big difference between the turbo chef and turbo cook
1 answer
I have no idea....sorry

My thermo chef wont go past 5 in the blending mode. Any hints?
2 answers
Sorry, no.I learned to hate that machine with every fibre of my being

We've thoroughly enjoyed our NW TC and have had it for over 6yrs, tried turning it on and the LCD screen is all frozen no error codes. any idea as to how to fix or a repairer in Melbourne VIC. Thanks Georgie.
No answers


Thermochef Natura NW-100
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Motor Power550
Release dateOct 2011

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