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NexGard Chewables Green (For Dogs 10.1 - 24kg)

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My 9lbs dog ate a nexguard for a 25 lbs dog.. will he be ok?
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I have the 10 lb dose. Can I give my 4 month old, 4 lb puppy half?
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Hi Sheree, I found your question because I've been searching the same thing. I've read on several pages that the NexGard chews can't be split because the active ingredient is not evenly distributed through it. It's a bummer because it would much cheaper for me to buy the XL dose and split it between my two dogs, than two L doses.I don't see the problem. Each piece wouldn't be made separately, it would come in a premixed sheet and cut to size per weight of dog. They probably don't want people to know you can so people buy more. Big business nowadays.Hi, Lucy, Everyone I know who has multiple dogs buys the biggest Nexgard dosage and then divides it among their dogs. My three dogs weigh a total of 38 kg so I buy the 25-50 kg dosage and use fifth-grade math to figure out how to divide it. My dogs are fine. I agree with Ben that it's the company trying to maximize profit by saying you can't do that. However, after using Nexgard for about two years, I've noticed that two of my dogs are scratching from fleas after 20 days. The third dog I've had for eight months, and he's still fine. So in addition to fleas becoming immune to it, maybe dogs do as well.

Have given new guard a week early by mistake will this harm her?
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It might cause a buildup of medicine in your dog's system. Nexgard stays in the system for 30 to 45 days. I would keep a close eye on your dog. I would also call the vet and ask about using milk thistle to detox your dog. Most vets also carry Denamarin.I would recommend only giving the nexgard when your dog has fleas and not on a regular basis The problem with this medicine you never know when or if your dog will have a reaction. I used it off and on for a year with my dog before he had his first seizure. I hope your dog is okay but definitely call your vet. Definitely detox your dog with milk thistle or denamarin to be on the safe side. If your vet doesn't know the correct dosage for milk thistle there is a site on facebook. Does bravecto kill dogs that has links to detox your dog.. good luckI agree with Jessica. Call vet ASAP better safe than sorry. Both my dogs had a bad reaction to Nexgaurd with one dose.Can you please tell me the dosage amount and milk thistle product I need to detox for Nexgard for my 7 month old Maltese who weighs 7 1/2 pounds?

I have been giving my 1 year old dog Nexgard every month. He's never had fleas/ticks, nor has he ever had any side effects. My concern is about the long-term. Are there any studies on whether Nexgard can cause any kind of damage if after (say...) several years of regular use? I'm very happy with the product, but I also don't like the idea of injecting a toxin into my dog's system every month unless it's proven to have no long-term effects! Any thoughts would be appreciated?
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These meds can be cumulative. Like I said in my story my dog took it off and for a year before he had his first seizure. No there are no studies about the long-term effects with these meds. They stay in the system for more then 30 days.They are using are our dog's as guinea pigs to track the long-term effects. My advice to you would be to stop using nexgard before your dog has a reaction. I know your vet says it safe but when it is you dog that is having the reaction it is unbearable. I wish I had never given this to my dog.. My vet wont even admit it was the nexgard . My dog had no underlying medical conditions and is only 7 years old.. If you feel you must use it use it only when you have fleas and not monthly This might prevent the build up of the medicine in his system. The best way to treat fleas and ticks is the natural way. I learned this the hard way.Hi My dog has just started having major seizures, we believe it is related to Nexguard. US has put out a health warning against this product due to neurological side effects in some pets. Jessica, how is your dog now? Is he on anti siezure medication? Or did he stop seizing when it was out of his system. I am so worried about our beautiful girl and feel responsible to have fed her this poison. Thanks

Hi my dog ate 2 pills of the nexgard (afoxolaner) rather then one. I’m worried. What can happen?
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Anything could happen, it depends on your animals tolerance. Monitor for lethargy and especially seizures. If the dog threw up right afterwards that would have been good, as it means your dog's body was rejecting the medicine. Hopefully your pup is strong and will be fine. Contact a veterinarian if you are concerned.

Can you give Benadryl to a dog that has taken nexgard for fleas?
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Can I half it cost is so high, help me save $ question

My dog who just turned 1 year old and is about 28 pounds got in to a pack of like 8 nexgrard should I go to a vet??????? Please Help
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How did your dog do after taking flea medication? My dog just got the other dogs pill too.How's is your dog?OMG Yes right away, is your dog still alive. FYI next time ( but hopefully never) your dog should happen to get into to more meds than prescribed or other poison, you can induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide mixed with chicken broth. ( BUT ALWAYS CHECK WITH POISON CONTROL TO MAKE SURE IT IS SAFE TO DO SO)

Can I give my 10lb 6mos old a half of a 10-20lbs flea pill?
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this question should be referred to a vetYes you can.

My Pit Bull has just eaten 2 Nexguard Chewables she weighs 17 kgs . Will this hurt her i am a bit concerned?
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Just concerned-how was your dog afterwards . Considering trying nexgaurd but a lot of reviews are pretty scary. Hope your buddy was o.k and let me know your thoughts on this new flea/tick treatment. Cheers - MikeHI Mick. She was totally fine no side effects at all. We have only ever used nexguard but saying that she is only 8 months old. She hasn’t had one flea & we used the nexguard spectra when she was younger to get rid of worms. No side effects with that either. Our vet actually recommended Nexguard so we weren’t worried using it. Thxs Monique

Do I need to get my dog a heartworm test before giving him nextguard spectra?
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Yes, absolutely. Any medication that prevents heartworm can kill a dog if the dog already has heartworm. I get my dog an injection from the vet once a year for heartworm. That needs a test before it's given too. Hope this helps.

My dog still has fleas after using next god what can I do?
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Get your place pest treated. Get rid of the fleas around the house first.

Will it hurt the dog if they got one for 10-24 pounds but may be a little less than 10 pounds?
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Maybe try only giving the animal only half of the pill and see how that works? If they still have fleas or ticks and it didn't make them sick or drowsy then after a few days give them the other half. I always give my dog a little higher dose only because he is still a "puppy" and gaining weight constantly and it hasn't hurt him. But not all dogs are the same! Deff speak to your Vet first if you're not comfortable giving him/her a higher dosage!

I bought some nexgard spectra from Australia delivered to USA the chew is hard is hard is that the way is supposed to look?
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No it should be soft. Not super soft but definitely not hardMine was hard also. Dog spit it out. I cut it into four little pieces and smashed it down then wrapped it in meat. We had a flea infestation- I used frontline plus twice, cap star daily for two weeks, orkin came twicce, I vacuumed and washed everything fabric at least twice a week and today I gave the first nexguard. Also a flea bath. This has to end soon...weather app s colder and the flea cycle should be ending.

I gave my dog nexgard spectra yesterday, she threw up after half an hour. About an hour later she started panting. She will not eat or drink but she will eat ice cubes. This has gone on all night. My other sheltie, who is the same weight, (10 kg) had no reaction at all. What should I do?
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Take to vet and don't give anymore!I'm not a professional so please don't consider my response professional advise. Personally I would monitor my dog and if I was seriously concerned about her wellbeing and thought there was a serious threat to her overall health, or life, to take her straight to the vet.

I have my dog Nexgard about 3 1/2 hours ago, she just vomited (most likely from eating grass) it looked like the chewable tablet was in the vomit. will it not work now?
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Ring your Vet asap

Does nexgard spectra protect against heart worms.?
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I believe it protects against all worms, including heartworm.

Does it help with red mange?
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No it doesn't help with red mange

I recently was given Nexgard by my vet to treat puppy mage (mites). His breed is English bulldog and his a little over 4 months old at 41 pds. The morning after he got his dose his been very lethargic and not wanting to eat or drink water. I have read this is a typical side effect and was wondering at what point this should wear of and he return to his normal behaviors? Or at what point his behavior does not return should I be worried and take him to the vet?
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Ring your vet with concerns.I have spoken with the vet....anywho does anyone have experience with the above?When my dog had mange, she was not treated with a flea treatment. I would check with another vet. If I remember right it is a parasite but not one treatable with a flea and tick product.

We accidentally gave our dog a double dose of nexgard, do I need to worry?
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Yes I would be worried. You may be lucky and not have any problems but just to be on the safe side I would start a detox using milk thistle. If you visit the facebook group - does nexgard kill dogs? you will find lots of advice and info regarding detoxing you dog.

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