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NexGard Chewables Green (For Dogs 10.1 - 24kg)

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Do NOT risk giving this to your dog!

A couple hours after we gave this to our puppy she had a horrible seizure, now I'm reading online that this is a common side effect for other dogs too - but it's not listed as a side effect on the package. Thought it was safe because our vet gave it to us but this stuff is toxic. We'll be lucky if she lives, looks like a lot of other people's dogs have died. I can't believe this is still on the market.

Bad can't live with this its making my dogs sick vomiting with running loopholes sick due to nexGaur

My dogs have not stopped itching shinning if they aren't better by day break I'm headed to the vet where I bought this product they will satisfy my questions or else I will sue someone and that might be the company also beware of this product its nothing but poision and can kill our love ones

Beware of these drugs

I have a Jack Russell. I gave her NEXGARD. She had seizures two nights in a row.
She has never had a seizure in her life. I connected the dots immediately. It deals with neurological
destruction in the fleas. What do you think it does to your dogs/

My dog because extreamly ill

I gave this what I thought wonderful easy oral non greasy flea and tick medication to my doberman puppy and withing 4hrs he was having diareah. The diareah continued for the well next 2-3 weeks and he stopped eating. I have had to bribe him with all different brands of can foods and human foods just to get him to eat a little something. This drug is awful, I will never risk my dogs life with this stuff again.

Works great!

Gave to my Yorkie, Beagle and English Bulldog which means I got the green, orange and red, three month treatment... no side effects and no more fleas!

Works for me

I use it and I think it works. I just don't like how it days out her skin. Other then that I love it.

Confused as to why it's not working

It saw a good bit of dead fleas the day after I gave it to my GSD however her scratching is just as bad, there are still fleas all over her, and I'm upset! I do have a cat that did not get anything but dollar store squirt on stuff. But still! I've treated the house and yard with multiple products over and over.

Gave my dog severe diarrhea

I suspect this product gave my dog very severe diarrhea. He also vomitted within 1 hour after I gave it to him. Now, three days later he still has diarrhea, he has to go out at least twice a night, and his stool is almost completely liquid. Would not recommend.

This product almost killed my dog he was sick for 3 days

Yes vomited itching would not eat had to go to vet dog just played around and slept. The vet gave him a shot for the itching.

kills dogs!!!

My pekingese almost died from this product. Four hours after ingesting she started quivering and panting and couldnt stand up. I got her to emergency vet in nick of time her temp was at 105.
Any higher than that and she would have had organ failure. On oxygen and fluids, steroids etc for 3 days. She is home now but excessively thirsty and weak.

Worked well

I’ve used Nexgard for the second time in a year on my Labrador and small terrier. No problems and the ticks literally started falling off them after about 6 hours.

Seizure inducing

Caused 2 seizures in my dog 1 week after having it. Should have read the reviews prior to ever using it. Do not use on your dog. Horrific to see my baby suffer :(

Terrible product!

My dog has been shaking and panting for a day now... complete loss of appetite and cries out in pain when touched this nightmare has hopefully got to end soon. I’ve seen minor side effects using this before but nothing like this time. He has no control of his bladder and my perfectly healthy three year old dog is just lathargic pile. I will never use again!


I find the idea of feeding pesticides to my dog concerning. I know the topical stuff is toxic, too, but seems a bit better than them ingesting. I came here to read reviews as I was considering purchasing, but now, no way... A shame, because the spot treatments are messy!

Would you take this crap, if not don't give it to your pet!!!

Lethargy, vomiting, overall weakness. I will never administer this pharmaceutical to my four legged again. POISONING our pets is horrible.

Does a good job.

I've had my 10 year old Papillon on this medicine for a while now and I've had no adverse side effects or reactions. I've had nothing but good luck with it. I believe it does a good job of keeping away fleas and ticks. I'll admit after reading all these negative reviews it does have me concerned and I will be watching her closely. However I feel confident she will be okay and the medicine will continue to work.

Bad reactions

Our Corgi has been on Nexguard for a couple of years but every now and then exhibits vomiting, diarrhea and has also suffered from chronic itching and dry skin. I am concerned about the dosage which is a pretty wide range from 24 to 60 lbs. We have not noticed loss of appetite or lethargy. I think this is like many drugs. Can you live with the side effects? No, we will not keep poisoning our dog!


about an hour after taking the medicine, he ran in the bathroom with me and hid under the toilet, ever since that he’s been shaking and hiding under pillows, i remembered that this happened the last time he took the medicine too, Definitely should use trifexis.

My dog thinks his monthly chewable is a treat!

We've given our Mini American Shepherd Nexgard since he was a puppy. Never had any adverse reactions. He's now 1 year and 3 months old and still loving his Nexgard. We've never seen a flea or tick on our guy except for the one month that I didn't give him his Nexgard. It was winter, and thought I could get away it. But near the end of the month with no meds we found a deer tick. So, he's on it year round now, with no breaks in the cycle. And our home and puppy are totally bug free. And the bonus is that he loves taking his medicine!

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Been giving it for 2 years, now. Still no problems, no adverse reactions. It’s sad to see that some dogs have had truly horrible reactions. I think we have to remember that any chemical agent that we choose to give to our animals has a probability of reaction or complete rejection. The same is true of food additives, shampoos, tooth cleaners etc. No substance is 100% safe for 100% of the users. Of course, if my dog had a reaction I’d stop giving it immediately. But I wouldn’t leap to conclude that the drug is evil because of it, esp when there’s been success for so many.

Easiest flea control I’ve found.

I have a very fussy older kelpie who ran away very quickly as soon as she sniffed the drops. I was forever trying to trick her!
Then these chewables became available, and for such a fussy eater, I was delighted that she loved them. And they’re just as effective as the drops with absolutely no side effects.

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Questions & Answers

My 9lbs dog ate a nexguard for a 25 lbs dog.. will he be ok?
No answers

I have the 10 lb dose. Can I give my 4 month old, 4 lb puppy half?
4 answers
Hi Sheree, I found your question because I've been searching the same thing. I've read on several pages that the NexGard chews can't be split because the active ingredient is not evenly distributed through it. It's a bummer because it would much cheaper for me to buy the XL dose and split it between my two dogs, than two L doses.I don't see the problem. Each piece wouldn't be made separately, it would come in a premixed sheet and cut to size per weight of dog. They probably don't want people to know you can so people buy more. Big business nowadays.Hi, Lucy, Everyone I know who has multiple dogs buys the biggest Nexgard dosage and then divides it among their dogs. My three dogs weigh a total of 38 kg so I buy the 25-50 kg dosage and use fifth-grade math to figure out how to divide it. My dogs are fine. I agree with Ben that it's the company trying to maximize profit by saying you can't do that. However, after using Nexgard for about two years, I've noticed that two of my dogs are scratching from fleas after 20 days. The third dog I've had for eight months, and he's still fine. So in addition to fleas becoming immune to it, maybe dogs do as well.

Have given new guard a week early by mistake will this harm her?
3 answers
It might cause a buildup of medicine in your dog's system. Nexgard stays in the system for 30 to 45 days. I would keep a close eye on your dog. I would also call the vet and ask about using milk thistle to detox your dog. Most vets also carry Denamarin.I would recommend only giving the nexgard when your dog has fleas and not on a regular basis The problem with this medicine you never know when or if your dog will have a reaction. I used it off and on for a year with my dog before he had his first seizure. I hope your dog is okay but definitely call your vet. Definitely detox your dog with milk thistle or denamarin to be on the safe side. If your vet doesn't know the correct dosage for milk thistle there is a site on facebook. Does bravecto kill dogs that has links to detox your dog.. good luckI agree with Jessica. Call vet ASAP better safe than sorry. Both my dogs had a bad reaction to Nexgaurd with one dose.Can you please tell me the dosage amount and milk thistle product I need to detox for Nexgard for my 7 month old Maltese who weighs 7 1/2 pounds?


NexGard Chewables Green (For Dogs 10.1 - 24kg)
CategoryHeart & Intestinal Wormers, Pet Medications and Tick & Flea Control
Application TypeChewable
Pet TypeDog
Reapplication PeriodMonthly
Minimum Pet Age8 weeks
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