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NexGard Chewables Green (For Dogs 10.1 - 24kg)

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Easiest flea control I’ve found.

I have a very fussy older kelpie who ran away very quickly as soon as she sniffed the drops. I was forever trying to trick her!
Then these chewables became available, and for such a fussy eater, I was delighted that she loved them. And they’re just as effective as the drops with absolutely no side effects.

Changed my dog's personality

I really enjoyed this product because it was so easy to use and my dog enjoyed taking it. I started giving it to him when he was a puppy. As he aged he became a very anxious dog and did not listen well, and I just attributed it to his personality because he had a sketchy past. However, when winter rolled around I stopped giving him his flea medicine...and wow. He completely CHANGED personalities. He was a different dog! He listened 80 times better, and seemed a lot happier. Something shifted inside of him. It was definitely the medicine. Never going back.

Works well, but apparent risks

Our Jack Russell cross Border Collie has been on this for a couple of years now. But reading about how it can cause seizures, I think we'll go back to Comfortis and a tick collar. He has a severe flea allergy, so he needs to be completely flea free.... but he is 11 years old now.

Good to start, horrible after six doses

Our dog never had ticks or fleas with NexGard. However after about six doses we noticed that our cavalier/bordercollie had severe diarrhea and refused to eat for days after being treated with NexGard green. He was lethargic and just laying around. It was only after 30 days when the symptoms repeated when we realised that it was NexGard that was causing his bad condition. This time the dog passed lots of blood in his stool and we are treating him with probiotic to hopefully bring him back to normal. Last time it required a vet visit and 4 days of treatment until he recovered. Will never use this product again after having read other bad experiences with this medication. Isn't there a control place for pet medications - RSPCA?

Scary stuff

My puppy has been using this for 3 months and has had bad reactions to it. Shaking, rash, etc. After reading the reviews I am convinced this is the cause.

Perfect for my dogs

Keeps the fleas and ticks away, with zero side effects been using this since it came out and the only thing my boy Dante gets grumpy at is the new pup when he jumps on him.

Dante = Schipperke, desexed, age 7, 10.2 kgs.
Nikita = Red Cattle, desexed, age 7 months, 15 kgs.

No side effects to Nexguard or Nexguard Spectra which they are on now, fleas and tick stay away.

Works well.

I use this on my 12 year old yorkie. For the first few hours she just wants to snuggle or lay in bed. This is how she has reacted too ALL other flea medications though so I've never been conceernded. NOTHING I buy from the store ever works.

Do not use nexgard

16 yr old border collie mix, healthy at last checkup, inc blood work. No age issues. Vet stopped carrying Frontline which I had used since she was a puppy-never saw a flea or tick for 16 yrs. Had to get Nexgard, she's had 4 doses. Suddenly last week became lethargic, disoriented, not interested in eating, weak, walking funny, and panting. Took her to the vet, she has kidney disfunction and anemia. Hopefully she will pull through with a vitamin/iron supplement and an appetite booster. Didn't know about Nexgard, have no doubt this caused her illness!

March 6th 2018 Update: Update on my Jan 4 2018 Review

My 16 yr old Border Collie mix was rechecked 2 weeks after taking the iron/vitamin drops every day. Both kidney function and red cell count were almost back to normal, and now she's her old self. Pretty active for 16 years old. Her litter mate, who looks more like a cattle dog, already had some age issues (weakness in back legs and fatty liver) so I wasn't sure of any Nexgard effects. But she's doing better than she was then, so I guess she was harmed too. Definitely don't use this on an old dog, I would never use it for any dog.

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Final update: 2 weeks after posting the above, my beautiful girl died in Mar 2018. She suddenly collapsed and couldn't get back up and was semi-conscious. Rushed to emergency vet, her abdomen was full of fluid. They did an ultrasound and she had numerous tumors on her liver so I had to let her go. Started taking Nexgard in Aug 2017 and was dead by Mar 2018. Had a complete check-up in May 2017 and was healthy in every way. Now, I'm sure Nexgard would say, she was old, 50% of dogs over 16 die of cancer, sometimes they don't show any symptoms, etc, etc.--but this was pretty sudden and I don't believe in coincidences. Use at your own risk!

Don't do it !

Please do not give this poison to your dog, my dogs back legs were starting to go lame, refer to fbook page " does Nexgard kill"

Alert!!! Do Not give it to your dog!!!

My shihtzu was in a perfect health condition before taking Nexgard. The very first time I gave him Nexgard was On July and he have a seizure after 24 hours. I contacted my veterinarian and he told me the allergic reaction should be within 24 hours. He told me my shihtzu are probably having shocks from the 4th of July so I let it go. He was having on and off seizures for the next few months when I gave my shihtzu the tablet. However, I have to rush my Shihtzu to the ER yesterday because the seizure lasted more than 1/2 hr and he also vomited twice. The ER have blood work and gave him Diazepam dosage to calm down the seizure. The blood work result was normal and the veterinarian and I couldn’t figure it out. I finally figured it out when I sit in the waiting room at the ER. There’s a pattern of my shihtzu having a seizure after I give him the pill. It might not every time but I think it’s enough for me to figure it out. Please research before purchasing!!!My dog suffered so much from it and I’m thankful is alright. Hope this will help anyone who considering purchasing this product. They need to recall this med and do more testing and research before putting it on the market.

Great so far!

Recently gave nexgard spectra to our 9 week old german shepherd he ate it no fuse & most importantly has had no side effects happy healthy puppy

No Issues with this product

We use for our 2 dogs once per month as tick prevention. The next day they are a little off their food but drink plenty of water. They never had fleas and prior to use we did remove 2 ticks but have not had any ticks since using.

One dose nearly killed my two Cavaliers

After one dose one dog developed pancreatis and did not eat for 2 weeks and did not return to normal for a month. Was panting and breathing fast and scratching herself. The other dog the next day was paralysed in her back legs and could not walk. Also would yelp if touched anywhere like it was a massive inflammatory reaction. Took 2 weeks to start walking again and I don't think she ever recovered 100%. Vets had no clue. Lots of vet bills. I was confused. It was not till later after I found these were common reactions that I was able to put it all together. This stuff nearly killed my dogs.

I believe this product killed my dog

I will never blindly accept the advice of a vet again. I will always research a product first. The visible side-effects didn't occur right away but rather over the following weeks. My dog never had an organ problem before taking this flea product. She died at age 9 years, exactly 40 days after I gave her Nexgard!
I would love to see Merial's test studies for Pekingese as I only found where 32 Beagle dogs were tested. This product should be taken off the market. Not just re-labeled and sold again but the ingredients need to be tossed.

Doesn't work!

We gave our 2 dogs Nexgard Spectra 2 weeks ago instead of the usual Comfortis (the pet shop we usually buy from highly recommended it) & both dogs now have fleas. It's just a waste of money. Useless product.

Gave my Kelpie Seizures

My Kelpie started having seizures a few months ago, luckily not too severe (but what seizure isn't severe?). We were not sure why and the vet said he may have epilepsy. We thought it was odd, as he had never had any problems previously. The seizures were monthly, like clockwork. Towards the start of every month Then it clicked that they always occur not long after Nexgard. We are convinced that it is the cause, especially with all the reviews here, and have stopped immediately. Hopefully he doesn't have any more. All of these stories are so familiar with what is happening, and heartbreaking. I hope stopping using this poison will prevent any more seizures and there's no lasting damage.

First seizure followed by other medical issues.

Dog is a 45# Border Collie mix.
No problems with fleas after administering. Dog ate the pill easily.
Seven days after administering, she had a seizure, first one. Confirmation by Vet as dog was taken for possible treatment. Then appx 10 days post that event had to be admitted to vet hospital, lab values elevated said similar to immune system attacking itself. Dog discharged home on predisone reducing doses. Eventually stopped Prednisone.
After 7 months dog finally became her old self again. Without any further treatment for fleas, the dog did not get fleas again for 14 months. 14 months..from 4/30/16 til 7/17.
Post discharge visits, Vet admitted that upon discharge, he wasn't sure she would make it, and after seeing her in follow up visits glad she did. I expressed I felt the reason for her illness was the product I am giving a review on. He acknowledged as the dog was returning to normal. No further treatment was necessary.

New to NexGuard, not sure now $$$

Have an 8 year old mixed breed that I rescued years ago. This poor dog has been thru a burn from a vet, moving to different states, etc.. She is a tough cookie. I moved from NC to Ohio, found a new vet that offered NexGard for flea and tick guard. I trusted the where making the right choice, I have one of those dogs who is allergic to flea bites. We tried it, she lost her ability to eat, massive poop explosion every where..that was about 7 days after we took the first dose..Vet checked her out RX for antibiotics, Poop stopper stuff, and steroids. She was ok, lost her food ability except table food, HA! NOW, second dose, 24 hours.. BOOM!! Back again.. I truly believe that my dog CANNNOT take this, with this type of reaction- NO WAY!! I feel so bad for her.. It makes me so angry and upset that she has to go thru this. I will be speaking to the VET today, It may work for some dogs but it looks like the majority, it doesn't.. I will be reaching out to the company to let them know and the government for the reactions. Just like the flu shot.. I am one mad momma of my fur baby!!

Kills the pest and the pets

Killed the fleas and ticks, may have killed my dog too. 1st dose, the dog had an allergic reaction. It was blamed on the spring weather. 2nd month, the dog stopped eating and still itched We changed the food to something more appealing and continued allergy treatment. Dog had diarrhea for several days. We switched back to dry only. Dog vomited and had blood in his stool. $300 later and an emergency visit, he was treated for gastric issues. Our dog starts losing 3 times his normal shedding. He gets white skin flakes all over his body. I'm out of money, I keep washing him and grooming and conditioning his skin. On the 4th dose, the dog vomits bile, wretches, and faints.

At this time I did some internet research on adverse reactions. Apparently, collie breeds can keep NextGuard in a collie's system for up to 48 days after the first dose. Some dogs lack a gene that keeps the poison from reaching the brain. My dog ran into a wall this week. He is fussy on his playdates. He lays around all day instead of herding me for a walk. He is winded and breathes heavy after play. I started giving the dog food grade activated charcoal with pumpkin and coconut oil to help purge the poison. Wishing I had fleas back.

One more thing, the dog is always with us. My kids and I have all had rashes on the hands or legs and itching after playing with the dog. He is excreting poison from his skin.

Horrid stuff. It did kill the fleas.

Avoid! My dog got cancer after using it!

My little dog got diagnosed with an aggressive cancer - after researching this awful poison I suspect it has at least contributed to my dog's cancer - the company paid for the trials of this drug, it is anoncesticide in the same family as another incesticide that is carcinogenic. Please, please do not give this poison to your furry family member.

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Questions & Answers

My 9lbs dog ate a nexguard for a 25 lbs dog.. will he be ok?
No answers

I have the 10 lb dose. Can I give my 4 month old, 4 lb puppy half?
4 answers
Hi Sheree, I found your question because I've been searching the same thing. I've read on several pages that the NexGard chews can't be split because the active ingredient is not evenly distributed through it. It's a bummer because it would much cheaper for me to buy the XL dose and split it between my two dogs, than two L doses.I don't see the problem. Each piece wouldn't be made separately, it would come in a premixed sheet and cut to size per weight of dog. They probably don't want people to know you can so people buy more. Big business nowadays.Hi, Lucy, Everyone I know who has multiple dogs buys the biggest Nexgard dosage and then divides it among their dogs. My three dogs weigh a total of 38 kg so I buy the 25-50 kg dosage and use fifth-grade math to figure out how to divide it. My dogs are fine. I agree with Ben that it's the company trying to maximize profit by saying you can't do that. However, after using Nexgard for about two years, I've noticed that two of my dogs are scratching from fleas after 20 days. The third dog I've had for eight months, and he's still fine. So in addition to fleas becoming immune to it, maybe dogs do as well.

Have given new guard a week early by mistake will this harm her?
3 answers
It might cause a buildup of medicine in your dog's system. Nexgard stays in the system for 30 to 45 days. I would keep a close eye on your dog. I would also call the vet and ask about using milk thistle to detox your dog. Most vets also carry Denamarin.I would recommend only giving the nexgard when your dog has fleas and not on a regular basis The problem with this medicine you never know when or if your dog will have a reaction. I used it off and on for a year with my dog before he had his first seizure. I hope your dog is okay but definitely call your vet. Definitely detox your dog with milk thistle or denamarin to be on the safe side. If your vet doesn't know the correct dosage for milk thistle there is a site on facebook. Does bravecto kill dogs that has links to detox your dog.. good luckI agree with Jessica. Call vet ASAP better safe than sorry. Both my dogs had a bad reaction to Nexgaurd with one dose.Can you please tell me the dosage amount and milk thistle product I need to detox for Nexgard for my 7 month old Maltese who weighs 7 1/2 pounds?


NexGard Chewables Green (For Dogs 10.1 - 24kg)
CategoryHeart & Intestinal Wormers, Pet Medications and Tick & Flea Control
Application TypeChewable
Pet TypeDog
Reapplication PeriodMonthly
Minimum Pet Age8 weeks
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